Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nandu scolding Raju. She warns him that she will get Mishra punished and goes. Raju smiles. Komal likes the food made by Kishore and they dine. Jaggu comes and says I m sorry to come at this time, but I have to talk something imp with Komal. Kishore asks him to come tomorrow morning. Komal asks Jaggu to come with him and goes to room. Kishore says you can talk here also. Komal shuts the door. Kishore asks her to tell the matter. Komal says wait, don’t panic. Billu stops Komal.

Komal pushes Billu and asks Kishore to manage his son. Rambhateri looks on. Komal leaves in the car with Jaggu. Kishore hugs Billu. Nandu apologizes to Rambhateri for bringing her here, there is no cure for the people here, they can’t do anything. She says people deserve this, model town can’t change, you can go anytime you want. She hugs Rambhateri and thanks her for courage. Nandu asks her to go and sleep, as she has to leave tomorrow.

Rambhateri could not sleep and think what will happen where there is no values, no fear of Lord, where there is no Ram in their hearts. She recalls everyone and goes out. She sees the Raavan model and sees the model town people’s faces in the Raavan. She thinks of all the corrupt and evil people of the model town. Mishra, Dheeraj, his brother in law, Pratap, Bittoo, Komal, Jaggu, Anjali, Nandu too. She hears Raju talking to Mishra and saying not to let his wife get well soon. Rambhateri sees Raju in the Raavan, thus all 10 heads of the Raavan. She thinks its important to stop Raavan in this model town.

Rambhateri gets sad. She sees a car. Raju and Nandu also see this. The driver brings a big parcel. The man delivers parcel to Raju. Nandu gets thinking and recalls his words. Raju comes to her and teases her. He asks is she thinking of his proposal to vacate model town. She says I m waiting for Mishra. He asks her to see Anjali. Nandu says she does not let any tension come close to Anjali. He says you always take tension, world is selfish, everyone think about self. She asks why are you giving me tips, what fear you have. They argue. She says I know you are going to do something wrong and fear I will know. He flirts with her and asks her to promise she will not call him, not miss him, if model town exists, then they will meet. He gives her a flying kiss and goes. She shoots on his kiss.

Its morning, Nandu goes to the gym and uncovers the pic. She sees her pic. Raju comes there and says this is called silent love. He fools her and says I preach you, but I could not tell you, I think I got mad today. He says he loves her, and says when he gets baraat for her, she will leave model town. She asks him to stop it. He holds her hand and says he is romantic today, she can hear him. He accepts he is afraid of her, and to end it, he wants to marry her. She gets angry and says stop nonsense. He asks why does she think its nonsense when anyone proposes her, she is not that bad, whats this complex. He holds her and asks what will she do, you don’t know what magic I will show, I will tell you when time comes. He leaves. She thinks.

Raju tells everyone a scheme for everyone, they will leave model town and live in a multi storey building.

Update Credit to: Amena

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