Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani to Karthik, Nishi and Agam. Agam gets lost in thinking. Suhani asks what happened to him. Agam says he is feeling low and needs to be alone for sometime. Pam asks RK to drive fast as Nivedita might reach Ragini’s home. She calls Ranbir and informs him that Nivedita is reaching Ragini’s home. She asks him to do something. Ragini comes to Aman’s hospital. Aman says you might be wanting to know, how did I become part of the investigation team. He tells he went to Neil’s hospital to get help for the new technology, but they asked him to help with the investigation. He says you should be happy that I am part of this team. He asks did you think that I will take revenge and hurt you. Ragini says I am sure that you can’t hurt me. Aman says why you didn’t tell me that this is just a contract marriage. He says you would have told me before that this is a contract marriage. He asks her not to act. Ragini says I want to act. Aman says you are doing this for Neil. Ragini says I am doing this for my children. Today they are happy and united, because we are together. Aman says Dr. Neil is using you and asks her not to fall for him. He tells Nivedita has a good plan.

Ragini says she can’t betray her children’s hope. Aman asks what do you want then? If you think that I will help you, then you are wrong, I will do what I was supposed to do. Ragini thanks him for sending flowers and says it was beautiful. Ranbir calls Nishi and tells her that Nivedita is coming to their house. He asks her to hide Neil somewhere. Nishi talks to Suhani, Karthik and Agam and tells that they need to hide Neil. Ranbir pays the money to the watchman and asks him not to let anyone come inside. He calls Pam and tells that he has stopped Nivedita for time being. Pam says we are reaching there soon, and asks not to let Nivedita see Neil. Nivedita thinks she has to reach there before anyone see her. Nivedita argues with the watchman for parking other’s car at wrong place and goes.

Karthik opens the door and asks her to come some other time as no one is here. Nivedita says you are here atleast. She gets inside forcibly. Suhani and Nishi come out with Agam. Nivedita tells that Karthik lied to her that there is no one at home. She shows chocolates and says I brought it for you. Aarav tells Jignesh to stop there itself and says he will be back after meeting someone. Jignesh calls Ranbir and tells him that Aarav went to strange place. Ranbir tells that he need to go as Nivedita is in his house and asks to take care of Aarav. Aarav comes back and asks him with whom he was talking to. Nivedita tells the kids that she came to help them, and says Ragini is taking Neil’s advantage.

Nivedita says you all are very smart and grown up now, and asks where is Neil? Ranbir says I told you that Dad went to Delhi. Nivedita asks her not to be clever and says she knows Neil is here. She says she will tell the investigators that Neil is here and then he will be trapped. Pam tells RK that Nivedita might trap the kids, and says she is very cunning and can fall to any level to get success in her plan. She says shall I call again. She calls Ranbir and informs that Nivedita is searching the house, but we hid Dad. Pam says it is good. Nivedita comes there and takes the phone. Pam tells her that she is coming there with Police to get her arrested. Nivedita gets angry and asks the kids where is Neil? Ranbir tries to stop her, but Nivedita warns him that if he tries to stop her then she will slapped a case against him. Ranbir gets tensed. Nivedita searches home.

She searches for Neil everywhere, but couldn’t find him. She sees the kids tensedly looking at bathroom, and opens the door, but Neil is not found there. Agam asks what does she want? Nivedita asks him t move and opens the cupboard. Ragini comes and stops her, asking what she is doing in her bed room. Nivedita says she came here to do her work. Ragini says did you have any written orders to search in my house. Nivedita says I know you all are lying? Ragini says this is my house and not any dharmshala. Nivedita says you are doing a mistake by hiding the truth. Ragini says if I was like you then I would have file police complaint saying a woman entered the house, and now she couldn’t find few things in her house. She says she can file police complaint, but she won’t as she is not like her. She asks if she found Nachiket. Nivedita says no, but says she knows where is he? Ragini looks on.

Neil Praises Ragini and says don’t know how could Nivedita accepted her lie as truth. Ragini asks if he is praising or taunting her. Neil says he is praising her and says surely she saved him. Ragini smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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