Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanha visits Rishi Garg’s Ashram

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The Episode starts with Kanha asking Balram to get ready to go out and make a team. Balram asks where to go? Kanha asks him to get ready first. Nanda tells Yashoda that he came to know about Rishi Garg being in the Ashram and he will be leaving soon, so we have to leave now to meet him. Yashoda says but who will handle the house and our cows. Rohini says I will handle. Yashoda says I will get Kanha ready and also Balram. She asks Rohini to give his clothes. Balram says I feel that our team will increase in Rishi Garg’s ashram. Kanha says yes, we have to make our team from different parts of the world. Balram says it will be enjoyable.

Later Nanda asks Yashoda to hurry up and says we can’t meet Rishi Garg if we get late. Kans’ men keep eye on them. Nanda, Yashoda and others leave. They look at Rohini and think to find out info about this woman. They are on the way. The calf breaks the rope and comes behind them. Yashoda says it seems I have forgotten to tie it. She says I will tie it. Nanda says let it come, if we get late then we can’t meet Rishi Garg. Balram asks Surbhi to come.

Rishi Garg tells that they will leave with Rishi Sandipani in sometime. Nanda, Yashoda come there with Balram and Kanha. Rishi Garg thinks Narayan you are welcomed in this Ashram. Nanda says we wanted to meet you and that’s why came here. Yashoda says she is worried for her son and came here. Rishi Garg says the boy whose mother is you, whose mother calls him Kanha, whose brother is Balram, can’t get any evil sight. Rishi Sandipani comes there and asks if he is Krishn. Rishi Garg says yes. Rishi Sandipani tells that he wants to take this boy once in his hand. Rishi Garg gives him Kanha. Rishi Sandipani sees divine Narayan in him and says I am very lucky to do your darshan and thanks him in his heart. He says I am feeling as if all my sins are washed away and I got much knowledge. He tells yashoda that Krishn is not an ordinary boy, but a divine boy. He asks her to leave her worries and become fearless. She says we have come here to get Rishi Garg’s blessings, but he got your blessings too. Rishi Garg requests Rishi Sandipani to become Balram and Krishn’s Guru when they go to Gurukul. Rishi Sandipani says it will be his good destiny that he got to become his Guru. He thinks if you permission is there. Kanha says yes. Yashoda thanks them. Rishi Sandipani asks them to rest and says my wife Samukhi will make food for you. He says we have to leave for important work for now. They leave. Balram says what is happening, there is no boy here. He says how our team will increase. Kanha says you will get all the info in sometime.

Nandu Mukhi helps Sumukhi in the household work. Yashoda and Nanda greet her. Sumukhi tells that she has a son Madhumangal. Yashoda asks where is he? Samukhi says he never plays with anyone and stays in the hut whenever someone comes to the Ashram. Yashoda says Kanha runs here and there and gets out of sight. Kanha says this truth will increase our team. Samukhi comes to Madhumangal and says come out and see who has come? Madhumangal is making mud toys and refuses to come out. Sumukhi says I will send food for you.

Kans’ men ask the villagers what do they like, as they want to know for their business. They ask about Nand and Yashoda. Villager says they had gone out, but Rohini ji is at home. They ask who is she? The villager says they don’t know much about her.

Balram tells Kanha that his work is difficult for him. Kanha says you have to different Maiyya and Baba until I return. Balram asks what I shall do? Kanha asks him to think. Balram asks him to return soon. Kanha says I will not let the voice come from my anklet. Balram asks him to be careful, and thinks how to divert everyone. Yashoda calls Balram and Kanha and asks them to have food. Balram says ok Maiyya. He thinks what to do?

Kans men rest on the grass. Kanha comes there and says now I will begin my game Mama shri. Sumukhi feeds food to her son and asks why you don’t go out and play with the kids of your age. He says he gets happiness being alone. Balram thinks why did Kanha haven’t come till now. Yashoda asks Balram about Kanha. Balram eats the food fast to divert them. Yashoda says I will bring Kanha. Balram says I want to eat more and asks her to serve. Nand mukhi says I will serve him food. Yashoda asks Balram to have food carefully and says it will get stuck in the neck. Balram asks him to eat kheer. Nand asks whenever Maiyya is asking about Kanha, you are diverting her. Yashoda asks where is Kanha, tell me the truth. She says I will go and bring him. Sumukhi says I will come with you. They hear Kanha’s anklet sound and then sees him playing around with Madhumangal. Sumukhi gets happy and tells that she always wanted her son to play and be happy. She says it seems Madhumangal was waiting for Kanha to play. Kanha claps and plays with Madhumangal.

Precap: Kanha tells Balram that they got the team members. He introduces their team mates and says now our team is ready to face Mama Kans.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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