Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi warns Sankala

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the Devil lady trying to pull Bride Shubangi’s hand and bring her out. She asks her not to waste her energy as nobody will come to her rescue. Bhuvan pulls Shubangi to other side. Shubangi sees him and asks where is he? She asks if he knows that this Palace is of the Rakshas lady who kidnaps the brides and snatch their youth. Bhuvan says I won’t let anything happen to you and asks her to hold his hand until they leave from here and gets out of jungle. Shubhangi holds his hand and they start running. She asks where did you go? If devil lady didn’t see you. He says I will answer you, but first we have to leave from here. Sankala, the devil lady comes infront of them. Shubangi hides behind Bhuvan and keeps her hand on his shoulder. Bhuvan takes the avatar of Dumdumi shocking Shubangi. She recalls her husband running away and Dumdumi’s words. Sankala asks where is he taking the bride? Dumdumi asks his mother to leave this bride and says I will bring other bride for you. Sankala refuses to let this bride go and attacks his son. Dumdumi requests her and pleads infront of her to leave this bride, and let her go. Sankala says did you forget that you have promised me to bring 100 brides, so that I can young for forever. He says I will bring more brides. Sankala says this is my 100th bride and tells that she will fulfill the vidhis on Amavasya and asks him not to mess with her. She says she don’t have sympathy towards the enemies. She attacks Dumdumi and makes him falls down. She takes Shubangi and goes.

Mata rani calls Bharti and she runs out. Sankala locks the bride in the room and tells Dumdumi that nothing shall happen. Shubangi prays to Mata Rani. Mata Rani comes infront of Sankala and asks her to stop right here. Sankala says nobody can stop me and asks who is she? Vaishnavi says she will protect her devotees and asks her to leave her stubbornness, tells that death is the truth of life. Sankala tells that tomorrow she will do the Vidhi and will become young. Vaishnavi asks Sankala to think why did her son go against her and asks why did Shubangi come here as the 100th bride. She says your son loves Shubangi. Sankala says it is just attraction. Mata Rani asks her to leave Shubangi and other brides who were captive since many years. Sankala refuses. Mata Rani asks her to remember that it is not good to end the love and vanishes.

Naulakha apologizes to Jyoti and tells that she had hidden from her that Devi enters her seeing anyone in trouble and treats that person. She tells that her father is a big devotee of mata rani and yesterday she felt that Narendra is missing her. Jyoti gets glad that Mata Rani gave them darshan. Naulakha asks them to call Bharti. Jyoti asks her not to take Bharti’s name and blames her. Naulakha comes on Bharti’s way. Bharti apologizes to her. Naulakha accuses her for calling Narendra as stupid person. Bharti is shocked and asks who are you and how you know me? She says I didn’t see you before. Naulakha tells that their relation is deep and asks how dare you to trouble Narendra. Bharti asks who are you? Naulakha blames her. Bharti tells that she doesn’t want to give proof of their love. Naulakha says proof is his pain, which shall be end. There is one solution and asks her to go far from here, else Narendra can’t move on in his life. She holds her hand and asks her to leave. She says I came to throw you out of this village. Bharti asks have you gone mad? She says I don’t know who are you, but came to know your intentions. Sangata watches this and comes to Devendra. He tells that Bharti is beating a young lady in the village. Everyone rushes there. Naulakha cooks up a fake story and tells that she came to make Bharti understand to return to Narendra’s life, but she has beaten me badly. She shows her fake injuries. Bharti asks Narendra if he trusts her? Narendra refuses. Jyoti asks Bharti if Naulakha is lying. Bharti tells that she has not done this. Devendra looks at her. Narendra says I don’t want to be with you. Naulakha tells Narendra that she is fine now, lets go home. Bharti cries. Devendra smiles and leaves. Bharti cries and falls down on the fround. Bhakti and Shullu pacify her.

Precap: Bhuvan asks Shubangi, if she is scared of a devil and says it is obvious. He tells that he will protect her from his mother very far, so that she can start her new life. Vaishnavi guides Bharti to solve Narendra’s problem and see everything clearly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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