Jamai Raja 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni emotionally look at whole house and reminiscing time spent with DD and DD’s words. She looks at dry plant and reminisces DD asking her to add water to the plant daily, add water. She tells herself that she will get this house back to DD within 3 months. Sid who is sitting nearby enjoying coffee asks her to stop yelling. She asks him to stop listening to her like a woman and walks out.

Naani packs Roshni’s bag. DD in her husky male voice angrily tells she will let her take Roshni’s bags as she does not believe her. Naani says she does not believe in papers and believes only in relationships. DD takes bag and walks. She sees Yash standing who says he will give bag to Roshni. Naani says she should send Pratima instead. DD gives bag to him and sends. Naani says she did wrong by sending outsider to Roshni’s house. DD says Roshni is her daughter and like she likes Sid, she likes Yash and will do her best to get Roshni and Sid married. Naani says vinashakali viparita buddhi, arrogance and superego will destroy her and says Roshni will never come back from her in-laws house and walks out, leaving DD irked.

Sid angirly removes Roshni’s pics from his room’s walls. Roshni comes and asks what is he doing. He puts pics in dustbin and burns them. He says they wasted time in graha pravesh and should take reverse pheras and break oath which they took during marriage. He takes reverse pheras chanting the the promises he made oppositely and says he frees Roshni from all his responsibilities. After pheras, he says they are stranger staying under same roof now. She looks at burning pics and starts crying vigorously.

Sid goes to hall and asks servant to get his file. Door bell rings. He opens door and is surprised to see Yash with bags and asks if he came to stay here. Yash says he does not want to speak to him and asks to call Roshni. Sid says even he does not want to talk to him. Yash tries to enter, but Sid asks him to stay out. DD calls Yash and asks if he met Roshni. He says Sid has gone in to call Roshni but asked him to stay outside room. Sid locks door. Yash asks him to open door and stop his childish behavior. Sid says he is right, he is childish, but he will not let him meet his wife and gets in. He starts singing happily on bed. Roshni gets irked seeing him singing. Servant informs him that he is standing out still. She asks who has come. Sid says coolie has come with her lugguage and says he now remembers he is her boyfriend. She yells at him why did not he inform her before and goes to meet Yash. Yash speaks to her holding her shoulder. Sid comes and says he did see this romance even in Raj kapoor’s films. Yash says he will not change and leaves. Roshni takes bag and gets in. Simran sees someone walking out and asks Sid who was he. He says your daughter-in-law is calling her people to torture him mentally.\

Servant tries to help Roshni pick her bag. Sid asks him not to and says Roshni does not need any male’s help and asks him to bring milkshake. He taunts her that her mom did not offer him even water till now, but is not like that and will give her milkshake. At night, they both get change in night dress. She asks him not to sleep with her as they are stranger now. He keeps pillow between bed and sleeps. He then speaks to his client over phone loudly. Roshni yells at him. He sends her out and says this room is his and though she is staying for 3 months, she is just a guest here and locks door.

Precap: Sid’s aunt comes to meet them. Aunt asks Simran where is her bahu. Sid asks Roshni to bed on her feet 51 times and take her blessing. Roshni does so.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what’s this new drama just close this show

  2. Glad to see that roshni is getting to see how it feels like not to be wanted!! And hated too… a taste of her own medicine!

  3. kitna jyada bakwas kar rahe hain show mein…..poor script…..not even time passs….

  4. nothing much but like the way sid is treating roshini

  5. Roshini deserves it

  6. wowwwwww!!!! Sid Is trying to control his feelings when Yash came . He wants Roshni to come back to his life I guess !!!! Wat say ?

  7. Yea i think Sid is pretending he’s just putting on a show, but i’m loving every minute of it in your face Roshni hope you grow up now and stop being childish

  8. Sigh, all this is childish. Maybe Sid does really deserve Roshni! is this how adults behave?

  9. 100% rite rani riya n princess

    1. Yes!! Serves her right!!

  10. I think it all sid trick to get roshni to come bk and live in wit him…

  11. Sid the time is right to do what is right.Sid still loves his wife and Roshni still loves her husband,If they move away to another city they will reconcile and straighten out their problems.Yash don’t be desperate for a relationship because desperation for love is a weak emotion and it will produce weak results.Be patient Yash you will find your own wife and not somebody else’s wife.

  12. in this whole serial I find besides sid and roshini even the elders are behaving soooooooooo childish now the judge ordered them to live together for three months do not forget he meant as husband and wife which means everything else comes with he package that is romancing also otherwise how will they know if things could work out between them the whole thing I find for things to work out for roshini and sid that crooked murdering rajveer needs to be caught by sid simran and raj and and be thrown out bodily with his ugly wife kritika who is very caniving and then let the police come for rajveers ass so he can be dealt with in prison never to get out

  13. I think sid is doing this unporpose so that roshni who fall in love with him after the 3 months roshni n sid mite solve all their problem and mite make simran find out Rajeev n his wife were doing all the time. That is what I think is going to happen do you guys think so too n I think sid set up that judge to make him and roshni stay under the same roof for 3 mouth so he can win roshni back don’t u guys think so also

  14. Perfect roshni finally get what she deserves sid love her so much yet she’s arrogant love it !

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