Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vividha asking Atharv to make sketch of that person, when Guddi fell down. Atharv says it was a black cat. Ravish says Atharv is smart, he will tell us. Atharv says i will make a plan, we will play. Vividha asks him to make sketch. Atharv says no, else the black cat will kick you. She asks who was with the black cat, there will be someone. Atharv says I have just seen a black cat. Ravish asks how can a cat do this. Atharv says cat can do, cat has pushed Guddi.

Ravish says he is calling some person as cat. Atharv calls them mad and says I m calling a cat as cat. Vividha says if he is calling a person as cat, who is that person. Ravish thinks. Ravish and Vividha look at all the family members. Vividha says I got a way to solve this riddle. Aditi tells what happened that night, Guddi went till I turned. Vividha says you said Guddi was looking upstairs. Aditi says yes, there was darkness there, I went to find my phone. Ravish says we will repeat this incident, pretend you are Guddi and I m Aditi.

Aditi tells him that she fell from here. Ravish says I will fall like you by off balance and falls down. He says to turn back will take 3 seconds, where will Guddi run in so less time. Vividha asks in which direction was Guddi seeing. Aditi says that way. Vividha says someone has pulled Guddi back below the stairs. Ravish says it means someone has caught Guddi. Vividha says it means Guddi would have tried to get free, who can it be. Daddy ji does aid to his wounds. Suman comes to Daddy ji and gives medicines.

He asks is there any problem. She says I m worried for Vividha, she is after finding Guddi’s culprit, this can affect Vividha’s mind. Daddy ji says its natural, Guddi was her sister. She says till when will she do this. He says she is from non army family, she is behaving like that, she will find the culprit. She says Guddi is responsible for this herself, Guddi was coming between Ravish and Vividha, she wanted to get Ravish, I know you know all this, when Vividha came to tell me Guddi wants to go back, she looked worried, I thought to talk to them, when I went to talk to Guddi. FB shows Guddi planning to stay back and get Ravish. Daddy ji and Suman heard Guddi. Daddy ji says after Guddi came back, she was eyeing Ravish, it was clearly seen, the way she looked Ravish and spoke to him, I understood everything, I did not tell you. She says I know you got angry, I thought you will do something. He says its not right to decide without thinking, you know Guddi was Vividha’s sister.

Suman says you can understand my state when I heard Guddi, I felt my life is repeated, a woman will snatch someone’s husband, I could not control my anger. The black cat comes there. He asks how did this cat came in this house. She says its since some days, black cat brings bad fate. He says I don’t believe all this, its superstitions. She says but I m sure that I will face all problems that come on my son and bahu, I could not see Guddi ruining their house, I had to do something else don’t know what would Guddi do. He asks do you mean you are involved in Guddi’s accident. Suman says I just wanted no one to come between Ravish and Vividha, not even Guddi, now I want Vividha to stay away from these matters, she is wasting time. He says Vividha will not listen to anyone. She says I know, I don’t know to convince her or force her to listen.

Vividha lies down to sleep. She gets shocked seeing a scorpion on her hand. Ravish picks it and gets bitten. She worries for him. He asks her to get up and check the bed. She asks Ravish are you fine. He says yes, I took anti allergic injection, scorpion was not poisonous, it means it was to scare you, not kill you. She asks what, why will anyone do this, did you see anyone outside. He says no, and sees something. He says there is a letter left for you here. He reads the threatening letter for Vividha… your sister will not come back, if you don’t stop spying, you will also go to her, I promise…. They both get shocked.

Ravish says your life is in risk. She says risk is not for me, but for that person who is fearing as I m close to find him. Atharv wears cat’s mask. Ravish says we have left one person’s fingerprints, we know its a man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. is that suman who killed guddi? OMG day by day twists. i thought it was suman. eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  2. I know adharv is d killer. So kailash saves vividha’s life

  3. I feel like banging my head on the wall . If it’s suman how can the fingerprint be of a man. Be coz daddyji also not involved though he knows the matter.

  4. I am sure its Atharv… 🙁
    Y these people are separating vividha & Atharv
    If atharv turns negative I will quit watching this show 🙁

    1. Amalina

      yeah i agree

    2. Yaa I also decided for d same . somehow I was bearing all diz for atharv if he will turn into villian den I will never watch this show back. Only Vikram’s acting and his looks make me sit at TV by sharp 5:30and if his character is changed I can’t see diz. Ufff and I guess many viewers are in the same condition as of mine

  5. Oh! my God…. suman is the one who killed guddi….. Thaaliya…thaliyaaa….Give a great applause to all those who predicted this before….

  6. If d director had to make atharv character negative y did he bring him back as a mental ill person he could have killed the character long time back when vividha got married..

  7. Guys have u all remember…..atharv was playing with his hand prints using colors may be somone can miss use tat….wat say

  8. Ohhhh come on writers,WTH!! R u ppl tryng to show, once upon a time a person who usd to care for evry1, didn’t hurt any1,taught wat true love is,saved ppl now can kill some1 juzz to tak revenge..bullshit…den wer Dat persn goodnes went?? Plzz stop for godsake don’t show Atharv as negative ??..he s gem of person if u want to unite ravidha no matter go die..??but Atharv shld remn positive.. Hav som common sense writers r else shut down d show dis vll b better??….

    1. Yaa di u perfectly expressed my view. I was also thinking of d same.

    2. 100% correct

  9. Antonio conte

    It’s atharv ..I am sure… what the f**k…

  10. Wt the hell gng on
    I think precap is that that vivida nd ravish get 2 know a black cat wear a mask of man.that what example gave atharv 2 them

  11. My heart says that ..ravish .is the killer..how did he came at the instant when the scorpion was crawling on vividha’s hand ..and now he is trying to provoke vividha against atharve ..i also have the same feeling that atharve is acting..i think he has some hidden motives behind the acting ..what if he is really trying to help vividha..vividha can also find out the culprit by the handwriting in the letter …my heart always says that atharve is innocent

    1. yes i agree with u nidha…

    2. No ravish is gem of person. He saves adharv’s life don’t forget. Ravish like rama. Pls see that jndsd- 2 episode kailash tells that vividha’s Marriage words.( vividha neeku ramudu lanti vadini teesukostanani cheputadu and kailash tana Frnd tho matladina matalu observe cheste – adharv family lo ki vividha kodaliga velutundi but adharv ni marriage chesukodu annatte chupinchadu). So ravish is not a killer.

  12. I swear ..if my prediction goes wrong,and atharve became the killer..i will stop watching this..i don’t wanna see cruel atharv

  13. If atharv turns negative role, 50% person will definately quit the show

    1. Not 50 , 90% will quit

  14. Sry a man wear a black mask

  15. From Kali Billi to scorpion!! It’s a pity the scorpion wasn’t poisonous….Ravish would have been dead by now!!

    Vividha, pls stop acting like a detective and leave the job to the cops. ( They r not bothered abt this case). Pls concentrate on helping Atharva get better and run away from this MAD house.

  16. I don’t think ki atharv aisa karsakta hai because he loves vividha so much….but writer ka koi varosa nhi WO kuch bhi hosakta hai let see what kind of drama is happening………….

  17. Please be unite vivida n ravish They are already married couple

  18. May be the killer is kailash or sujatha bcoz atharv giving clues to vividha he didn t hurt anyone. My question is who told Ravish about pen drive in lap.

    1. May be suman

  19. I already quit watching the show. Day by day it’s becoming crap. in the beginning it was superb

  20. I guess ravish is d culprit

  21. plz plz plz don’t make atharva cruel….

  22. if atharv turns villain i will stp watching this show..

  23. Oho plz atharv ni normal cheyandi inka enni rojulu ilaga chudaleka pothunam mad atharv ni .., I think culprit is ravish …, evarina em kadu kani atharv ni culprit cheyodhu plz writer garu I request you plz…,and reunite atharv and vividha fastly

  24. Disgusting who is the writer manchi serial ni cedagottaru guys jndsd wiki lo vikram (adharv) di parallel main lead ani vundi oka vela atharv vividha ni unit ceyaka poina adharv ni negative ga cupincina defined ga evvaru cudaru 90% person show ni quit cestaru and then serial was low trp

    1. Ravish is main hero of jndd

  25. Plz vividha & ravish ko milado

  26. Dear writer don’t show atharva in negative roll. If u Show negative we wil stop watching d jdsd

  27. it cnt b atharv …dt mns he z cmpltly olryt …n jus planned evrythng ….dis really dnt suit d stry
    …hez helpng both ov thm n ppl judgng atharv as d killer ….
    a big big no

  28. Mahadev Desai

    I think Daddy ji killed Guddi. And Suman wrote the letter and left the scorpion to frighten Vividha.

  29. Lovely show. Great cast.

  30. Something still makes me think it’s Ravish who has done this n all this trying to be there where Vividha needs him is just his way of trying to get her closer. He got the pen drive, he knew how close Viv n Atharv were, he can’t stand the way even now they r still close. I can’t believe Atharv Wud kill Guddi or hurt Vividha… I think Atharv is better mentally than he was but not letting on until the culprit/culprits r known. N where was Kailash at Guddi’s funeral??? Cud he Hav planned/organised this so Vividha n Ravish stay together??? U know how much he wants Viv n Ravish to stay married…. Atharv cannot turn into a negative character, that wud b very unfair!!!

  31. indera sanichara

    95 percent will quit the show because this story is about Vividha and Artharv love they took seven promises with each other so if the writers turn him negative, this serial is over for all viewer who watched it from the start.

  32. I am having small doubt. Wn they showed murderer holding guddi,he was wearing gloves(wn aditi n ravish pretending). Den from whr finger prints came on guddis neck. So some one intentionally want to blame atharv. Atharv can’t do murder yar. It’s kk who is behind scene. I am pretty sure about his intentions.

  33. Omg people! Stop fretting. Im 100% sure atharv is not the killer. He is the hero of the show. And i think its ravish or else kailash. Dont try to tell the writers what to do. Bcoz theres a high chance the story will end bcoz of all your frettings. They are finding a way to drag the show n its interesting.

  34. This serial was superb..Love gives you empowerment…used to be theme..no matter what happens ..lovers should unite..i.e. Vividha and Athharv.But now they are turning it into a crap..We dont want a “detective Karamchand” here.Writers pls. don’t convert Atharv into a negative character.We miss seeing the old Atharv,so bold yet so gentle,good and kind.If you make him the killer,90% won’t watch the show.We want Vitharva together in a love story and not a mystery story.

  35. Atharv is the soul of the jndsd I dont think atharv killed guddi.. I think its dadiji r ravish

  36. Wt the hell going on in this story!!! I love this one only bcoz of atharv…..want that dynamic and romantic atharv back….pls unite vividha and atharv….stop showing cheap and useless tricks and twists…..cure atharv asap.atharv is the hero of the show don’t trun him villan.

  37. Pratiksha More

    beleive me or not if atharv is plays a negative role atleast in this serial the serial will go off air soon, no one will be interested in watching it, initiallly the serial was just amazing but after vividha marriage it is just riuned the whole story, atharv is the soul of the serial. most of the audience just watch it for him.

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