Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

In the morning at Ragini’s house she’s getting ready for office. The doorbell rings.. Sunny tai opens the door and gets shocked seeing Jignesh as she expects the milkman. Nishi comes out of her room. Jignesh praises her mom and tells her that she was absolutely right. He says that he and Nishi should earn together and help both families. Nishi gets extremely pleased and Ragini is impressed too. But the latter denies the marriage saying they’re too young to marry and leaves. Jignesh tries to stop her but fails. His mother calls him and tells to run away with Nishi or else get ready to marry another girl after 25 days. Seeing him in miserable condition Sani tai gives him an idea to make his would be mother in law fall in love with Dr. Aman. In hospital Ragini thanks Aman to support her in front of Dr. Devika. To execute the plan Sunny tai and Jignesh reach the hospital with Bhindi ki sabzi. Ragini spots her and asks why she’s there. She quickly makes up the story that Nani sends it for Dr. Aman. When Ragini says she’ll give it to him she denies. Aman becomes shocked to know that Ragini has made sabzi for him waking up at 5 in the dawn and seeing ‘specially for you’ note. Sunny tai advices him if he likes the food kiss the hand of the cook.

Part 2

She makes both Ragini and Aman to come at banyard. When they come rain starts. Aman quickly gives Ragini shelter under umbrella. Both are thinking why the other has called there. Sani tai and Jignesh start making video of the two and Tai dreams both in romantic scene in rain with Hum Tum playing in bg. Jignesh brings her back on earth. Ragini shows Aman a broken pipe which needs to be attended. Back in Ragini’s house Jignesh and Sani tai try to convince Nishi that her mom is in love with Aman by the help of video. When Nishi doesn’t agree they think they need to collect another proof. At night Jignesh comes through the window as per Sunny tai’s order. She tries to get hold of Ragini’s phone when she’s busy in setting Aarav’s table and wardrobe. Later at dinner she gets Ragini’s phone and in Jignesh’s suggestion sends Good night msgs to Aman. Aman becomes surprised but replies the same. They delete sent msgs and Sunny asks Ragini to check her phone as it’s giving msg alerts. She in turn asks Nishi to give the phone. Nishi becomes surprised that Dr. Aman has sent Ragini good night wishes.

Part 3

Sunny tai finally manages to convince Nishi to ask Aman to propose Ragini. In hospital she meets Aman and tries to do the same but Aman hesitates saying he and Ragini are just good friends. Nishi asks him to question himself are they only friends or not and advices that in the evening they have hospital’s annual party so that will be the best time to propose. Aman seems to be in great confusion. While giving round Ragini sees a lady patient and asks Devika about her health and feels bad that one day her heart will broke knowing her husband has cheated her and gets agitated herself. Devika tells her that still somewhere deep down her heart there’s her husband to which Ragini furiously denies. Nishi comes just then and seeing her sneezing in weather change she reminds of her husband.
Scene shifts to a hospital in Newyork where RR is greeted by the hospital staffs . He starts to sneeze and when a nurse offers a tissue he says gone are those days when he used to depend on others and the screen freezes.

Update Credit to: ANGELICEYES

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