Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Karthik thinking about training and think mom and dad will fight again while training. Nishi suggests that they shall give them training separately. Agam asks who will train dad? nishi says you. Nishi tells Ragini that they will train her. Suhani and Agam come to Neil and says we will train you. Neil says I don’t need training, as I am your dad. He asks them to tell what to do? They ask him to write things which he don’t like about him. Nishi asks ragini to write everything which she is aware of. ragini says I am seeing that you are enjoying being my teacher. Nishi smiles and is happy. Ragini asks her to take care of her siblings. Nishi asks her to take out her negativity out and give her 100 percent. She says Papa should realize your truthfulness in love and says best thing will be that you both will be together. Neil writes on the paper. Itna Karo Na plays………………………

Pam comes to meet Nivedita and asks what do you want? He asks what you are doing with the investigators. Nivedita says her only motive is to get Neil, but when she couldn’t get him, he should not be happy with anyone else. She says I will ruin him. Pam says yours stars are good, else I would have beaten you. She says you have to face me before Neil. Nivedita says I am a lawyer and will ruin you all in the interview. Pam asks are you boasting about that audio clip. Nivedita says yes, and says she will present it in a different manner and spoil their image. Pam tells that she is alone, but they have a family which will stand against her. She says I have given a statement to new enquiry team against you, and tells you will look good in jail clothes.

Karthik tells Suhani and Neil that they shall take their interview together. He says when they realize their love, they will not pretend to fight and love will come out eventually. Agam says do you think it will work out. Nishi says trust is very important. Agam thinks to tell everything to his girl friend.

Jignesh and Aarav are talking somewhere. Aarav gets a phone call and he says that he has some work. Jignesh says I will get bored and insists to come. Jignesh messages Nishi that he is going with Aarav. Suhani calls Ranbir and tells him that they have decided to take mom and dad’s interview separately. Ranbir tells her that Jignesh is giving him info about Aarav. He thinks he has to reach metro before Aarav reaches there. Agam comes to Suman and tells he lied to her. He says I am rich and Ragini’s son. Suman gets angry and asks him to go. Agam says he was in love with her since he first saw her. He tells he don’t care about money and values the people around him. He says this is my truth, and it is all your decision now.

Ragini tells Neil that she will bring tea for him. Neil drinks coffee and says it is coffee. Ragini says you didn’t tell me that you like coffee more. Neil says I didn’t know that you makes such a good coffee. Neil tells Ragini, you didn’t tell me about your school crush. Ragini says everyone have crush and asks about his crush. They spend light romantic moment. Pam and RK are in the car. They see Nivedita sitting in the car and going. Pam thinks Nivedita might be going to Ragini’s house and decide to follow her car.

Ragini tells Nivedita that she will file police complaint as a woman entered her home forcibly, and she is not finding few things now. She asks if she saw Nachiket. Nivedita says he is in cupboard. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Really confusing!

  2. why the timings have been changed. Now I can’t see this serial as I am away from home during this time. Also don’t know the timing of repeat telecast . The time of the serial should be 8.00 to 10.00 any time. Earlier it was ok.

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