Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 17th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kadika’s plan against Vaishnavi fails

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 17th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi about to fall while going back home and shouts Maa. Samrudhi senses this and asks her to be careful. Vaishnavi handles herself and thinks her teeth are safe. Ratnagar Sagar asks if she is fine? Samrudhi says she felt as if Vaishnavi was about to fall, so her heart lost the patience. She asks if we did right to come to this yatra. Ratnagar says yes and tells that Vaishnavi sent us happily. He says if you get worried, then Vaishnavi will feel the same. Kadika sits on the Maharani’s chair and imagines court men cheering for her, calling her kadika maharani ki jai. Swarn Sagar comes there and asks her to get down from the singhasan. Kadika looks at the court and there is nobody. He asks what is she doing? Kadika says she is preparing herself for future. Swarn Sagar says it is your imagination and asks her not to dare to sit on Maharani’s Singhasan. Kadika says if you have used your power rightly then this Singhasan would have been mine. She says you always stand infront of your brother with folded hands. Swarn Sagar shouts at her. Kadika says if you try then this singhasan is not far from you. Swarn Sagar asks her to accept that he is chote maharaj and she is choti maharani. She says it is your badluck that you don’t accept this, but I will fulfill my wishes. She says she will wait for the day when Chandra sits on the singhasan, tells that Vaishnavi is a girl and can’t sit on the singhasan. She says only Chandra can become maharaj and says what Vaishnavi could do. Vaishnavi is on the way and thinks the flowers are dried up as her father went. She touches them and it blossoms. She thinks to go back to Palace else choti maa will think where is she?

Kali/Moor thinks this is the good chance to provoke Mahadev and Devi Durga’s anger. He says when she goes from the place, Mahadev and Devi Durga will come there and make pour soul in his evils. Dev raj thinks Moor will be unsuccessful and Mahadev and Devi Durga will keep calm. His innerself asks what does he wants, and says you don’t want her death, but wants her to be unsuccessful and Mahadev to bring the kaal. Devraj breaks the mirror.

Kadika says Maharaj Chandra Sagar ki Jai. Chandra Sagar falls down. Kadika says she has to get the food made for Vaishnavi. Chandra says I will go and see where is Vaishnavi. Kadika says Chandra is like his father. Vaishnavi returns and thinks how I will get inside now. Just then the horse make the sound to divert soldier’s attention.

Kadika gets bittergourd’s vegetable dish cooked for Vaishnavi and tells Swarn Sagar. Chandra returns and thinks what I will tell Maa, Vaishnavi haven’t returned. Kadika asks Chandra Sagar and shouts at him. Vaishnavi comes and sits on the chair. Kadika says she got kavela dish made for them. Vaishnavi says villagers called it kerela dish and tells that it is so bitter. Kadika asks if she is worried. Vaishnavi says Maa tells that she shall eat everything, but Maa doesn’t get it made for her. Kadika says I will get something else made for you. Vaishnavi says I will eat it. Kadika says I will serve it and opens the dish. She is shocked and says aloo dish. Vaishnavi asks did you joke? She serves the potato dish to them. Swarn Sagar asks them to start eating. Vaishnavi says it is very tasty and thanks kadika. Kadika looks at the dasi and goes out with her. She asks her how dare you to make potato dish rather than bitter gourd dish. Dasi tells that she made bittergourd only and tells that potato is not brought since 2 months in the palace. Kadika asks her to go.

All the devotees get the food. Mahipal tells Ratnagar that the food don’t seems to be good for them and says we should have brought Raj cook with us. Ratnagar says it is good, our body can digest this. Mahipal asks about Maharani. Ratnagar says Maharani likes it too.

Precap: A monster sent by Moor is about to attack Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi senses the danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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