Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 24th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Devendra punishes Narendra and Bharti

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 24th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Devendra seeing temple in Bharti and Narendra’s room, tells that he had told her that he don’t believe on any God or Goddess, but you didn’t respect my words and went against me. He says I had told you that even if you do the mistake then Narendra will be punished. He asks her to see how Narerndra will be punished. Bharti says no. Devendra says you are devoted to your wife so much that you went against me and starts beating him with hunter. Bharti pleads infront of him to leave Narendra and falls on him. Devendra asks Bheema to hold her. Bheema takes Bharti away. Devendra beats Narendra more and asks bheema to destroy the temple to calm down his anger. They take them out. Bharti asks Bheema not to destroy her temple. Bheema asks her to see how he burns her temple. Bharti says I will not let you burn it. bheema says I will punish you so badly that you will not do any mistake again. Bharti asks Devendra not to burn the temple and asks what you will get by doing this. Devendra asks her to call her Mata Rani and says I want to see how she will face my power. Bharti asks Jyoti to make him understand. Jyoti says what you both have done, I had told you not to do this. Bheema brings the firewood.

Bharti tries to stop him. He pushes her down and gives the firewood to Devendra asking him to burn the temple. Narendra and bharti plead infront of Devendra not to do this, but he lights the fire to the temple. Bharti and Narendra cry. Vaishnavi appears them and feels bad for Narendra and Bharti. Devendra takes them to the storeroom and tells that today she will be punished rigorously that she will not try to impure his house again. He locks them in the storeroom and goes. Narendra and Bharti ask him to open the door. Vaishnavi gets tears in her eyes and tells Shridhar and Sulochana that she can feel the pain of her devotees. She tells that these tears are not of mine, but of my devotee. She tells that bharti wanted to invite her to her house, but her other son burnt it. She says why this happens, that when someone wants on the right path, why do they feel so much pain, why the end can’t happen to someone’s misery.

Sangata scolds her brother and asks her why did he get married? He tells that people already makes fun of you due to your low height and tells that don’t know how might be Lali’s character. He tells that he has seen the world more than him. He tells that lali will cheat him and will elope with someone. Damru tells that he trusts Lali fully. Lali hears them and comes out. She touches Sangata’s feet and tells that she loves Damru truly and haven’t come here for money. She says I have accepted him as my husband. Sangata tells or you love means having a physical intimacy, and then elope with the wealth. Damru tells that he got love because of Vaishno Devi. Lali also says the same. Damru asks them not to take Vaishno Devi’s name and asks him to take his wife inside.

Bharti asks Narendra to chant Vaishno Devi’s name. Narendra says Mata Rani relieves your pain as you are bhakt and I am not. Bharti asks him to just remember her once and see. He says but. Bharti asks him to close his eyes and chant Mata Rani’s name. Narendra also closes his eyes. Vaishnavi smiles and tells Sulochana that Bharti is trying to bring her husband in my shelter. Narendra sees a divine light calling his name, bharti asks him to move forward and take her name. He thinks of Devendra and gets afraid. He tells Bharti that he can’t take Mata Rani’s name and apologizes to her. Shridhar asks Vaishnavi when Narendra will come in your shelter. Vaishnavi tells that Narendra will come in her shelter very soon. Narendra cries. Bharti makes him sit and asks him to rest. Narendra rests on her lap.

Damru shows the bangles to Lali and asks her to accept it, says he will be very happy. She accepts the bangles. He touches her face. She tells that she has kept Mata Rani’s fast and they can’t unite for seven days. Damru says ok, I will sleep on floor. Lali says I will sleep there. he insists. She says ok and smiles.

Precap: Lali sees Sangata opening the treasure box and keeping the jewels. She calls her partner and they both plan to steal the box. Damru comes there and asks what is happening?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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