Itna tumhe chahana hai…Tum soch na sakogi!! (krpkeb) Episode 20

Dev s POV
I don’t know why on this earth I left her alone…She is new here, with no phone or wallet,…Nd she was wearing a short dress…I know I doesn’t matter…Becoz those who want to molest a girl can do it even if she is fully covered…But she is Sona…Mine …
I can’t find her even…Where is she gone.
It’s about to sunrise nd still I haven’t found her yet… I just hope so that she is alright…

Then it struck to her that Sona is an intelligent nd observant girl…Who remembers the roads…Ways very quickly so if by chance she has reached his apartment….He needs to inform his guards to inform him if she arrives there.

So he dialed his guards no. Nd to his surprise…Sona had already reached there nd when he went his apartment…Sona was sleeping peacefully.
He couldn’t imagine how many bad thoughts came in his mind…Nd seeing her safe nd sound, sleeping removed all his tension…Nd anxiety which he had been suffering from till past midnight.

He quickly changed into his casuals nd took Sona in his embrace nd slept peacefully.

In morning
As dev woke up…He couldn’t see Sona anywhere near to him…He checked his whole apartment…Nd too His surprise Sona left him….She took all her clothes.

He quickly asked his guards when she left nd when they told him that she just went out right now….He ran down
He took a cycle coz he knew that she wouldn’t have gone far with her luggage too…Nd cycle was at this time the best ride.

He drove towards the bus stand , in between a park came.
He spotted Sona carrying her luggage and going towards the bus stand…From there he shouted…
D: Sona!! SONA!!
Sona turned nd looked at him….Nd then started walking a bit faster nd pretended to ignore him.
While dev knew her childish attics…Drove upto her nd stopped his cycle Infront of her.
D: why …Why were u running when I called u??
S: u called me( looked here nd there ) sorry I didn’t listen ?
Dev while coming closer
D: u didn’t….Okay leave all that…Come back
S: I won’t?
D: I’m not asking u…I’m telling u…Come back with me
S: I won’t!!!
D: look u have signed a contract that u will have to be with me nd do as per I ask u to…
So come otherwise give me 10 crores ?
S: wat…10 crores
D: I told u to read nd then sign?
S: okay I will come…But I will give u a punishment…Then only
D: I accept ?
S: promise me….U will do as per I say?
D: okay I promise…Nd if I didn’t…I will tear this contract… Okay…Now come
S: get up from this cycle nd give it to me..
D: wat…Y?
S: ur punishment begins here?
Dev got up from the cycle nd Sona sat on the cycle nd gave him her luggage.
Sona started riding
D: heyy!! Wat do I do?
S: pick up my luggage nd bring it to the apartment…Nd dare u call anyone else to help U ??
D: wattt???
S: I guess I was very clear…Nd smirked
While dev followed Sona nd murmured to himself…God…For this day did I teach her cycling so that I’d be the one running behind her carrying her luggage while she enjoyed the ride?
I don’t know what else she will make me do??

Episode ends*****
Thanks for ur comments… Stay tuned to know wat will Sona give dev as a punishment nd sona’s POV

Aarohi signing off ?
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  1. V.V.harshita

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    1. Aarohi98

      Thank u alot for valuing my efforts…It actually means alot to know that there r ppl who r liking my story soo much nd then are taking time to comment …
      It means a lot?

  10. Priya12

    Amazing…superbbb yaar…I read all ur previous epis ..sry I couldn’t cmt it as b4 as I said…

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      It’s all okay dear…U r reading my FF nd liking it only means alot to me?

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    I am really elated to see such a kind response from all of ur side.
    It has made my day?
    U know… Initially I was really scared whether or not u all will like my FF or not coz it’s my first time as a writer, daily by going through all of ur comments makes me so happy.
    Ur support means alot to me…It really encourages me to do much better .
    Nd as per ur concern as to when I will be posting next…Since I took a break today from writing as I was busy….So I will post the next episode tomorrow….Thanks for showing so much of interest…Nd patience too??

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