Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raju making Nandu wear mangalsutra. Pandit says now this wedding completed, you are husband and wife. They all smile. Bairi piya….plays….. Sunny keeps Luthra’s pic in the cash briefcase. Nani and Garima come home to make tea for guests and then decorating Raju and Nandu’s room. Sunny gets angry and says he won’t let them celebrate wedding night, Garima has to think what will she do tonight. He takes the recorder and goes. Police comes there.

Garima gets a call from inspector. He asks is this your number. She says yes. He asks for her name and address. She asks why. She gives the address. Police comes there and stops Raju from coming inside house. Garima asks how did this gun and pic come here, whose pic is this. Inspector says you have killed Luthra. Raju gets shocked and asks what happened. The NGO ladies look on. Raju asks them to check person and put blame, my mum has not done anything bad, she can’t do murder. Inspector tells Raju that if she is your mum, then its enough that she can do crime. Raju says she won’t be arrested. Garima gets arrested. Inspector say we got 50 lakhs here, Raju what work are you doing to get advance money. Raju says my mum won’t go. Garima surrenders.

Sunny is happy and calls Arvind. He says I m Raju’s friend, he asked me to give you message, Luthra is murdered. Arvind gets shocked. Sunny says police has raid Raju’s home and got your money, doubt will come on you, think what you have to do now, thanks. Sunny sings dj wale babu…..

Raju stops Garima and says I will come along. Inspector scolds him. Raju and Nandu cry. Sunny looks on and says Garima has to stay in police custody today. Nandu asks Raju not to worry, they will get good lawyer. Raju scolds her. He hugs Nandu and says I will make things fine, how did Maa get 25 lakhs. He asks Nani to take Nandu home. Prabha asks Raju for 5 lakhs donation. He says police took cash, you saw what happened. Prabha insults him. Raju gets angry on her and leaves.

Sunny calls Prabha and asks what happened now, is everything fine. She apologizes. He says its fine, you have to done one work, I will give 2 lakhs as donation. She asks the work.

The NGO ladies insult Nandu and Nani a lot. They call Nandu unlucky for her inlaws. Nandu and Nani cry. Sunny comes there and shoots in air. The ladies scream. He argues with the ladies for troubling Nandu and scares them that he will shoot them. He asks them to leave. The ladies leave.

Nandu asks Nandu to come with her. Nandu cries and says I won’t go inside, maybe I m unlucky for this house. She runs to her home. Nani cries. Sunny smiles and consoles Nani.

Sunny asks Nandu to have some water. He asks her not to think so much, you are modern girl of this generation, this does not matter, finally you have to come to me. She cries. Nandu says Raju is trapped. He says you are right, I think Sethi trapped Raju, he was Luthra’s enemy. He asks her not to worry, I will try best to save Garima, stay away from Raju, sit I will explain. He says suppose if you are really unlucky then, then you will be increasing Raju’s problems, you have solid reason to get away from Raju right? Then just do as I say. He thinks he will trap everyone now and smiles.

Luthra’s wife gets her anger out on Garima. Raju goes to Luthra’s home and says I have killed Luthra.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh noo raju nandu never expected psycho sunny to go this far. I hope raju nandu solves the problem and get garima back.

    I am not indinan so I am not familiar with the concept of the ngo ladies…so, can someone plz explain to me, why do the ngo people care if raju nandu is married or not when their family accepted them as husband and wife??

    1. Our Hindu society does not allow to stay a couple together without marriage.. It’s like a sin.. That’s why ngo ladies protesting… Actually they are protesting against them just for money ?

    2. But raju nandu was married according to hindu rituals and the families accepted them…
      annoying ngo women lolz for money harassing real married couple when they can do real work to save abused women.

  2. Sunny is horrible…. We really want to see raju nandu scenes…… Pls makers it had just began

  3. If I see Nandu in 2-3 episodes more, I will consider her quitting the show was a rumor…… Heehee….. and I really hope that it becomes a rumor only…..

    I want to see more of Raju N Nandu……

    1. let’s keep the finger crossed :D:D:D:D:D

    2. I just read it on internet that Raju will be behind the bars and Nandu will be brain washed by Sunny that she is unlucky for Raju and his family…

    3. I hope there will be a twist like last time with Raju slapping Nandu. I mean Nandu cant really trust Sunny after knowing how crazy he is for her.

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