The episode starts with arjun saying he has to leave and its important. Arnav says arjun to stay till nit. Tomorrow he can leave and hints kushi to manage. She nods. Shyam comes and catches anjali’s hand saying rani saiba pls don’t leave me.i love u pls and starts acting like a cyco. Akash, nk throw him out of the house. Here anjali is in pain remembering her dandiya with shyam. She cries. Arnav comes from behind and says di i think you should move on. She says choteh..? He says di give me 2minutes to speak and says di, shyam and his memories are always painful. Iam not asking u to cry. Iam asking u to marry. Its a slap to him di … Arjun asks kushi who was he? Kushi says shyam the worst human.

Arjun says i want to meet anjali. Kushi catches his hand and says why don’t you marry her? He remembers all moments with her but says they’ll force anjali and says i have to leave now and starts packing his bag. Kushi goes to arnav saying arjunji is leaving! Anjali is in shock. She gets emotional and says i have to step up. Arjun is leaving. Shyam is fighting with nk. Akash calls police. Anjali comes and says will you marry me arjun? All are in shock. Arshi smiles. Rabbave….. Plays.

Heh all! U r asking me for a long update. Drs i love writing more but thing is i would post once a week!! Maha episode! What say? Do leave ur comments down! Love u drs!

Credit to: Sindhu

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  1. nice tomboy

  2. No.plz increase episode size instead of maha episode….then only we can get the essence like normal episode.we couldn’t get it from these short episodes.actually I m a regular reader of Hindi serial episodes.i don’t watch the serials bcoz I don’t know Hindi.but feel happy to read the stories. I couldn’t get the essence like other stories bcoz of pls increase it.

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