Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kalindi asking Ankush to take property and leave. Ankush scolds her and Avdhoot defends Kalindi, saying how his dad has cheated her and told her that she gave birth to dead baby. Ankush says now my dad is dead, you all are putting all blame on him. Avdhoot says Kalindi was very happy when you came in our life after 20 years. Kalindi brings the bags and asks him to leave. Ankush thanks her and Lord for giving her sense to return his everything, and thanks for his freedom. He says he has pity on Avdhoot, and you also run away when you get a chance, and she might be worried as she will lose money, its fine, but its bad to see other’s money. He taunts her and says this was not your money, be alone, bye.

Shlok tells Astha that he is angry as she was stitching Indrajeet’s shirt button, he felt bad. She says even she felt bad, but she is helpless. She hugs him and asks him not to be annoyed. Poornima talks to Ahilya and says Sapna is trying to close to Indrajeet. Aholya disagrees and Poornima shares her doubts about Sapna. Kalindi cries and Avdhoot pacifies her asking her not to cry, as Ankush will realize his mistake soon. Ahilya asks Ballu to get some items. Shontu talks to Kavita and he says he will get all items for her, as he remembers her list. Ahilya asks till when will you do this. Kavita says I will do this till I m alive.

Anjali is upset and says she is missing her children. She says all festivals are incomplete without Astha and Shlok. The door rings and she asks Sojal to see.

Astha and Shlok come and greet them. Anjali hugs them and is glad that she was thinking about them. Anjali asks them do they face any problem. Astha says you all should know you got Jugadu bahu/problem solver and we came to some excuse. Anjali says you mean you spoiled my son too. Astha says now you too…. Anjali says I m joking. Astha gets Indrajeet’s call and says I felt my work will end, but my auto stopped on the way, I m coming by walk.

She says about the location point. Anjali says she is doing so much for us. Sojal says now we feel Holi came. Ballu says we will go now, I have to do all arrangements for Holika Dahen. Anjali says the tradition which I kept alive since long will break today, this time I can’t do this puja. Shlok promises he will make her do the Holika Dahen puja. Niranjan says things change with time.

Shlok says traditions won’t change, Anjali will do the puja. They all smile. Astha says lets go now, we are getting late. Anjali applies holi to Astha and Shlok, greeting happy holi. They all wish each other. Indrajeet comes and Ahilya says your hand got fine. He asks about Sapna. She says Sapna said she will go office to give files and then go hospital. Astha comes and says she got other auto late. Ahilya asks how did she get Gulaal on her face. Astha says some kids applied color to her as its Holi. Shontu and Shlok come and Ahilya asks them how are they together. Shlok says it was traffic and we got late.

Shlok asks the kids not to waste water and just play with colors. Mishti goes to ask Ahilya and Shlok stops her. He says we all should save water. Mishti says I don’t want to listen to you. She says this to Shontu and asks for Ahilya. He says she is in Kavita’s room and she goes there. Shontu says you are caught Guru. Shlok says why did you tell her.

Ahilya talks to Kavita and gives puja items. She says this all is waste, Kavita says its his home’s traditions and describes it. She says its not waste and you should be habituated. Ahilya says no, my hearts burns every year, not Holika, how can you be so selfless. She says you will do Holika puja today. Kavita says no, I lose this right before. Ahilya says no, rights are snatched, not lost, if you feel this then why are you doing this rest of the things, and says this is Niranjan’s home, this is his room, and this puja is his Holika Puja. She says what his wife has done till now, you will do the puja today. Kavita is shocked.

Anjali does Holika Dahen puja with Astha’s help. Kavita also proceeds to do the same puja with Ballu’s help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thnx amena

  2. Hopefully in the coming episode ashta realises that shlok is a poor man and decides to marry indrajeet, ishta will be a good couple rather that ashok. pls change director and stop dragging, i want to see ashta s*x tape by the end of next week plz. Fantastic serial.

    1. I like your idea it is fantastic, i want to see more of indrajeet and astha momemnts. You should become the writer of this show, then it will thrash season 1

    2. u bastard…

    3. bastard

      1. madhu ur idea not working beeter u find ur girl……..and if u are interested in it …………….. better shot off

    4. idiot pls stop ur nonsense
      if u dont want get lost but ashlok fans want so bye

  3. why r u talkin about?how disgusting

    1. Shut up, i like madhus idea

  4. i meant what

  5. Precap was i like it and today episode was avg. Sooooo irritating indrajit char and also aastha be.plz no dragging yar. Plz don’t test the petioncy

  6. i like todays episode……….nowaday i dont like shlok hair style

  7. Its such a nonsense that the sarkars didn’t get a pic of shlok and astha. Its seen before that in mumbai when shlok went for a job they saw shlok’s pic on the website. Indrajeet made a family tree bt didn’t even get that pic… Unbelievable.

  8. hahahah SOmE of u here jus talk about astha n s*x lol looks like SOME of u just dont get enough of it

  9. hey you stay in your you get that you f**ker

    1. Sorry babe if i hurt your feelings, please let me give you a good time by having s*x with you, i promise my p*nis is no longer than 15 inches.

      1. eda……………..ninakkonnum oru nanavum illedo……………….ok my bada………..bhai………..kal thum apna ma or bhehan ke saath bhi aise hah do toh thumhe achi lagenghi

      2. U a*sh*le stop it right nw. If you don’t like the show stop watching it.

  10. @ kavya. Eniku thante reply ishtayi.

  11. Jugadupan of astha is best.i hope there will be no misunderstanding b/w ashlok.i hate that indrajeet sarkar

  12. thallu kittatathunte kedaanu ellathinum………thanks macha….

  13. Welcome machu. Thallu mathram pora randu thozhiyum koode kodukknam. 😛

    1. anyway hi i am kavya…….and being a nice student……

      1. I am Candace… a mallu student…

  14. I keep telling myself that its not a real story its a tv serial… That’s how I come over indrajeet and astha scenes!!!
    Aashlok is always the best!!

  15. omg!how moe cheap and disgusting can a person be.madhu itll be better if u find a girl for yourself and then doing shit with her

  16. @ all : stop discussing abt madhus commemt and replying him .it’s actually entertaining him and trust me he enjoys it…JUST IGNORE IT

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