Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahilya crying and asking Kavita to do Niranjan’s Holika puja, as she has right on it, as she is the Laxmi of this house. Mishti comes and asks for Pichkari. Shlok comes and does not see Niranjan’s pic. Ahilya asks Kavita to be ready. Kavita sees Niranjan’s pic and cries saying this is your room, you used to stay here. Anjali does the puja at home and Niranjan says he can understand what she is feeling. Anjali says don’t worry, I m going my home to do puja, what if we don’t stay there, its not imp that future will be same, I have trust on Lord to return me our house and everything.

Niranjan asks her to take care. Anjali goes with Astha. Rashmi likes the Holika Dahen arrangements by Ballu and Pradeep tells about Kavita doing the puja. Rashmi sees Poornima and says let her do the puja, next year Sapna can do this after marrying Indrajeet, we have to obey her, why did we come here. Poornima scolds them. Rashmi says I m saying this by seeing all that what is happening.

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Kavita says I have to do the tradition of Holika Dahen in this house. She sits alone and Ahilya comes to her, She asks why is she still sitting and did not get ready. Kavita says I don’t like to wear this saree and jewelry. Ahilya insists and Kavita refuses. She asks her not to be annoyed, as she is coming to do Holika Dahen puja. Ahilya says fine and goes. Kavita touches the colorful saree and cries, as she has abandoned those colors in her life.

Astha brings Anjali to do Holika Dahen puja. Astha calls Shlok and says Pradeep and Rashmi are here. Shlok asks her to manage them, he will see Thakur Maa. Indrajeet calls Ballu and Sapna and Ahilya asks for the aarti plate. Ballu tries making her busy and Ahilya asks him to go. Shlok thinks how to handle them, I have to do something to stop them, as my mother will do Holika Puja. Astha asks Anjali to hide and she goes to shoo off Pradeep and Rashmi.

Astha sends Pradeep and Rashmi inside by making excuse. Shlok stops Ahilya inside the home, while Anjali does the puja and Astha keeps an eye. Shlok says he forgot to keep water and goes to get it. Astha gets tensed seeing Poornima outside. Anjali stands there doing Holika Dahen. Shlok stands in kitchen to make delay and everyone wait for him to get water. Astha asks Anjali to hurry up. Ahilya asks Shlok to bring water, they are leaving out.

Astha sends Anjali and hides. They all come out and see the Holika burning. Poornima bumps into Anjali and says sorry. Shlok turns off the lights. Indrajeet and Ahilya ask Ballu to check the main switch and lights. Ahilya says who burnt this Holika. Poornima tells them about a woman there and Ahilya sends Ballu to see.

They see a puja plate and Rashmi says someone has done this. Ahilya thinks who can it be. She sees a letter and reads it, that they got the house by cheat, but they can’t get her right, its just her right to do puja, happy Holi, and writes her name Anjali Niranjan Agnihotri. They all are shocked. Ahilya tears the papers and throws it. Astha asks who is this Anjali. Ahilya starts going to see and Kavita holds her hand to stop her. They sign no to each other. Astha looks on puzzled. Ahilya frees her hand and goes out in anger. They all leave.

Ahilya throws things and says how dare that woman came in this house. Kavita says its not easy to snatch someone’s right, if someone did this with me then.. Ahilya says it happened with you. Kavita leaves. Ahilya asks Indrajeet to do something, as Niranjan’s victory irks her. He says he did not win, he will not get any guarantor, we will get this contract, I promise he will fail, you just prepare for Holi. Ahilya thinks.

Shlok drinks bhang and takes color in his hand. He says Astha and shouts her name….. Astha gets tensed and Poornima comes in between.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not bad episode but i hate u aastha. I’m waiting tmrw episode

  2. thnx amena

  3. nice episode.precap is thoughtfull

  4. to all my frnds……….watching this serial is good but please dont take it as much as serious…………..will hav some shock stories soon…… iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir

    1. That’s why I keep telling me “its just a story.. Its just a story”

  5. nice priya u r pretty good

  6. Hi… I am new here …
    Can u tell me sree what is thst shock story??….plz

  7. Hi… I am new here …
    Can u tell me sree what is that shock story??….plz

  8. na its suspence read in an article……of ISS pyaar

  9. are u Malayali or Hindi….ur name is inidentical

  10. I am hindi.

  11. Ab to is suspence ke liye dekhna hi padega……& thanx sree

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  13. Sorry … I m hindi wo galti se name change ho gaya..

  14. Actuly….urja… but I have mani pet names

  15. and i am malayali frnds but i know hindi too……..

  16. ur r always welcome kvisha

  17. hi urja nice to meet u ……….mujhe thumari baari mein kuch nahi jaanthi sach yeh heh….

  18. whenevr i am there to talk to someone no one will be there…….tats the problem

  19. hey frns,that suspense story may b the past love story between niranjan n kavitha

  20. hi raji…………u r rght…..enough

  21. Thanx sree fr giving the news.epi was good.interesting precap

  22. I am sorry sree.. but my board exams are start on 12 march …so I have to read …that’s the reason I can’t talk for much time …

  23. all the best yaar

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  25. studied well for it??

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