Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vatsasur enters Gokul

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The episode starts with Balram asking Kanha to show everyone that he can speak. Kanha blabbers. Yashoda says her Kanha speaks so nice, but she cannot understand it. Kanha via telepathy tells Balram that he saved himself. Balram says Kanha really spoke, he is not lying. Rohini supports Balram and says her son is innocent and was with her whole day, so other kids are lying. Balram tautns Kanha that he also proved himself innocent. Yashoda scolds Vrinda and other kids for wrongly alleging Balram and Kanha and decides to punish them tomorrow. Vrinda and other kids fume that Balram trapped them, so he won’t be their mukhiya/head from hereon. Vatsasura enters Gokul disguised as a calf.

Yashoda feeds food to Kanha. Kanha feeds her back. Yashoda worries for Kahna’s life. Balram thinks nothing will happen to Kanha. Rohini walks in and informs Yashoda that Surbhi is missing. Yashoda assures that Surbhi will return and takes her in to help her. Kanha says their friends will be punished tomorrow, so he needs to do something. Balram asks him not to do anything and get them into trouble again.

Vrinda and her friends fight who will keep Surbhi with them tonight. Sudama agrees to keep Surbhi at his house tonight and takes her home. Mother asks why did he bring surbhi here. He says he will keep surbhhi with them tonight and will return her to Kanha tomorrow. Vatsasura as calf follows in. Sudama requests to keep this calf with them. Mother says the cannot afford to feed her, so they will give to Kanha in the morning. Sudama agrees. Once they go in, Vatasur takes his original asur/monster form and thinks once he mingles with Vindravan’s cows, he will wreck havoc.

Next morning, villagers complain Nand and complain that they are unable to graze cows due to their other work commitment. Kids walk in. Villagers ask Nand to punish them. Nand asks how can he punish kids. Kanha says he will not baba spare his friends. Sudama walks in with Surbhi and a calf. Kanha notices vatasura. Sudama says he is Kanha’s best friend and hence brought a cow for him. Yashoda asks Kanha to accept the gift. Kanha walks away thinking he should go in front of an asur. Sudama feels sad. His mother asks him to hand it over to Yashoda. Yashoda says Sudama can keep it. Mother says they cannot afford it. She hands over calf to Balram and asks him to name it. Balram seeks Kanha’s help and names it Vats. Vatasur rejoices thinking his plan is working. Next morning, kids come to take Surbhi and Vats to graze them with other cows. Kahna asks Balram not to do that.

Precap: Kanha asks Balram to spy on Vatasur and not let him harm anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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