Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam inviting Ragini for a dinner at a restaurant. She says Neil still loves you and says divorcing was their mutual decision, but now with them reuniting will affect many lives. She continues that Neil took care of children for 15 years efficiently, but after coming to India, he has changed and she does not know if she knows him well or not. She asks how was her situation. Ragini says even her situation was tough like Neil, but she did not have Pam to support. Pam starts her emotional atyachar…

Arav reaches Karan’s house and requests Nivedita to clear his payment. She says when engagement did not happen, why will she give him payment. He says she promised to clear payment after engagement, so he took huge loan on interest. Nivedita says when he is doing business, he should bear losses also and shuts door. Agam hears their conversation hiding.

Pam tells Ragini she knows she and Neil are reuniting, but she has to think about children as she knows Ranbir will never accept her as mother and it will create a big problem. She asks why did not she marry Aman. Ragini says she has moved ahead of emotions and has sacrificed her life for her children. Pam says even Neil says same and does not want to marry Nivedita. She continues that people tell she brought up Ragini’s children and it is right to some extent. She starts crying and tells if she remarries Neil, Ranbir, Suhani, and Agam’s life will shatter and if everything settles well, she will be the first to move out of their lives. She folds hands and requests Ragini to help her.

Aman comes to Ragini’s room. Badi naani asks him to sit on chair and asks Sunny tai to tie chamanlal/Aman. Aman asks Sunny to go ahead. Naani comes and asks Sunny what is she doing. Sunny says badi naani will not listen. Naani tells badi naani that Ragini is calling her and takes in. Ragini reaches home and says hello sir to Aman. He says he is chamanlal and will officially change his name. She says badi naani must have troubled him again. He asks how was her meeting with Neil. She says not that exciting.

Neil comes to Ragini’s house and greets Aman. Aman thinks everyone is behind him today and now Neil will trouble him. Neil says he wants to join his hospital back. Aman says he is most welcome. Ragini says she does not want him to join. Aman says Neil is a reputed doctor and will boast their hospital’s reputation. He goes to washroom. Neil starts flirting with Ragini and asks if she does not like him in hospital. She says people will realize about their relationship. He says let them. He frees her hair and says she looks beautiful with open hair. He then asks her to kiss. She gets shy and says no. He says just one. Aman comes and asks what one. He says he was asking her to wait for 1 min until Aman comes, then they both can leave. Aman asks if she will live him alone. She says no and says she will go to hospital with him.

In the morning, Pam sees Nivedita looking via window and asks why did not have breakfast. Nivedita says she is not hungry. Pam says even she would have reacted the same and asks her to accept the situation. She already told she is her responsibility and she means it. She saw Neil going away from her and she should understand if he loves her, he will definitely come back, so she should wait and watch. She insists again to have breakfast. Nivedita says she will have it later. Once Pam leaves, she calls someone and says she needs help and asks to come soon.

Precap: Suhani and Agam inform naani about Neil and Suhani’s engagement breakup and ask if Ragini told what she spoke to Neil. Naani says she no and she did not know about engagement breakup. Suhani says they have do do something now and reunite mom and dad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. neil and suhanis engagement breakup>? needs to be edited…

  2. yah ur right sangita. bt also i really love those two agam and suhani

  3. Pam, pam, pam ur just unbelievablen begging for a live tat was never urs in the 1st place. Sad to knw tat ther is going to b trouble brewing between Ragini an EX, Pam has fefinately sumthing to do wit Suhani’s dad comin in2 the pic. Only pray that Ragina does not be so gullible an believ everything she hears an push her ex away again, pls pls pls Ragina , just love the chemistry between u 2.

    1. Unfortunately, Ragini is gullible. She’s going to believe whatever that man tells her. She doesn’t trust Neil, hasn’t learnt anything from this misunderstanding. She’s so blinded by her possessiveness that the mere mention of betrayal is real to her.

  4. Too many ads on TVs. Please stop ads so we can Enjoy beautiful soapie. It is my favourite but the ads are longer than the episode. I have timed the ad,runs for 5min at a time,very annoying. Ragini and Neil are the ideal couple

  5. Anyone knows repeat timing of this show??please tell me..

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