Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi battles with Sankala

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 1st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sankala telling that today her years long hardwork will become fruitful and asks her son if he is not happy. She says she will not let her hardwork go waste. She brings Shubangi there. Bhuvan calls her. Shubangi prays to Mata Rani and asks her to save her. Narendra thinks he will never forgive Bharti. Naulakha thinks to make a big plan tomorrow.

Bhuvan asks his mother to take his life, but let Shubangi go. Vaishnavi appears there and stamps on the floor with her trishul. Sankala falls down afar. Bhuvan and Shubangi also fall down and looks at Vaishnavi.

Devendra tells Bharti that she has done wrong by coming there and reminds of her promise. He says you wouldn’t have come if you love Narendra. Bharti says she came here for love so that he don’t put Narendra in danger again. She says she came to know how he trapped Narendra in fake murder case of Dinanath. Devendra laughs and tells that nobody will trust her now, not even Narendra.

Bharti tells that she will bring his truth infront of all villagers and family and says I fear that you might lose your family due to this truth. Shubangi says Mata Rani….you have come. Vaishnavi says if a daughter is in trouble and Maa don’t come. Shubangi says I was worried. Vaishnavi tells that she doesn’t know how courageous she is. Sankala gets up. Shubangi hides behind Vaishnavi. Sankala says it seems you don’t love your life. She becomes gaint. Vaishnavi also becomes giant and says you ignored my warning and crossed all limits of evilness. She tells that she will punish her. Sankala says she will punish her and throws her weapon towards Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi throws her weapon on her weapon and Sankala’s weapon vanishes. They both get the weapons and attack each other.

Sankala is shocked to see her weapons vanishing. Vaishnavi sends the Vishnu Chakra and it slits her neck and injures her hands. Vaishnavi says you have to return everyone youth and pay for your karma. She snatches her youth from her and returns to all the old brides. Sankala turns old. They all become young brides and get up happily. Vaishno Mata Plays….Bhuvan gets up. Shubangi gets happy. Sankala tells Shubangi that she will not leave her. She throws the trishul on Shubangi, but Bhuvan comes infront of her and saves her. He takes the trishul on himself. Sankala is shocked. Bhuvan says I always obeyed you and tells that today he will do one duty for his love and throws trishul back at Sankala. Sankala falls down and dies immediately.

Bheema comes to Devendra and says I came to know how Bharti got to know the truth and tells that they have done mistake by involving Senapati and Lakhan. He says wine seller told that they have exposed you in drunk state. Devendra asks him to find out where are they? Shubangi asks why did you go this Bhuvan? Bhuvan says I have promised you that I will not let anything happen to you. He says this is the result of my sins and he is not upset with his move. He says I am happy to see love in your eyes, but sad that I can’t experience this love and can’t be alive. He apologizes to Mata Rani for his sins and pleads infront of her to complete his and Shubangi’s love in next birth. Vaishnavi says tathastu…He dies. Shubangi asks him to get up. Vaishnavi says I told you about this love, which made even Asur good.

Dinanath tells Lakhan and Senapati that he heard Bheema asking about them in the village. They tell that they will break Devendra’s ego. Devendra comes there and slaps Dinanath. He says my respect is ruined because of you. Dinanath says you had given us stone. Devendra asks if they don’t find difference between stone and money. He asks Bheema to beat them with Lathi. Bheema beats them. Lakhan calls his men. They fight with Bheema. Devendra pushes Lakhan and takes the firewood and tries to scare them. Lakhan goons catch Bheema. Senapati says all your family members will pay for this and says tie them both.

Jyoti worries for Devendra and tells Narendra that he left early morning. Naulakha comes there and asks her not to worry. She asks her to eat halwa. Jyoti appreciates and praises her and taunts Bharti. Narendra and Kishori also take the halwa. Naulakha asks Bharti to eat the halwa. Narendra asks Jyoti to ask her to eat. Jyoti, Narendra, and Kishori have the halwa at first and they all faint. Bharti asks what did you have it in halwa and she herself faints.

Precap: Kishori, Bharti and Jyoti are tired, while Naulakha and Narendra take the rounds of marriage. Devendra is tied to a tree when a bull speeds up towards him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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