Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Kans’ soldiers astonished to see Kanha back


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The Episode starts with Kanha standing on Kaliya and dances. Mahadev says this way God Shri Krishna danced on Kaliya’s head and blessed him. He says like the way we got surprised, everyone who hears this will be surprised, it is one of the surprising magic of Krishna. Balram says who will answer everyone now. Kanha makes Yashoda, Nand and others faint and fall down. Kaliya apologizes and thanks Kanha and says I shall have your blessings always. Kanha grants him boon. He gets down from Kaliya’s head on the ground. The soldier witnesses Kanha holding the ball. They say where did Kaliya go? How come this boy got saved from Kaliya. They tell that the boy will not be saved from the fire which is catching up everywhere. Kanha gives ball to Balram. He tells him that he will go and show a surprising view to Kans’ soldier. He opens his mouth and all the fire goes in his mouth. The soldier asks if I am dreaming and says this is real. He says this can’t be possible. Kanha laughs. Balram says they are seeing you as if they saw the ghost. Kanha scares them and says Mama ji’s sainiks are scared of an ordinary boy. Balram says everyone shall have a son like you, and asks him to take Vrinda inside, like he inhaled the fire. They laugh.

Kanha and Balram come to everyone. Balram asks what will you reply to everyone, about what they saw. Kanha asks him to see that they all are sleeping. He says I have captured them in a moment, it means that they didn’t see. Balram says if they would have seen then they will have many questions which is difficult to answer. Kanha says I don’t know, and says you are good at handling situation, why are you scared. He wakes up Radha first. He says I have brought the ball made by you, Radha Rani. Radha takes the ball and smiles. She asks Kanha if you are fine? Kanha says I am fine. He wakes up Yashoda, Rohini and others, by sprinkling water on their faces. Yashoda sees Kanha and hugs him crying. Everyone are surprised to see Kanha. Yashoda asks where did you go, and says your Maiyya was very scared. She asks why did you jump in the water. The villager says how he came out safe? Other villager says the river water got pure too. The villager says it was dirty, how it became pure. Rohini says why can’t I remember. Madhumangal and Subal tell that they saw Kanha diving in the water. Balram asks Kanha to give answer. Kanha asks him to answer. Balram says when fire increased, you all fainted and asks them to ask Kanha. Vrinda says how Kanha will answer? Madhumangal says he can’t speak now. Balram says you can ask when he grows up, and what is important is that Kanha is fine, river has become pure, and the fire is set off. Kanha appreciates him. Nand thanks Narayan. Balram says yes baba, it is Narayan’s doings. The villager lady asks how Kanha got saved from the snake and where did that snake go? Yashoda says she don’t want to know and tells the lady that she is asking as if he shouldn’t have been safe. She says my son is special. The lady says yes, he is special. The villager guy says this boy is extraordinary. Yashoda asks what do you mean? The lady asks if you know everything about him. Yashoda says yes, I am his Maiyya and he is my lalla. She says you are getting such thoughts, seeing the happenings and asks them to go home. Kanha says you will know everything about me and says you shall know the divinity about me, and I promise that you will know everything about me. Yashoda asks Nand to come home. He says lets go.

The soldier tells Kans that the boy is not only magical but dangerous. He says Kaliya’s poison haven’t effected him and he came out of the water. He says just as he came out with the water, the water became pure. Kans is angry. Akroor asks what about the fire?The soldier says they have lighted a huge fire, but he swallowed all the fire. Kans says nobody can swallow the fire. The soldier says this is truthful. Kans says whatever I planned, is planned after knowing about him. Akroor says we don’t know more about him. Kans says I will enquire.

Radha asks Kanha what is the special thing about you. Kanha says I can speak to Dao and you. She asks how did you bring the ball and where did Kaliya go? Kanha asks if you feel this. Radha says everyone thinks of this, and says Dao knows, but Maiyya and I don’t know. She asks him to swear that he will tell her. Kanha says whatever Maiyya shall know, you will also know. Radha says I don’t want to be Rani. She says you are special and can do anything unlike me. She says you can become raja, but I can never become rani. Kanha says don’t be sad, I will make you radha rani and will fulfill my wish. .

Precap: Nand tells that they will do Indradev’s puja. Radha asks them to do Narayan’s puja. Indradev gets angry and says now even Narayan can’t help them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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