Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju being shocked to see Raval. Raval asks Raju to wait for 2 mins. Jaggu gets scared. Raju looks at the dog’s pic and greets him, as his death funeral is going on. He laughs on Raval and starts insulting him, calling him a dog. Raju says Raval is caught, he is a dog and dances there. Ravan stares at Jaggu for getting Raju here. Nandu coughs and drinks water. Rambhateri asks what happened. Nandu says we will solve this problem, everyone is ready to leave model town. Rambhateri says let them go, you can stay here well and enjoy. Nani hears them and asks why is she teaching this to Nandu.

Rambhateri says I m cooling Nandu, you should smile. Nani says you came yesterday, we know what problems we are facing here. Rambhateri says problems go if you don’t care, don’t think about it. Nandu smiles and says its true, I have decided I will not leave this home, they should worry who are leaving model town, I should be happy. Rambhateri says yes, they will also be happy seeing you happy and not leave. Nani says Nandu you are doing big mistake and goes. Rambhateri asks Nandu to smile and hugs her.

Raju waits till pandit tells about the soul peace. Raju takes Raval with him. He confronts Raval for cheating model town. He says model town was getting sold out, thinking our Raval is a good man, its our friendship, else your pic would have been here with that dog. Ravan says dohas. Raju says not at wrong time, my ears are shut and hands are open.

He says you have kept Raavan there instead removing it. He reminds what all happened there and scolds Raval. He asks is Raval human or animal. Raval says he did not think what will Raju do, but he has thought what will he do for Raju. He says this was the surprise and slaps Jaggu. He says he will tell him how was he going to keep their friendship.

Rambhateri does puja and sees Raavan. She says its on everyone’s head. Dheeraj warns his Jija ji to hide, his sister is coming. The man asks Dheeraj to do something. The lady has the phone and goes to confront her husband. Dheeraj collides with her and makes her phone fall. He changes the sim and asks her to call his number and see. Her husband comes and Rambhateri makes the man fall in his wife’s feet. She taunts the man and says it seems he is apologizing to his wife. His wife covers up his fall. Rambhateri asks him to be careful in his relations. Dheeraj leaves. Rambhateri sees a chain on the ground and picks it.

Pratap talks to his wife. She argues with him and complains about his mother. She says your mum has taken bribe from the jewelry. His mum shows the earrings she got. Rambhateri comes there. Pratap is stuck and says he has divided their areas, he will shut his work if they fight. Rambhateri asks whats happening. He says nothing, I was just scaring them. She gives him the chain and says it fell from your wife’s neck. She says you have everything here, but be in good books of Lord. He takes the chain and thanks her.

Anjali tells Rambhateri that Sandeep is not like she thought. Rambhateri asks were you like he thought. Anjali says yes, he did not keep his promise. Rambhateri asks did you keep your promise. Anjali says no, I m wife. Nandu tells Rambhateri about men who just like to marry, Sandeep takes his mum’s permission for everything, I love my sister a lot, I will fulfill all her wishes.

Rambhateri says great, I have seen such love in model town. Nani says this is not love, this will ruin both and gets annoyed. Nandu says sorry, just Rambhateri understood us. Rambhateri says yes, I understand you both and also model town.

Raval asks Jaggu to go home. Jaggu says I thought you need me. Raval says I will tell you if there is work. Raval and Raju leave in his car. Raval says he has a surprise. Raju asks how did the dog die. Raval says the dog jumped on me by love and his nail hit me, so I shot him down, I love but can’t get hurt, I want to get model town vacated. Raju stares at him. He asks Raju to tie the cloth to his eyes. He takes Raju to Raju’s house which he lost many years ago. Raju gets stunned seeing the house.

Raval says his deal to seek Raju’s help. He says he wants to make hotel on model town land, it should be vacated. Raju agrees to help him. They join hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

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