Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts Jignesh and his family reaching with baarat to the engagement venue. His mom introduces his MIL/mother-in-law to Ragini. MIL says his DIL/daughter-in-law praises her a lot and says she knows she had face a lot of hardship after her husband left in the middle. DIL says they divorced. MIL asks to get in and start rituals. Agam introduces Jignesh as Nishi’s brother and introduces him to Neil. Jignesh touches Neil’s feet and takes his blessings. His mother and father praise Neil that they know he is a heartologist and from US. He says he is cardiologist.

Pam gets irked seeing their low class behavior and says Neil that she cannot tolerate all this. He says Nishi selected Jignesh and not Ragini. She says Nishi will also divorce her husband and come back home. Neil gets irked and says he cannot hear anything bad about his daughter. She says they came to get back their 2 children and he cannot think about Ragini’s children. He says he hates Ragini, but Nishi and Arav are his blood and he cannot hear anything wrong his children. She asks why is he being emotional. He asks her to stop badmouthing and he cannot tolerate it. She thinks he is standing at the same place he was 15 years ago and she has to get him out of it.

Karan sees Agam staring at a girl and asks if he likes her. He says yes. Karan says he will get her number then and goes. He starts conversing with girl and her mother acting as a blind man. Girl’s father comes, beats him, and gives his number to call if he wants to be beaten again. He goes back to Agam who ask if he got number. He says that girl is not your type. Agam says he is his student from today and he has to teach him how to lure girls.

Agam calls Suhani and shows her engagement guests and Nishi. She gets emotional and says she met her before and asks her to show mom. He shows Ragini. She starts crying and says she met mom in washroom and told her mom would be like her and she is her mom really. Agam says same thing happened to him and reminds of a lady who rescued him and dropped him back to hotel and says it is a coincidence. Suhani says it is not a coincidence, god wanted us to meet our mom and she is sad that she is not attending her own sister’s wedding.

Aman sees Ragini happily interacting with guests and tells Neil that Ragini is very happy today seeing her daughter’s engagement and says he alone took care of her children. Neil asks if he was not there to help her. He says he was there, but it was very difficult for Ragini to handle everything and he is proud of her and says he hates her husband who left her alone and he gets him he will.. Neil asks what will he do him. He says he will not leave him in peace and says men like him are a shame to manhood. He then says he has a secret to tell and says he proposed Ragini. Neil says he knows about it and is under her pressure now. Aman says yes but…

Ragini sits for engagement pooja. Jignesh’s grandma says Nishi’s father has to sit for pooja. Ragini says she knows, but she is Nishi’s both father and mother. Grandma say she knows, but rituals cannot be changed and some male from her family has to perform pooja as she cannot take risk and she wants Nishi’s father to perform pooja as he is present here. Ragini’s mom says she should call Neil not as her husband, but as Nishi’s father. Jignesh’s parents requests Neil to come for pooja, but he stands silently.

Neil asks Aman to go and perform pooja. Jignesh’s mom asks Ragini to call Neil. She walks towards him. Aman gets tensed thinking she is coming to call him, but he is not related to her and prays god to save him. Ragini walks past him to Neil and he is shocked to see that. Ragini asks Neil to attend pooja. He says her husband Aman should attend and not him. She says he is Nishi’s father and should attend. He says she told to enjoy and walk out and he will do the same. She says please. He asks her to fold hand and request but then says he will this time and will wait for future chances. He sits in pooja.

Precap: Ragini unsuccessfully tries to pin her sari pallu. Neil says she has not changed in 15 years and says she will not become small if she takes someone’s help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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