Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini getting ready for hospital. Jignesh’s grandma calls her and says she has called sari vendors to select Nishi’s saris, so she wants him and Neil to come there right now. Ragini says she has to go to hospital. Grandma says she can work her whole life, but should prioritize Nishi’s marriage now, so should come there right now. Ragini agrees and gets out of her building when she sees Aman standing with his car and asks what is he doing there. He says Dr. Neil calls him out of nowhere and asks him to come here, so to save his time, he came here beforehand asks if they can leave for hospital now. Ragini says she is going to Jignesh’s house first. He says he will come with her there and will then take her to hospital. They reach Jignesh’s house and find Neil already there with Karan and Dimpy there. Aman asks how did he come there before them. Neil says he is already ahead of him, be it his marriage with Ragini or his daughter Nishi’s marriage.

They all get into Jignesh’s house and get busy selecting Sari. Jignesh’s mom asks Ragini to select a sari for herself. Neil reminisces Ragini liking blue color and selects blue sari. Ragini says her preference has changed and says she likes red sari. Aman says she used to hate red colour and changed their conference hall red curtains. She says curtains and sari are different. Baa tells Neil that she wants Jignesh’s and Nishi have a destination wedding. Neil says it cannot be and will happen as planned. Ragini says she wants destination wedding. Nishi and Jignesh get happy hearing that. Karan says he has some destination suggestions. He asks Neil why did he oppose destination wedding. Neil says he wants it and since Ragini does opposite to what he says, he opposed it. Ragini says she will leave for hospital now and walks out thinking she knows Neil wants destination wedding, so she accepted the idea.

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Dimpy and Karan inform Pam about Nishi’s destination wedding. She feels jealous hearing that. Karan says dimpy that wants it happened in his farm house as Ragini and Neil’s marriage happened there and wants them to reminisces their memorable days. Dimpy says Ragini is already married. He says already Pam is there in Neil’s life to ruin it and he does not want Nivedita to ruin it, so he wants Neil to remember his marriage with Ragini throughout his life and spent with those memories.

Neil comes to hospital and invites Dr. Devika for Nishi’s wedding and asks her to take 4 days leaves. He asks Aman to accept her leave application. Once Neil leaves, Devika says she is very excited thinking about spending time with Neil and will order dresses. Aman says he will not grant 4 days leave, but agrees later.

Nishi gets emotional seeing her wedding arragments. Ragini tries to console her. Arav also gets emotional and shows their childhood items and says all those are hers and not to forget her brother. They both hug each other and cry emotionally. Sunny ask them not to cry and says Nishi’s marriage is after 7 days and till then, she is there with them.

Ragini comes to Shilpa’s house and asks how is she. She says she is fine. Ragini then gives them Nishi’s wedding invitation card. She gets Aman’s call who asks which colour kurta to wear. She says yellow and cuts call. She then tells Shilpa’s mom that Nishi’s marriage is at Karan’s farm house in Karjat. Aman calls her again. Shilpa’s mom asks if it is Aman and says he believes you a lot and does not do anything without your opinion. Aman calls her again and asks if she is wearing yellow sari as Neil will taunt him if they wear different colour dresses. Ragini says yes and cuts call. He calls her again. Shilpa’s mother leaves asking her to continue her talk. She picks and says she told him about the colours to wear. It is Neil on the other side and asks why she is permitting Aman when he stays with her. She asks why did he call her. He says Jignesh’s Grandma called him and informed about upcoming rituals. She asks why did she call him. He says she believes he is more mature than her and asks her to free Aman soon to take care of arrangements.

Precap: Nishi’s parents gives Neil wedding card and say though Ragini did not print his name in card, they have and say their relatives are asking why Nishi’s parent’s surnames are different.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. super this some quality entertainment hop they wonkt spoil it anytim soon

  2. the show is going very nice….i hope very soon neil will came to the truth of ragini and aman’s fake marriage…

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