(A/N: This is a request from my dearie ARPITA, she wanted me to write an OS which covers the feeling of Shivay and Annika during separation track. I hope I did justice to her expectations. Please do give this OS a read and let me know all your feelings about it)


“It pains” he held a pause looking at her moist eyes.

Oberoi Mansion had no one to light it up that night. It is as if the big mansion which used to have fights for it’s main heir is now an abandoned one with no heirs left. The hall was deadly dark. Rooms cried for someone but it was all silent, deadly darkly silent. Wind surpassed the chandelier making a feeble chime.

“It does for me too” she answered caging his face in the hollow of her palm.

The aroma of different flowers andΒ  the rippling sound of the pool soothed the silence. But their heartbeats and their uneven breaths ripped of the silence proving it again that nothing can separate them, ever. Her fear of darkness was long gone when he sat beside her by the pool side pulling her and caressing her fearful face.

“Why did you leave me… Ann..ika?” his throat pained deep while she shivered feeling his thumb over her lips.

Knowingly or unknowingly his thumb brushed her lower lip for nano seconds. How she wished to share this mystery of her shiver, it was magic… pure sensation of magic when he feels her as his own private possession.

“Why did you… you leave me?” she was lost in the world of his magic but the pain in his manly voice pulled her back.

“Leave it Shivay” she feared to face his broken state.

She feared that his heart will give up forever after knowing the truth, his weak heart only had faith and love for his family and she… she cannot take that away from his heart.

“I want to know” his voice more deep, shivering her inner core.

“We are not meant to be together” she moved back freeing her hand.

Not meant to be together, if… if this is true then why is she there beside him? Why was she soothing him when no one tried to touch his deepest part? They are not meant to be together… that’s… that’s why? He realised the distance between them… which… which is suffocating him, is it just because they are not meant to be together? She belongs to him… yes she does… and he… he is hers, only and purely hers.

“Every night, each and every night I dreamt of you and me… do you even know what I dream off” he took another suffocating pause to notice the changes over her face.

“What did you see Shivay?” it’s paining, it is hurting to feel the inner volcano.

“I saw you, me and a cute little soul… smiling… and… and laughing together, you know… she had… she had azure eyes painted over her face just like me but her lips… her lips were like yours, pink coloured. Her hairs were wavy like you and her attitude… just… just like me. I saw our baby with us but when I opened my eyes, you were not there beside me. It is because we… we are not meant to be together… we are not meant… meant to be together” the last line held more pain.

He drew a beautiful scenario of love, care and faith and shattered the glass wall she has built to cage her heart.

“And” she wanted to hear more… about his dreams… about them.

“We are not meant to be together” sarcastic him is a bit irritating.

“We are Shivay… we are one, we are meant to be together” the distance was erased quickly by her, her hands did it’s work of holding him close… more close… and even more close to her. She inhaled his manly cologne.

It pained him, she erupted a magical feeling inside him.

“Leave me Annika” he gulped hardly while stopping his hands back from reciprocating.

“I won’t, you are mine Shivay… only mine” the clutch over his shirt tightened.

Next moment he simply felt her lips brushing over his neck, everything surpassed but the magic stayed back. What is she doing to him? Breaking his walls? Claiming him as her own? Why Annika why… you only said you are not meant for him then why?

“Leave me Annika” his eyes and his throat betrayed him again, the pain of loving her… wanting her was stabbing him every second.

“I said I won’t and dare you repeat this…” she paused and exhaled the warm air erupting more of his goosebumps and then inhaled his cologne once again, this time… more deeply.

“It pains Shivay… it pains a lot to see you separated from me, it pains a lot Shivay when your eyes speaks a volume of hatred for me… it pains a lot” he can’t hold himself anymore when she is confusing him again… why is she so complicated?

“Dare you say that… how can I hate you when I… I hate myself for trying to hate you, I hate myself” he showered kisses all over her face while confessing half love.

“I missed you” she broke down more harder this time.

He was crying and she was crying too. They were sharing the darkest and deepest pain. They were getting united by souls once again.

“Why you love me so much?” what he couldn’t confess, she very easily asked.

Is he seriously in her love… yes he is, madly deeply and darkly in her love. She was the part of his dark dreams and horrifying nightmares, she was the part in him which he also never knew it exists. He loves her… so much that he kept stalking her when she wasn’t near.

“I don’t love you” he broke the hug and stood up.

“Yes you don’t… or else you would never have given yourself all the pain. Just because you tried to hate me. Do you want to hear what all you did for me?” she has completely messed up his heart, fear layered his soul and he was afraid, because he never wanted her to know what all he did to himself.

“Then listen Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi…” she continued when he replied nothing and stood still facing his back to her “you got yourself beaten by goons only because you have pushed me out of the house, you never ate before me because there were days when I used to skip meals. You slept on the floor because I used to sleep on the floor… do you want to listen more… if so then… then there are many… but still you does not consider this as love” that means his little brother told her everything.

He turned to look at her, his Annika. His eyebrows furrowed and he stepped close. The manly finger touched her forehead and slowly… very slowly it traced the path down into her lips. She shivered once again. He neared her, their bodies touching each other.

“This is not love what I feel for you… I… I can’t see it when someone else makes you smile, I just want you to smile for me… only for me and only because of me, I get jealous Annika… I get jealous of everyone whom you hug freely and share your emotions, I want you as only mine… all the time… hidden in the safest place inside me, I want to taint your innocence and soothe your pains… I want to show everything my inner-self goes through when you are around me, I want you to know the darkest shades of me that would make you scream my name in dark nights… only… only my name… I want us to be special… to be cuddled every time… I want this world to know you belong to me… I want to mark you as mine… every time… then… then how can you call all of these as love? Love is pure, as pure as a brook’s water but my imaginations are wild… my feelings for you are dark… this can’t be love… no… this is… this is just obsession that gave you pain until now and it will give only pain to you… this is not love” his face had a spark that shivered her. She kept on listening to him while he explained his feelings for her.

He confessed everything without even realising it. She had no boundaries now, no class… surname and lineage had the power now to stop her from loving him once again. Nothing would stop him now from loving her… every thing of her. She sat down on her knees holding his hands.

“Shivay… this is Annika… yours Annika will you give a single chance to your Annika to love you… will you give me a single chance to show my love to you?” she proposed her love.

“Yes” he pulled her up and noticed a tear down her eyes.

He placed his lips over her eyes. So pure, so intimate, so magical.

The dark nights, the dull says, the separated souls… everything… everything dissolved in the hollow of the black hole called love. It was him and her. He placed his lips over hers and loved her, loved her lips until the feeling died up to create a new feeling… THE MAGIC.



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  1. Appy

    This is not small Nilash.

    This is amazing…..
    Thank you soooooooooooooo much.
    And thanx will be less.
    Love you loads …
    Tu bas aisi khidkitod likhti rahe.
    Aur agar badhe………
    Love you
    Love you
    Love you
    Love you
    Love you
    Love you
    Love you..

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Oyi Cheapdi yeh teri request hai..mein toh kyi aur samajh rahi thi..

  2. Appy

    And this os….
    Baap re baap emotions are on high
    Gave totally justice to my imagination……..
    Now wanting more and more and more…and more and more and more…

  3. Katz

    Superb update….. I never knew that pain is this beautiful. For some time, I put myself in this story. I really want to experience this kind of pain in love. Thanks for the awesome story.

  4. Neeru SABIKHI

    very nice amazing

  5. Very well done πŸ’…
    It was something missed that time in IB… Shivika’s heart 2 heart talk…
    Feel nycc after reading it…

  6. Banita

    Very well done πŸ’…
    It was something missed in IB that time… Shivika’s heart 2 heart talk…
    Feel really nycc after reading this…

  7. Superb os
    hats off to you πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
    superb explanation of pain from both sides .
    As said by banita is right the emotions which was potrayed so easily in this update were missing in ib.
    It was dil ko chulene wala update
    Bye keep smiling and take care 😊

  8. Awesome update
    Hats off to you πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— superb explanation of pain from both sides.
    Waiting for more and more stories .
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  9. ItsmePrabha

    D, I am emotional right now..Every pain they have been through is explained beautifully and perfectly..You are Meritorious..dekho kitna tareef kar rahi hoon main tera..Pyaar tum..Muaah..

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear…

  11. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update dear…..

  12. Beautifully written.
    Love to u

  13. Hi nilajana how are you dear.its so sweet to see your update again.keep in contact like this.missed your writings much.very nice n cute in presenting of shivikas feelings..plz try to come with an ff.

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