Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanha gets back all the butter surprising Nand and others

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The Episode starts with Kanha promising to change the sad tears into happiness tears. The Gokul residents give the butter and other things to Kans’ soldier. Kans soldier asks them to give double tax next week else we will get all your cows with us. Nand tells the residents that he will either catch the thieves or will sell all his cows. Yashoda tells that no butter is left for the boys of Gurukul and cries. Kanha hugs her. Yashoda says if you was grown up then could have helped. She says whoever has stolen this, has hurt us. Nand says that thief will be punished. He says I promised the villagers that I will sell all my cows and will compensate for the tax of all the villagers. He says that thief will be cursed . Balram asks Kanha what baba has said. Yashoda goes with him. Kanha tells that baba’s pain came out in his words. He tells that if anything not goes as we plan then tell that I have planned this theft. Balram says I can’t do this. Kanha asks him to handle the team mates.

Kans tells Akroor that the Gokul residents tried to fool them, but got the tax. He asks Akroor to send soldiers next week and asks him to send all the butter, curd and milk to Prapti as gift. Asti thinks it is not justice to steal children’s stuff and gift to Maharani. She thinks he is doing crime one by one. Nand tells the villagers that they shall not let the thief go this time. Balram tells Subal and others that they shall tell the truth to Nand baba in the morning, that we have stolen it. Sudama says if we are thieves then whom Nand baba went to catch. Subal says we shall wait. Sudama says Nand baba will sell even Surbhi. Kanha tells Surbhi that everything is destined to happen.

Yashoda asks the kids to come to her. She asks them to go inside, as they are going to catch the thieves. She asks Balram to be with Kanha and make him sleep. Rohini says I am with them. Yashoda thinks how everything will be fine overnight. Kanha asks him not to worry. Akroor tells Kans that he is sending Mathura’s golden pots of butter and curd etc, along with Gokul pots. Kans says I will continue to send it to Prapti until that boy is caught by me.

Nand and the villager couldn’t find the thief anywhere. Yashoda says we had tried though. In the morning, Balram says we shall wait. Vrinda says we shall not wait. Kanha asks Balram to ask Vrinda to wait. Vrinda refuses to wait. The Gurukul kids wait for the butter pot. Nand says I have sworn the villagers that either I will catch the thief or sell all my cows to pay the tax. He apologizes. Yashoda cries and says our cows are our mothers, and the calf, our kids play with it. She asks what we will tell our kids. Balram says we shall tell the truth, I can’t see my others crying. He tells Kanha that he has broken his trust. Kanha says I will win the trust. Balram comes infront of Yashoda calling her. Yashoda asks do you want to tell something. Balram says we…Rohini asks if everything is fine. Balram says I want to say. Kanha asks him to stop and see here. Balram asks where to see. Nand asks what are you saying. Kanha asks him to bring them here. They see all the pots of Gokul and Golden pots of Mathura there while Kanha is also there. They find the pots full. Rohini says that pot was yours. Yashoda says yes. She says it is of Gokul pots. Nand says from where it came and sees golden pots. He says it is of Mathura Palace and says I don’t understand. kanha claps. Yashoda says that thief is unique to keep all the butter here. Balram says this is a miracle and asks when did you do it? Kanha asks him to experienced it and says I will surprise Mama ji shri too.

Precap: Kans asks Akroor who has stolen my stuff. Nand tells that he came to know about the thief and says he shall have a name to bring smile on everyone’s face. Nand says makhan chor. Balram tells Kanha that his new name is Makhan chor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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