Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kans gets info about Kanha

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The Episode starts with Balram saying until she returns the peacock feather and apologizes to us, she can’t be the part of our team. Kanha says she will return my peacock feather and also apologize to us. She says this team will play a big game with Kans Mama. Rohini hears the spies snoring. Other men come there and scold the spies for not doing Kans work and sleeping there. Kanha comes back to his house with Yashoda, Nand and others. Kanha returns their memory back. The spies remember and tell the other men. They think to inform Kans and tells whatever happened with them. Nand asks where is your peacock feather? Kanha says ask Dao. Rohini says she will bring peacock feather for him. She ties peacock feather in his hair. The spy says the little boy Krishna wears peacock feather in his hair, we shall tell this to Kans. Balram says you have said that until our team is made, Kans Mama will not get our info. Kanha says our team is made and says Sudama, Subal and your friend Vrinda. Balram says until she returns the peacock feather and apologizes to us, she can’t be the part of our team. Kanha says small things do happen. Balram says she took my chote’s peacock feather. Vrinda thinks she is looking beautiful wearing it and thinks Krishna was looking more good than me and thinks to return it to him. Kanha says we will soon meet Vrinda.

Prapti comes to Kans and tells that she will leave. Asti thinks Prapti shall leave, and asks her to go. Kans scolds Asti for provoking his dear wife against him. Asti says I didn’t mean. Akroor comes there and tells that the divine boy’s name is Krishna and he is Nand’s son and his wife is Yashoda. He says Krishna’s elder brother name is Balram and his mother’s name is Rohini. Kans laughs hearing him and says Vasudev’s first wife Rohini. He says she might be protecting the boy whim we are searching and says they are together. Akroor says we came to know that the little boy was with Putna at the time of her death and also with Shaktasur when he died. He says that boy wears peacock feather on his head. Kans tells Prapti that he has found the info. Prapti refuses to stay back. Kans says I will go by myself to kill him. Devi Parvati gets angry. Mahadev says Krishn is Narayan himself and asks her to enjoy his leela. Devi Parvati says I will punish Kans if he comes to Gokul. Kanha sits on Balram and enjoy. Madhu enjoy seeing the ride. Balram asks him to take Kanha down and says he don’t want to play small games. Kanha says we will play a big game soon. He asks Balram to take all the stuff inside and says it is about to fly, take everything inside. He says Kans has started the game. Balram and Madhu take the food things inside and also the toys. Yashoda asks why did you take the lawn stuff inside. Kanha holds her hand and takes her inside. Asti and Prapti make Kans wear the shield. Asti thinks she is doing this for last time. Kans tells that he will punish Gokul residents too. He calls the storm and says you are welcome.

The storm Asur asks what he shall do? Kans says he is kill the boy and asks him to destroy Gokul so that they don’t have the courage to fight with him. Asur leaves. Asti gets worried. Vrinda asks Subal if he will play with her. Subal refuses. Sudama says even he can’t play with her. He says you have done wrong by taking his peacock feather. Vrinda says she will return it.

Balram and Kanha are walking in Gokul and see Vrinda. Balram says I don’t want to see your face. Vrinda says even I don’t want to see. Kanha asks Balram to calm down, as they have to play with whatever is coming. Yashoda and Rohini see the storm coming. All the resident panics as the things flies in air. The Asur laughs. Kanha says next trick will be mine, and for that I have to father my team.

Precap: Kans tells that Devki’s 8th son will die with my hand in sometime. Asur says I will destroy Gokul and thinks to take Kanha to Kans immediately.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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