Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankush knocking on the door asking Kalindi to open the door. He pushes the door and comes in. Avdhoot tells Kalindi that he asked her to open to door. Ankush is in drunkard state and praises Avdhoot for bearing Kalindi. Avdhoot takes Ankush to his room. Kalindi looks on tensed.

Astha and Shlok are standing on the road. Shlok calls Anand and asks him to book a cab. Shlok asks him about the nearby hotel. Astha says, it is so boring and asks him to bring tent from his car. Shlok gives an angry look and goes to bring tent. He brings and places it. He asks Astha to sleep in the car and he will sleep inside the tent. Astha insists to sleep inside the tent and says she wishes to sleep inside. Shlok is surprised. He says, your wish is like you. He lifts her and takes her to the car. He asks her to sleep there. Astha gets angry at him. She calls him Khadoos. She starts shouting saying snake is inside. Shlok takes her out and looks for snake. Shlok tells her that snake was not there. Astha says she is saying truth and asks him to come. Shlok calls her nautanki. They sit in the tent.

Shlok takes out brandy and asks her to drink it. Astha refuses and says she don’t drink wine. Shlok says, it is not wine, but brandy. He starts drinking. Astha thinks Shlok doesn’t care for her and feels cold. She takes a bottle and drinks it. She says it is like a medicine, very bitter. She insists to drink some more, feels relieved.

Astha looks at Shlok as she feels drowsy. She comes close to him and says you are ignoring a beautiful wife. She asks how can you ignore me? Shlok removes his shoes. Astha says, I am still feeling cold. She drinks more brandy. Shlok takes the bottle from her hand and says you have really gone mad. Astha laughs. She comes out and throws bottle cap on Shlok. She starts dancing on the song Maine Hooton Se Lagayi Toh Hungama Hogaya……………………………..She takes Shlok’s hand and dance with him. The dance sequence is funny.

Shlok lifts her in his arms and gets inside the tent. Astha starts laughing. Shlok asks her to sleep. Astha holds his hand and gets closer. Saiyaave Plays………………Shlok gets lost in her eyes. He gets romantic and kisses her. They get closer. Astha sees snake and shouts. Shlok asks, where is it? Astha says, it is outside. Shlok looks around and says, there is nothing there. Astha hugs him and asks him to hold her tightly. They sleep in the tent.

Anjali is restless and waits eagerly for Astha. She gets worried. Sojal brings shawl and asks Anjali not to worry as Shlok is with her. Anjali tells her that she is worried for both of them. Sojal asks her to sleep.

Astha is sleeping on Shlok’s chest. She opens her eyes and sees snake on Shlok’s leg. She gets scared. Shlok wakes up and sees the snake moving on his leg. Astha holds the snake and runs out. She throws it. Shlok comes out and says it is gone. Astha shouts. She says, I saw it before too. It was on your leg. She gets scared and hugs him. Shlok tells her that it will not come back. Shlok asks, you said that you gets scared of snake then why did you hold it. Astha says, my fears are not more than your life. I would have died if anything happens to you. Shlok gets moved by her heart touching words.

Shlok comes home. Niranjan gets up and hugs him. Shlok angrily tells him that he came to know about his reality. Niranjan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG..OMG….OMG……….I knw it 2days epi will be awsome…..and I dnt think tommorow the truth will nt cme out

  2. yessssss!! atlast. ..can’t wait for monday

  3. will shlok really come to knw abt NA, I don’t think it will happen so easily

  4. nooo frm last week this news was coming and now i am 100% sure that it’s not a dream

  5. it might be niranjan’s dream..

  6. i hope it is not a dream of NA

  7. I wish it’s not NA’s dream

  8. I hope it’s not a dream I was waiting for this since along time plzzz let it be a reality not a dream plZ plzzzz

  9. Super romantic episode!i like it..

  10. a snake stops the best scene of epi

  11. the story is good
    …nice ending of episode was super..plzz expose the real face of niranjan to slog my patients is gone

  12. Please don’t let it be a dream please expose niranjaan

  13. Pls don’t make it as a dream.we r eagerly looking for the moment that shlok realize the truth of niranjan

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