Itti Si Khushi 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha is firm that Aman will agree as he still wants to be a cricketer. Gayatri disagrees with her. I know Aman. His heart will never allow him to do which doesn’t make his mother happy. you may think that he will agree with you. But always remember one thing, if Aman has to choose from Neha or his mother then he will choose his mother. Neha looks at her in amazement / sadness. You can try it if you want to. I had come here to take you to your home but now you will have to decide. Take your time and think it through. Its enough. Now I wont let my family fall apart which is why I came to take you home. Don’t try to distance Aman from me. She leaves. Neha stands there all confused. Sunita ji stops Gayatri ji outside. Where is Neha? Gayatri ji sadly replies that I had hoped that I will make Neha my daughter and take her to her home. I thought that she will be more than happy to come with me. happiness has returned to your home after a long time, Neha too has lost a lot over these past years. I actually want to give her all that happiness but seems like Neha’s childishness has become the problem in her path to happiness. Till now you were fulfilling all her demands and were protecting her when she made mistakes. Now it is time to let her face the music of real life. Life is not just about the toy bride and grooms whom she used to marry as per her own wish. Times have changed now. you will have to explain her all this or there will be a lot many problems. She leaves for her home.

Jayanti brings tea and biscuits for Dadi. Kamini ji is still angry with her. jayanti says sorry to her. where will I go? you are my mom. You can beat me or do whatever you want to but now only my dead body will go out of this house. I cannot leave you and go anywhere. I have nowhere to go. please forgive me. Kamini ji is not ready to fall for her words or tears. I cannot trust you anymore. Leave or that night’s incident will continue to flash before my eyes which will further infuriate me. Jayanti apologizes but in vain. Kamini ji sends the try back. I don’t want to drink the tea made by you. A tearful Jayanti picks up the tray and goes to the kitchen. Dadi will only be at peace after throwing me out of this house. Since that incident she loses her cool as soon as she sees me. I will have to do something to win her trust again. I should do something so that all the bitterness goes away. she thinks of an idea.

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Sunita ji scolds Neha for insulting Gayatri ji which is why she left this house. Neha tries to explain that she was thinking about Aman and his dreams. I wont mind it if someone scolds me for his dreams. I am his wife. Sunita ji gets angry. Don’t tell me that you are worried for Aman’s dreams more than his mother. Neha tries to explain but Sunita ji leaves from there in anger. Neha follows her till her room but her mother shuts the door on her face. Neha stands outside and tells her mom that she will prove that she isn’t wrong. I will prove it even if Aman wont support me.

Aman is waiting for his mother. I wonder what Neha would have said to her. I hope she acts mature and comes back with mom. Gayatri ji returns home right then. He is concerned seeing her all quiet. She says I was praying to God that every mother gets a son like you. You love Neha a lot, cannot think of living without her. you did so much just to be with her. you saved my upbringing’s honour today. I know Neha is your wife. There is no comparison between a mother and a wife. This is why you have made me proud by not agreeing with her condition. He realises that Neha told her everything. She says I was always worried thinking what if you blame me for snatching away your dreams from me, that I took away cricket from you. I have been always feeling guilty about it. I tried to make Neha understand a lot but don’t know why she isn’t ready to grow up. She thinks that I have snatched your happiness from you. She has no idea about how we have lived our life, how I have handled this house. She knows nothing. I don’t want to lose you again. he is in thoughts. He agrees with her and assures her that everything will be fine. He goes inside.

Dadi ji is doing puja. She complains to Ma about how no one is scared of her anymore in this house. That Neha made me lose. I have never been insulted like this in my life. Jayanti joins her. she prays for Kamini ji. Make everything fine like before. I will take revenge on her part. She tries to make Dadi agree but Kamini ji blames her for everything. All this has happened because of you. You have attacked me on my back. You must have joined Neha’s team and it will be your joint effort. Jayanti declines but Dadi is in no mood to listen to her. pack your bags and leave else I will throw you out of this house myself. She leaves from there in a huff. Jayanti prays again. I dint do any mistake. I dint support Neha. Just help me in taking revenge from those who have trapped me wrongly. I wont spare them. Dadi ji will happily welcome me inside her room only then.

Aman talks to someone regarding job but doesn’t someone else gets appointed for the post. He assures his mom that he has applied at a lot many places. I will get a job somewhere. Gayatri ji talks about competition. I don’t know why this is happening now that we need more money. The rent amount helps a little but we will need more money for other expenses. We can stop Neeta’s studies but we cannot stop Dadi’s medicines. She will need them. he says I will take tuitions if nothing else. Gayatri ji tells him about Divakar ji who has opened an electrical shop in a mall. He needs good educated people. If it is in a mall then he will surely be paying well. I was thinking if you talk to him. he is worried thinking that it might be a sales man kind of job. She knows that he is very qualified but no job is big or small. One has to take up works that they dint intend to as per the circumstances. We cannot ask anyone for money anyways. I only want our self respect to stay intact. He nods. She rues that this wouldn’t have happened if Neha wouldn’t have taken admission in his school. Now neither she is studying nor are you working anymore. She couldn’t wait for a few more days. I would have handled everything after your marriage. He tells her to let it be. She relents. I will talk to Divakar ji, you too go and meet him. he asks her if she really wants him to do all that. She replies that it is their need. I wouldn’t have said anything otherwise. He agrees to give it a try. I had a word with my friends. They have called me too. Gayatri ji goes inside. He notices the fan and goes to switch it off but retreats as he gets shock after touching the switch board. He tells Jayanti to make sure no one touches it. I will send the electrician. Tell everyone to be careful. She nods. She smiles as this gives her an idea.

Neha removes the broken glass from her and Aman’s photo. She gets hurt in the process. Akku gets worried. Neha says broken glass is an ill omen. Akku wipes her wound with cotton. Neha is sad that everything goes wrong when she tries to do something good. Now this frame broke, if I leave it like this thinking that something or the other will happen then it will be wrong. Akku gets confused. Neha explains that Aman’s dreams are exactly like this broken glass. Everyone is saying that I am wrong in giving false hopes to Aman. But should we stop seeing dreams? Should we not try to fulfil them just by thinking that something or the other will go wrong? Am I doing the wrong thing? I know some people are getting hurt in the process. But is it right to live with incomplete dreams? She puts a new glass on the frame and smiles looking at their photo. Akku wishes that everyone starts to think like her but when we start growing up then everyone makes us understand that we should accept every situation. Neha finds it wrong. Even Ma does not understand me. she thinks that I am instigating Aman towards the wrong. Why will I do that? I am only asking her to let Aman try once. What is wrong in that? If he can do job to fulfil all his responsibilities towards his house and is actually doing that too then what’s the harm in his family doing something for his happiness? I am sure he will get selected if he goes for trials once. He is really talented. Akku smiles. The best thing is atleast you are trying. This proves that your love for him is really strong, your feelings for him are powerful. I am sure your wish will come true. Neha hugs her. thanks for always supporting me when no one has been able to do that. I hope everyone understands it too. I hope I could convince them all. Akku assures her that everything will be fine. You went to enrol jiju for NCL, what happened? Neha smiles at the memory. There was so much drama. No one was letting me in as I was the only girl. I somehow managed to enter from a window and shocked everyone. I went directly in the meeting. They were all surprised. I dint know how to begin but then I started telling them about Aman. They instead told me to get out. I started blackmailing them emotionally. If I can survive after 12 years of staying in coma then can Aman not play once? I told them to send Aman out if he doesn’t play well. I don’t even remember what all I said to them. they agrees finally. I was talking so much. Akku knows that they would have agreed after seeing her enthusiasm. You have accomplished the most difficult task in this mission. Neha says making Aman go to the trials is way more difficult. He wont go I know, but once he is there he will get selected for sure. Akku nods. Neha understands Aman’s situation too. He doesn’t have a job right now. how do I tell all this to him in this condition?

Precap: Neha pushes Dadi ji just when she was about to touch that switch board. Dadi ji shouts in pain. Everyone comes running there. Gayatri ji asks them what’s happening. Kamini ji says I have no idea. I just fell because of a push. Neha explains that she was actually saving her. Jayanti starts blaming Neha.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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