Jaanu ka lucky episode 9

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guys thanks for your comments and the friendship track is for 2 more updates and then there will be love realisation after that love you all here goes the story jaanu ka lucky

@ Exam Hall
We were given our question papers and I looked at it and was surprised I know every answer
“God you are there , love you”
Rayan was on adjcent bench to me and kunal in last where as we were in front , ragini back of me and sanskar was beside me ,parth was not our room
I started to writing mine and was about to complete , I turned to look at my friends and found rayan dreaming in his whole world and sanskar writing sincerely and ragini sobbing
Laksh: ragini
She looked up to me
Laksh: what?
Ragini: I didn’t get any of them
Laksh: I will show wait
Ragini: no lucky I will ask sanskar I think he knows more than you
Ragini: sanskar please help me
He took his paper and threw it back and ragini caught it
sanskar: write fast and give
I was tensed that they shouldn’t caught
But bad luck the squad was coming towards us and ragini in fear threw his paper down
Squad: whoes paper is this?
I looked it found it to be sanskar’s
Sanskar: it’s mine
Squad: whom did you gave it?
Sanskar (tensed):I didn’t gave it to anyone ,it fell down unexpected
Squad: tell his/her name otherwise I will cancel your exam
Sanskar: I am saying truth
I looked back ragini was shivering very badly and I can feel it
Squad: you come out and your front and back person
Ragini was look with fear
Sanskar: sir please
Squad: come out
Sanskar: I will say , it is …
“OMG he is saying , I should stop it”
I interrupted
Laksh: it’s me
All shifted their gaze to me
Squad: was it you
I looked at ragini , she was looking tensed to me
Laksh: yes I have copied it from sanskar
Squad: come out
Ragini was about to interrupted
Laksh: let’s go sir
I was going out and suddenly ragini caught my hand and nodded her head as no
I free my hand from her grip
I went out along with the squad

@ Canteen
Laksh: I am fine and I wrote my exam near principal
I was saying this line from past half-an-hour even ragini didn’t stop crying
Rayan: arrey what is problem ladoo
Ragini is weeping
Laksh: jaanu know its enough , if your not gonna smile I will leave
Ragini looked at me
Ragini: why you took it on you?
I cupped her face and looked into her eyes which has tears
Laksh: because…
Ragini: because…
Laksh: if your caught then I would have more pain than when I was caught
She was just looking innocently at me and hit on my head
Ragini: you didn’t imagined my pain when you were blamed
I nodded my head as no
Laksh: I am selfish jaanu
She laughed and hugged me and my clapped hands that we are reunited again
Ragini: by the way how you wrote
Laksh: choo good baby

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  1. Aliyahillary

    awww they care for eachother so much just loved them n their love, care, understanding and their writer a lot…..they are still not couple n are so cute so imagine when they will be coule how much cute and adorable they’ll get………i’m just waiting for the next part eagerly…..udate soon dear….love u…..take care…..

  2. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it alot…raglak both r so cute….love their bond…eagerly waiting for nxt…tkcr dear..

  3. Sreevijayan

    Very sweet update dear….

  4. plzzz raglak ff writer write more bcoz now days very less plzz guys write I know I am saying saying same thing but really wish to more raglak ff bcoz we miss raglak so much but only u people believe is to imagine raglak in ff plzz write more those who stop in middle plzz continue and ended plzz start new and thanks to all those who give there precious time plzz write and yaa (all plzz watch pehredar piya ki in Sony tv and yaa plz.request Shashi Sumeet to cast Namish opposite tejasswi as lead by trending and tagging in Instagram’s it’s a request ) possible in raglak track plzz ff writer write more ff


  6. Interesting dear

  7. Awesome

  8. Awesome dear

  9. Awesome superb amazing

  10. Awesome one raglak bonding s amazing…

  11. Simply superb di..my raglak r so cute….post next soon

  12. Awesome dear

  13. Awesome

  14. IQRA222

    aww this was a sweet episode
    loved it soo much

  15. Laashya

    Lovely episode and cute Raglak

  16. Awesome episode

  17. I missed this story in last 3 days. It’s as usual outstanding episode dear. Raglak scenes are really beautiful. I loved Raglak true friendship. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care

  18. Elizebathlovely


  19. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next

  20. TeitokUn1718

    Soo Cute… Yahoo Lucky is safe…

  21. Awesome update

  22. Awesome

  23. Loved it, keep going

  24. Jiyani

    Awesome dear

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