Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha running in the jungle and being scared. Shlok looks for her. Ajju is glad to see some guest. The lady says she missed them, but now got busy with children, and she started meeting all relatives. Mala brings the water. Ajju says she is Mala, this house’s bahu. Ajju says she will say the long story later, and talks to her. The lady says she is glad to see her after many years and asks about Kalindi.

Kalindi comes and hugs her. The lady asks why does she look upset, is she unwell. She asks Ajju is everything fine. Kalindi says she is fine. The lady says I know Astha did not come home since many days, so you are worried. Kalindi does not answer and leaves. Ajju asks Pratibha to sit and asks Mala to get tea.

Renuka is annoyed with Jyoti and Riya defends Jyoti. She asks why is she annoyed when Jyoti manages everything so well. Renuka asks her about her in laws. Riya says they all are happy with me. Renuka says thank Lord. Riya says she will go home after having food. Renuka says she will open the policy soon, she will sell her gold bangles and it will be good if I par premium together.

Chowksi, Rekha and Sojal are also in the jungle and follow a map. He says we have to go straight, then right, left. Rekha asks will Shlok and Astha be together. Sojal says yes. Chowksi says they will be successful. Sojal says if we miss route and not reach, it will be tension. He asks her not to take tension, but give tension. He says nothing wrong will happen with Shlok.

Ajju tells Mala that Pratibha came for some time, she should now know what happened with Astha, and why is Kalindi in this state, else she will be worried. She says Pratibha is close to her heart, but she does not want house matters to be told to her, so many things happened and how to tell her what all happened in all these years, I don’t want to give her tension. She says don’t worry, Pratibha will accept you. Mala says I understand, I know you all love me. They go to her hearing her call them.

Jyoti asks Renuka where is she going. Renuka does not answer well. Jyoti asks where does she stay all the day. Renuka argues and scolds her. Jyoti says she worries for her. Renuka says enough, don’t argue with me, don’t do any mistake to argue. Jyoti says mum can do any mistake to invest money and get duped by someone. Apsara relaxes and eats apple. She says this is called life and enjoys. She gets Indrajeet’s call. He says Madam’s phone is not connecting, give her the call. Apsara says she is not at home, she went to camp to give ID card, she said she will call you once network comes. He says fine and ends the call. Indrajeet says he will plan a surprise dinner for her.

Pratibha talks to Kalindi and recalls the old things. Ajju smiles. Kalindi says she is not feeling well and wants to rest. Ajju asks her to sit with them, she will not feel good to sit alone in room all the day. Pratibha talks about Astha and says I heard she got married. Mala asks her to say about herself. Pratibha still talks about Astha and her childhood. Kalindi says actually Astha… Ajju holds her hand and stops her. Kalindi leaves. Mala says she is unwell, so she left, I will get some juice for you.

Astha says she is scared, and thinks its Shlok behind her. She sees the dog barking at her and runs. Shlok looks for her and falls down in the dug place. He asks is anyone there. The man says he told him to dig, so he has dug at many places, not being sure where will Madam go. She shouts for help and falls in the dug place. Shlok comes out of the shallow. The dog barks at Astha. She shouts for help. Shlok hears her and runs to her. She asks the dog to leave. The dog barks more to scare her. She prays to Lord to save her.

Shlok helps Astha and his hand slips. She says Shlok and holds his hand to help him come out. She falls on him. Khuda………….play………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. waiting for Monday’s episode. why are they dragging the episode?

  3. Nice episode and interesting story waiting for Monday episode

  4. Superb precap interesting,ashlok scene nice,

  5. nice I lkove Astha and Sholk my kids

  6. BREAKING NEWS ::::: shameless inderjeet ka suprise dinner jo astha ke liye plan kiya ,ho cancel hone wala hain..
    reaction of:
    SHLOK; yipeee
    IS: shit
    FANS: oh oh oh …. hahaha ….bale bale

  7. Are waah….wat an episode…..really intrsting……

  8. nic epi.waiting for next epi.but today the epi was full of jothi and kalindi’s scenes.we need more ashlok scenes

    1. Yaa..i agree vth u..i gets angry seeing dem inbtwn ashlok scens….

  9. Are waah….wat an episode…..really intrsting……i hope thy hv a happy union within d nxt week Bfr i go to hostel…..

  10. Are waah…aastha and shlok hapoy to cu both 2gether….IS ur tym starts now…shameless idiot..;-):-P:-P

  11. Waitng 4 monday’s epi…

  12. We can not expect more than this because Shl is not interested to act with Aastha because he hates Aastha very much behind d screen n even if he accepts, SOJAL will not allow him to be inti with her on d screen as she scared of Aastha if he attracts towards her.Sojal for u kind infor,if Aastha is of ur type long back he would have been hers.Though she has done many many inti scenes with him in d past when u were not lover ,that time only she did not attract towards him,that is Shrenu parikh.She is d only girl in indus I think,who has ethics n values our costums n traditions.Hats off to u Shrenu.

  13. Hey u f..hw cm u knw dat shlk hates astha..hw cm u knw dat shlk is avoiding hr fr sojl..hw cm u knw wats happening bhind d scens..u really dnt hv brain or sense..wat u do is jzt bla bla blaying shlk sojl ….shlk..sojl….and u demand u r their trueee fans…its totally bullshit..i think u r somone who wishs dis serl to lose its fame..and i knw ur vry nxt cmmnt vl b dat i am salmlee jaise charctrless fellow..d only dlg u knw..wen all others cmmnt gud on d epi u vl com vth negatv mind..saying shlk..soj…shlk..soj..

  14. Epi was interesting though it was monotonous.As u all know we love our Ashlok so much.They r d best n cutest couple on n off d screen.But unfortunately Avi is after Shal aunty.We can not help it.That’stheir per prob. Keeping it apart I enjoyed Ashlok alot.Lol Avinu.

  15. superb episode

  16. Pinky dear,truth always pains n hurts us in this type of cases.Though u deny it,thats d truth behind d screen which d whole World knows.If u r such a nice girl than me why should u always look into others comment n commet.This site is to talk about d serial means,then u r also wrong as u always con on others comments.If u r wrong then a iam also wrong that I should not comment on them n if u say u r right commenting on others comments then Iam also right.And u said these comm spoil shows image,its not me who comm should take care its Avi n Shal who should take care, as they play a role of devar n bhabi a pavithra rishtha which should not effected on d screen.

  17. Aastha u rock.U r born talented.U r a God’s gift to d entert indus n to d viewers.Thanq u soo much for entertaining us.Can’t imagine d day with out u.U r just like our family member.Hope u keep enter us this way even after this show with some other good story n a nice guy who suits u in everything.All d best darling.

  18. Today’s epi was ok.U bored us with jy n Re today sir.N onemore thing us please avoid that Sojal sir.She irri n dis us alot sir.By d way who selec her sir.She does not look like a family type in any angle she just shows off her Avi’s mall’s sarees in d show.Have u seen her brinjal nose with big nostrils n over forehead n wide open mouth.If we say like this we find many many defects in her,leave her Ple, n show us many ashlok fights n argue n nauk jhoks.Plzzzz sir we never ever get a chance to see them together in future.Plzzzzzzzzz.

  19. I was missing aashlok nw i got thm back.thr funny scenes.their romanc i lovd it

  20. f, why you are saying ashlok intimate scene does’ nt occur? There many married actors and those who have girl friend which are very chemistry with their co actress. ashlok will also rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzz

  21. Epi was nice.Aastha n Shlok why not even a single interview since July 19 2014 no pic together,no talks bet u behind d screen.I watch Sbb just for our show but never they showed our show after June 12 2014 if Iam not wrong.Well thats up to u both.Hope we get a chance to see u together in d coming epis atleast.

  22. Only Varad looked gentleman with his cute n small face in this show who stands erect though he is very tall n delivers d dialouges in a simple way with out any over actions.Why did send such a nice gentleman back sir. This Shlok looks 40 n now a days his hair style yuaak though this is d trend.Already 1feet head n this hairstyle , oh no,his head is in d shape of a bucket now ,just if we keep handle to his ears we can carry him.

  23. hey guys dont fight like that.just understand this shlok never loves anyone except astha.but avinash loves only shalmalee not shrenu.dont confuse with on and offscreen scenes.

  24. No Shlok in d show.Shlok dead one year back itself.Only Avi is alive who is busy always in beig beside Sojal aunty n wearing os which match her blouse or saree or (UG’s that we do not know).Became worst than road side romeos.Chee shameless Avi.All comme against Avi n Shal r 100 percent right.We have to just leave this dirty n meaningless show where do not understand these relations.

  25. Itseems Shlok denied that he will not act scenes with Aastha with out Sojal,thats why she is also with Shlok in d jungle scenes.Kabaab mein haddi.Never expected Avinash as,such a womanizer.U n Shal will surely pay for ur deeds.

  26. Do u know d fact that why these people r boring with unnecessary scenes,its because Shl n Aas do not like to act with eachother n look at eachother also.Thats why their scenes wont exceed more than 1or2 min n rest 19 min bla bla with shameless Sojal n with Ren n Kali party.Toooooooo boring.

  27. Hey dirty director when Shl n Aas go to Anjali house u bring Varad back or u show Sojal n Aastha with Shlok in same one bed room on same bed.Stop this illegal show first before u spoil com dis soceity, u rascal u shameless u characterless u third class n cheap director.What do u have to ur stomach either food or Avi n Shal’s shit daily.

  28. Guys in between d shoots Avi wants a woman to flirt na as he soo …..deprived ,she wanted Shal n so Shal is also with Avi in jungle while shooting.Director if u r so interested in them go to their ……… after their marriage in shoot.Do not bring their personal lives in d show,we r not watching to see their shit.

  29. nice episode

  30. Nice epi…but we want ashlok kiss sene and romantic senes plese directer………. when shlok get astha plese soon ..
    We want to see….. avi and shalmalee not nice cuple avi you not marrie shalmilee becose she not cute and not mach also ……..

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