Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rambhateri telling Nandu that she will go herself. Nandu brings tea for her and they sit talking. Rambhateri says its not about model town, its also about Nandu. Nandu cries. Rambhateri says sometimes it looks tough for her to leave. Nani calls out Anjali and says there is good news, the result has come, Sandeep has sent divorce papers, congrats to everyone. Anjali asks them to see, her inlaws won’t let her stay in peace. She cries and says they can’t see me happy, they find ways to trouble me. She says Sandeep sent these papers to insult me, I will give divorce to Sandeep. Nandu pacifies him and says you should thank Sandeep for freeing you, you will stay with me. Anjali thinks Nandu is right, she can stay here. Nandu says its really good news Nani. Nani worries and says many things ended today, I could not explain you, but life will explain you, it will be late till then. She goes. Rambhateri looks on.

Raju calls out everyone in morning, to welcome them for the meeting. He says its decided no one can stay here, everyone wants to go, so Raval and I have got a scheme for you all, there is nothing to sell or buy home, you can leave model town and you can stay in multi storey building, which looks like this. They all get glad seeing the model. Raju says model town was Raval’s first project, so he is attached with model town and you all, Raval wants you to get good lifestyle, no need to get scared of Raavan, we will make a better house. They all get glad and say Raval is making that new building and decided to give one flat to everyone. He tells about the building. He says till that building is ready, you will be shifted to good rented homes and then to this lavish building. Rambhateri claps and recalls Raju’s words.

She says there is no problem now of selling model town home and buying new, but I think everyone is running like coward being afraid of this Raavan idol. She asks them to go if they want. She says even Raju could not remove this Raavan and angers him. Pratap holds Raavan. Raju scolds Rambhateri. Rambhateri angers him more and says if he does anything wrong, women will beat him. She alerts Mishra also. Raju asks why are you saying this, who are you to interfere in our personal matter, who are you tell us, you are not model town resident, you leave. Nandu argues and says stop it Raju, she is my Maa. Rambhateri gets stunned and sees her.

Kishore calls Komal and makes Billu sit. Rohit comes there and asks about Komal. He says Jaggu is not answering call. Kishore asks him where did Jaggu and Komal do. Rohit says I don’t know, shall we file police complaint. Kishore says no, we will wait and see what to do. Billu asks when will mum come. Kishore says she will come.

Nandu tells everyone about her Mayya Mori, she will insult the person who does not respect Rambhateri. Raju argues with Nandu. Rambhateri jokes on Raju and says Raju is model town’s savior. Nandu says he is afraid that I will flop his plan. Rambhateri says his proposal is solid, he is confident and does not care, if he can convince everyone, why not you. Nandu asks why is he stopping me from saying. Rambhateri says no, he is not stopping you, right Raju. Raju says yes, anyone can talk.

Nandu tells everyone that Rambhateri knows more about this place. Rambhateri says curse and blessings are got by deeds, what will land do, this Raavan fooled you, you all want to go from here where people used to come here for seeing a famous Ram leela 10 years ago. Rambhateri says people used to come to see Ramleela, I came here in 1986, I have set up this stage with my Guru Vidyasagar. Pratap says we did mistake to allow her to speak, she is clever. Raju says yes, she is sharp.

Rambhateri says I will show something and digs. Raju tells his plan to Dheeraj. She shows the Swastik stone which her Guru founded. She opens a chest and shows Ram leela costumes. Raju gets Raval’s call. Raval asks did model town get vacated. Raju says I have sent Dheeraj to you. Rambhateri shows the clothes of Ram ji, Laxman. Raval hears this and gets shocked. He asks who is she Raju. Raju says she is Nandu’s guest. Raval asks is he name Rambhateri. Raju says yes, she is giving knowledge and making her Ram fight with out Raavan. The people get influenced by Rambhateri. Raval says kick her out, Ram and Raavan’s fight can’t start there, all dreams will get ruined. Raju says I will do it and ends call. Raval fumes. Rambhateri smiles happily.

Pratap says we have to do something. Raju asks everyone to sign on papers. He asks Rambhateri to leave from model town.

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