It’s Not About Me It’s About Us (Chapter 16) (TAKING CARE)

Episode– TAKING CARE πŸ’œπŸ’œ

At Night

Riddhima’s condition was worse now. She was having very high fever and her head was aching a lot. She could not even sleep now. She needed her medicines badly which Uma had given to Vansh. She insisted Mrs Annie to go home but she didn’t as she considered her as her own child. Although Vansh has ordered his staff not to involve in personal matters but Mrs Annie was ready for the consequences.

After struggling a lot Riddhima called Vansh.

At Restaurant…

Vansh and Ragini were enjoying their dinner. Suddenly Vansh’s phone rang. He was about to pick but Ragini interrupted.

Ragini- No Vansh When you are with me you are not allowed to answer your phone.

Vansh- Okay Miss!!

Vansh turned his phone off without even seeing the name of caller. They enjoyed dinner.

At Home-

Riddhima was now having a panic attack. She could not even breath properly. Mrs Annie gave her water. She ran to Vansh’s room and searched for medicines panting heavily.

Vansh dropped Ragini home and came back. He entered his room.

Vansh( loudly) – Riddhima What are you doing here?

He pulled her. The moment he touched her he was shocked noticing her high temperature.

Vansh’s pov

After having such a nice dinner with Ragini. I came back home. But this food was nothing in comparison to Riddhima’s Dal Chawal and Fruit Custard. As I opened my room I was shocked to see Riddhima searching something in my room. I shouted at her but as soon as I touched her I was shocked she was burning with fever.

Riddhima( panting heavily) – Uma Ma had given you my medicines. Give me those fast.

But before Vansh could reply her head spinned and she fell on the floor losing her consciousness.

Vansh picked her in his arms and made her lie on the bed. He took the medicines from the first aid box and made her take it. He could not understand anything. He asked Mrs Annie and she told everything and also that she had not eaten anything. He asked to go home as it was late.

Vansh went to Riddhima and caressed her head with wet cloth to reduce the temperature.


He observed that her temperature had reduced. He went to kitchen and made soup for her.

Later that night..

Riddhima opened her eyes slowly and saw Vansh sitting there. She woke up slowly.She looked in his eyes which were full of anger.

Vansh- You are so careless Riddhima!! I was giving the medicine in the morning but you ran away!

Riddhima started crying. Vansh was shocked but he didn’t want her to cry.

Riddhima(crying) – I am not feeling well still you are scolding me. You always scold me.

Vansh caressed her face.

Vansh- I am so sorry Riddhima. I won’t scold you ok?

Riddhima- Promise (wiping her tears)

Vansh- Accha baba promise! Now have this soup.

Riddhima nodded like an obedient child.

She was having her soup just like a baby.

Vansh- How your fever was so high? You were ok in the morning.

Riddhima- Actually I have migraine problem. Whenever I cry a lot I have severe headache and if I don’t take medicine this happens. After Mumma died I used to cry so there were these issues. Once I was stuck in the lift of the hospital where mumma died I cried a lot. After that incident I am having panic attacks when I cry or I am stuck in elevator.

Vansh- You were not having medicines?

Riddhima- Ma didn’t gave me saying I am careless so she gave you.

Vansh(chuckles) – See even she considers you careless.

Riddhima(loudly)- Vansh!!

Vansh took the bowl and asked her to rest.

Riddhima-I should go to my room now.

Although Vansh wanted her to stay but nodded.

Vansh- Call me if you need something.

Riddhima-Tum mera phone uthate hi kaha ho..

Riddhima went to her room and slept.

Vansh checked her twice and then made to bed.He was guilty of his behaviour.

In Morning…

When Vansh came to hall he saw Riddhima ready making her coffee.

Vansh-You are going somewhere?

Riddhima- College.

Vansh- You are feeling well?

Riddhima- Yeah!! You want coffee!

Vansh nodded as he was yearning for her coffee as it’s best.

Vansh took a sip- Perfect!!

Riddhima smiled and they had their breakfast.

Vansh-Come I will drop you!

Riddhima- No I will go by myself.

Vansh-Riddhima come don’t be stubborn. Come!

Riddhima-No most of the people go by taxi not car.

Vansh-You are Mrs Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima-Before that I am Riddhima right so I will go in taxi

Vansh-Fine! But you will come to my office after college.

Riddhima(while taking bag) – Why?

Vansh (noticing her)- I want you to meet someone.

Riddhima( looking in his eyes) – Is it important?

Vansh( putting her hair strands behind her ear) – Yes!!

Riddhima- Okay!! Byee

They both went to their respective places.


After attending her normal lectures Riddhima went to lab.

Mr Roy- So Riddhima you have to arrange the library today.

Riddhima nodded and started her work.But she noticed his intense gaze on her which made her uncomfortable.

After the work she went to cafe with Shreya.

She was lost in her thoughts. She was thinking about Mr Roy how he sometimes behaves awkwardly. But she brushed her thoughts thinking that that it’s nothing maybe she is thinking a lot..

Shreya-Riddhima!!Where are you?


Shreya- You know this weekend we are having fresher’s party?

Riddhima- Ohh!

Shreya-Seriously,Riddhima this cold reaction? You have to come!

Riddhima-No you know na!

Shreya- I don’t know anything you are coming.


After the college she went to Vansh’s office.

She knocked..

Vansh- Riddhima come!

Riddhima saw a girl there.

Vansh- Riddhima meet Ragini,my childhood friend and assistant.

Ragini shaked her hand with Riddhima.

Vansh- You two sit I have some work!

Riddhima made her sit on a chair opposit Ragini.

Ragini-Hi Riddhima,are you fine?

Riddhima- Yes! How do you know?

Ragini(smiling)-Vansh told me. He never keep secrets from me! Yesterday also we were together na!

Riddhima- Ohh!

Ragini- You must be feeling bad na. Your husband was out with someone very special when you needed him.

Riddhima- It’s nothing like that.

Ragini- Oh Comeon Riddhima! You don’t have to lie to me. I know Vansh inside out( winking). He is not close to everyone except someone very close.

Riddhima could not tolerate now so she was going but Vansh came.

Vansh- What happened?

Riddhima- Nothing I just want to go home.

Vansh-Let’s go together. Come Ragini I will drop you too.

Ragini- Okay!

Before Riddhima could sit Ragini sit besides Vansh. Riddhima sat on the back seat ignoring her.

She was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t know when Vansh dropped Ragini. The cool wind, lights were giving her chills. She was in her own world. Vansh noticed that. He played music.



When they reached home, Vansh saw her sleeping like an angel. He picked her in bridal style and she flinched his shirt.

He thought’ ” NEEND MEIN TUM MERE PASS AATI HO HOSH MEIN DUR BHAGTI HO”he smiled and made her comfortable on bed.

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