Jahan Ram Hai Wahin Janki (season 1-Ram siya vivaah) 14

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The episode starts with siya n sissies coming to Kaushalya.
“Mata what is d choice of food of everyone in this house? We sisters r planning to cook delicious food ?..”
“Choice of food.. We mothers will eat anything u will make.. Lakshman loves spicy food..”
Urmila jumps “Spicy ‼ now he’ll get something spicy ?”
“And Bharat loves roti Kheer, n shatrughan, his fav is ladoos.. Ur pitaji will love to eat pakoras…”
“And Raghunandan..?”

“Ram… He loves roti,Kheer, curry, ladoos, pakoras, pickle Dal-rice…”
“Okay okay Mata, I know what I’ve to make for Raghunandan.”
“Anything with love ❤”
“Okie okie, bt make it tomorrow, now go n sleep…… OOOooo why’ll u sleep? U’ll njoy wid ur Raghunandan..”
Sita blushes n goes to her room.
She opens d door n flowers fall on her. She goes ahead and sees flowers in every corner of the room. D room is looking as if it has been converted into a garden.. Siya looks at the full moon, shining on its full light in the room ?????.. Siya lights the diyas in d room jus then she hears the door opening..

Urmila overlooks the balcony and says this sumitranandan bhi na, how late he does, dunno wen he’ll come, I’m sleepy, can’t sleep till he comes, what’s this, he cant b punctual even for a single day, it’s his suhaagraat, n he’s late, see his brother, Jijashri must have reached n his brother….. She turns and finds lakshman staring at her. Urmila (thinks) what a boom !! look at his anger can’t b even calm on first nyt of marriage ?. (loud) Woh….wo….h..act…..ual…ly..I was saying Sumitranandan is so good, he .. He is the right hand of Ayodhya’s to be king ?, he’s a shining star ? n Lakshman is the moon ?, lakshman is the best, I’ve got such a husband… Lakshman keeps his finger on her lips n shows her a painting. It’s Urmilas painting. “I was making this, that’s y I got late n u were taunting me like this, that was unexpected.”
“Y don’t I taunt u?? What is ur speciality? This is an incomplete painting”
Urmila takes the brush n draws lakshman by her side. “Now this painting is complete, isn’t it??”
Ram walks into Siya’s room. Sita looks at him n smiles ? ?.

“I’ve a small gift for u”
“One more gift..? Bt I’ve received ur gift already”
“Which gift ?????”
“Actually Mata Kaikeyi gave me the letter u wrote to her”
“So she showed u?”
“that means u don’t need my gift ??”
“No, I don’t mean that”
Ram gives her a hairpin. Sita smiles. WOW!! Now if you’ve brought it, do one more thing..
Ram nods n fixes d hairpin in siya’s hair. Siya ram…..plays…. Sita says even I’ve a gift for u. Ram asks what?? Siya shows him a painting of a half face. Ram asks what is it? Siya says it is ur painting. Ram laughs. Don’t I have a mouth ?? Sita says i made it wen I had jus a glimpse of ur face in Vishwamitra ashram. I fell in love with these eyes..

Bharat comes in Mandvi’s room. Mandvi excitedly jumps. What special gift do u have fr me? What special r u going to do today? Oh god I’m so over excited!! This is going to be so nice! Bharat says yes yes.. Bt first sit down. Mandvi sits on d bed n flowers fall over her. She looks at Bharat with a wide smile ?. Bharat gives her a gem studded necklace…
Shatrughan gives Kirti a gift. Kirti Asks what is inside it? Shatrughan says open it tmrw wen u r bored. Kirti says but I’m curious. Shatrughan says plzzzz….. Kirti nods.

Precap:- Lakshman looks at food table n says WOW lots of yum yum ? food… Urmila says yes yes its all for u, n puts a spoonful of the pickle in lakshman’s mouth ??????..
Hope u loved it.. Next one will b last epi.. Plz leave a comment

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  1. Thanmathi

    Wow funny precap and nice epi dear. Not only kirti I’m curious too I’m sure everyone is so please don’t let us wait so long update next epi soon deariee???

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah of course Thanmati di will post next epi asap perhaps on Friday or Saturday.. That surprise ummm ? I think not to reveal now. Love ❤ u..

  2. Hey vanshika i m meenakshi i m a silent reader of ur ff so plz update next epi soon.N i luv ur ff so write it little bit long plzzzz its a request from me

    1. Vanshika

      Okie Meenakshi di I’ll ryt last part so long that u’ll wish wen it ends… Lol ? thanks fr commenting..

      1. Amalina

        Haha sis, I’m waiting!

  3. Wow..it’s an awesome episode and funny too…lakshmila part is so cute…precap seems to be very interesting…eagerly waiting dear..post asap…

    1. Vanshika

      Hmm tharu di thanks alot love u loads u r very sweet luv u….

  4. Hello Vanshikha -FUNNY very funny -especially Bharat -Mandvi –it wasn’t shown in SKR- so nice twist . Very funny.
    And Precap is even more funny. PICKLE -which one ?? Chilly ???
    @ VANSHIKHA -good cooking up cutie sister ..keep it up
    Waiting for your next epi

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u so much Sara di.. Yeah chill pickle lolz ? Will post on Sunday,,.

  5. Its so nice….. So long you come here with your ff………. Loved it so much……… Are u thinking any new ff….?????

  6. Is anyone see Shani in colours tv………..????!??

    1. Vanshika

      Thnks alot joy da.. Ya I’ve a new ff on where the couples will meet in childhood.. N ya I watch shani.. It’s nyc show. ?

  7. Amalina

    Awesome yar, ur ffs keep mee speechless! where do u get all ur talents from??? When u r done wid all important tasks, post next epi. I realized dat i actually pressurize ff writers to post epi asap, acctually forgtting that they have a personal llife too! sorry to all ff writers for my big mistake!

    N cutie Krishnai sis, it was necessary to say “sorry” today sis! if possible forgive me!

    1. Thanmathi

      no dearie its not at all a pressure for us ff writers actually it makes us double happy 1st thing is that we are staying connected and second thing someone is there to appreciate our writing and is eagerly waiting for us it remains us our responsibility to make our dearest family happy. luv u always

    2. Vanshika

      Aww amalina calm down sweetie pie ?.. No dear not at all u don’t pressurize.n its ok dear ? don’t get tensed ? kip smiling bt I’ve decided to post on Sunday coz it’ll b last episode so it should b very long n nice ending so it’ll take bit of tym bt wen u’ll read it den u’ll feel patience fruit is very sweet of ? ? ? ? ?.. N my talents come from ur love only dear ???

  8. Thanmathi

    will miss this ff dearie vanshi. Planning any new ff? and were is your radha krishna ff getting posted?

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah akka I’m planning a new ff on Siam n other couples meeting in childhood.. N radha Krishna ff na I myself m very confused cos I never find it any serial forums so I search “Radha Krishna eternal love tellyupdates” in Google n den get the links……

  9. Padmaja

    Vanshu cutie I loved it soooooo much ♥♥♥♥…. a funny precap….. loved lakshmilla scenes.. I am very curious about ur next epi… pls update ir asap dearie..

    1. Vanshika

      Padma akka thank u very much ? thanks alot love you ? ?…

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks joy da for sharing the links.. in btw r u on insta??

      1. @Padmaja………….
        yes..twitter also…………

    2. Vanshika

      Then plzzzz give ur insta I’d mine is @vanshikrishnai

  10. Sp good….it made me laugh..and it’s sonly emotional also???

  11. all the old members are here ????-GOOD MORNING To all my family members of SKR . So we are still connected ?? GREAT
    @ Vanshikha late entry Sis. I didn’t know you are preparing Spicy twist in SKR story . But loved your spicy stuff.
    Waiting for the next one! Serve it with lots of pickles .

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah rani di we’re still connected.. Yeah next one will be with extra pickle dose ??

  12. awww….such a cute epi dearie . i did not read this epi these many days because of my stupid studies , lol . was very busy cutie . such an awesome episode . loved the scene when siya showed the drawing to ram . precap is very funny, it has my favourite lakshmila in it . i am very angry right now . u r ending this ff . nooo i cant see u ending this ff . u ended ur we did not marry for luv and this ff also . too bad . but ok , i will forgive u if u if u promise me to start more ffs , ok ? love u loads cutie . u r an awesome writer . forgive me for the very late comment sissy . cant wait for the next epi ……

    1. Vanshika

      Varshu dii I’m starting two new fanfics in place of the two I’ll end so don’t worry at all dearest sis…ur dp is cute ? luv u too ? thanks

  13. WONDERFUL, FUNNY , yummy yummy & dreamy episode and pickle -pickle -lots of pickle flavour coming ——@ Vanshika dear sis -picklely thanks
    can’t wait for next round of pickles

    1. Vanshika

      Hehe di there’ll b pickles not only for Lakshman bt also fr all of u

  14. So VANSHIKHA – you shall bring Chilli pickle- wow – waiting dear lovely sis
    And wondering What shall laxmilla do ??

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah there’s gonna b big fyt n pickle wonders ??

  15. Samarth

    Hello frnds my friend have started a fanfiction page on fb so whoever is on fb please like that page

    Page : Ramayan fanfiction

  16. Recalling the old memories of skr……… Really awsu…….gd luck sissy……. Update nxt part asap….. No words to describe ur writing skills…… Btw how r u doing now?????

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