Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rukmani helps Badal save his family

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 23rd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pujan Pandey coming to Suman and says I heard what you said to Arjun. He asks her to come out of Badal’s craze and says didn’t you see what he did. Suman apologizes to him. Pujan says he insulted me and then also I thought about his family and sent my men to search them. He asks her to think about herself, marriage and Arjun. Suman hugs him. Badal hits him hand to hurt himself for slapping Suman. Rukmani comes there and says you are hurting yourself for slapping my daughter, why, you are repenting and feeling bad. Badal asks why did you call me here? He says did Pandey ji want to hurt me through you. He folds his hand and says I have nothing to do with your daughter or family, I will leave this city with them once I find them. Rukmani says she came to unite him with his family.

Pujan Pandey tells Lakhan that even angels can’t find his family, badal will be broken. Lakhan appreciates his plan. Pujan says badal insulted me and now Suman will not forgive him. He says that cheap guy slapped my daughter, have to take revenge from him. Lakhan says he will hurt his family so much that Badal’s soul will be shaken up. Pujan hopes Suman marriage happens without any hurdles.

Rukmani asks him to trust her and says she will unite him with his family. She says even I don’t know where are they? Rama calls her and says Lakhan must be going there. Rukmani asks her to do as per their plan and asks if kheer is ready. Rama stops Lakhan and asks him to eat kheer. Lakhan says he is going for bhaiyya’s work. Rama insists him to have kheer. Lakhan eats the kheer and says he will go. Rama asks him to take her to bank as Suman’s jewellery is in the locker. He refuses. Rama says she will tell Pujan. Lakhan asks her to come. He takes her in his car and comes to godown asking her to sit in car. Rama comes behind him. He asks why did you come? Just then he feels drowsy and falls down. Rama calls for help. Lakhan’s goons come and take him to hospital. Mohan, Ram and Chatura are in Lakhan’s goons captivity. Badal, his friends and Rukmani come there and save his family. They tie the goons on to the chairs. Badal thanks Rukmani and apologizes for misunderstanding her. Rukmani says if a saas don’t help her damad then who will help you. Badal asks what are you saying? Rukmani says she wants him to marry Suman tomorrow with all the rituals. Badal says it is too late now and says he will leave the city with his family. Chatura says I want Suman as my bahu and tells that she has saved her husband. Badal asks what are you saying? Chatura tells that Suman sacrificed her love to save Mohan’s life and tells everything. Badal feels bad to doubt Suman. Rukmani asks him not to feel bad. Mohan asks him to go ahead and marry her. Rukmani says you have two mothers’ blessings now. Badal says I will be a fool if don’t make Suman mine.

Pujan makes the arrangements at home. Arjun says you don’t need to do this, I don’t want extravaganza. Rukmani comes there. Pujan asks where did you go? She says she kept marriage invitation before kuldevta God. She ties holy cloth on her hand so that she gets a good and right life partner. Some kinnars come there and congratulate them. They ask for nek. Pujan gives them nek. They make Pujan dance. Badal is also there as one of the kinnars and go to Suman’s room. Other kinnars leave.

Lakhan calls Pujan and tells him that badal’s family eloped. Pujan says how can this happen. Suman asks what happened? Pujan says business call. Suman goes to her room. Lakhan tells that he fainted and was taken to hospital. He says don’t know how Badal reached there and saved his family. Suman comes to room and sees him. He says he is badal. Suman laughs and then asks why did he come after breaking relations. Badal says he will again build the relation. Suman asks him to go. Badal says if I don’t go, then how will I come. He says he will come to her house to marry her tomorrow. Suman says tomorrow is my marriage with Arjun. Badal says he will marry her. He tells her that Pujan Pandey had kidnapped his family and tells that your mother helped me saved them. He asks her to ask her mother. Suman can’t believe that her father can take fake swear. He says I will come tomorrow, kisses on her cheek and leave.

Precap: Rukmani tells truth to Suman and says you will marry Badal only. Suman thinks if I betray Arjun then what will be the difference between her father and her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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