Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jaya and Sojal having a laugh seeing Astha work. Sojal says its great that Astha finished everything before I woke up. Anjali comes and asks Soja;l who has lighten the diya. Astha says I had. Anjali scolds her and says forget your home, till your father in law does the puja, don’t light the diya. She asks Sojal to leave Taai to the ashram and make the food for her journey. She asks Astha to wash the silver plates and keep it inside. jaya says I will do that. Anjali asks her when is she going back. jaya says very soon, maybe tomorrow, but Kavya will be alone when Sojal goes, so I will stay here for Kavya. Anjali leaves angrily.

Astha looks at them. Sojal leaves with jaya. jaya is having a splendid time having fruits and resting like she is the owner of the house. She says I should have not talk about work to Anjali. She thinks of some idea and pretends as if she is hurt infrint of Astha. Astha sees her and asks what happened, are you fine. jaya fools her and says do as Anjali said. Astha says I will take you to the doctor. jaya says no need and leaves. Astha thinks of finishing the work then find out Avdhoot’s file. Astha goes to her room and thinks she will find the papers as no one is at home. She searches for the papers.

Astha looks around in the room. Shlok is coming to his room in full speed. Astha gets some files and she checks them. Shlok calls out Astha. Astha is still searching the file while he is coming to her. She think once she gets the papers, Shlok cannot blackmail her. He comes to his room and calls out Astha. She is not in the room. He sees the cupboard open and is shocked. He calls her but in vain. He looks out for here everywhere and thinks if she has run away from his house, it won’t be good for his dad, then he will not spare Astha’s dad. Astha is sitting somewhere in the house itself. He hears her phone ringing nearby and finds her. He says what are you doing here. He says you should keep a smile on your face and welcome me. She says leave my hand else I will shout.

He says don’t shout. Shlok sees someone looking at them and Shlok acts sweetly to her. Astha thinks till she gets the papers, she has to be with Shlok. jaya is looking at them. Shlok asks did you miss me. Astha says what happened to you today. He sweetly lifts her in his arms and leaves from the terrace. jaya thinks there is something fishy. The next morning, Astha talks to Shlok. She says I need to talk but he does not listen to her. She stops him and says I m saying I want to talk.
Shlok says I m the one to talk and you are the one made to listen. She says you lied to me, I know you don’t have any proof against my dad and you are fooling me, I will leave. He says how do you know this. She says because I have checked the entire house and there is no file. He says you are dumb, what do you think, I will let you reach the file, go if you want, I will drop you home, come on. He says what happened now, why did you stop, are you thinking about your dad, keep thinking, you have lots of time. He says I m getting late for jogging and leaves. Astha thinks she has to stay with him to save her dad’s pride.

jyoti is working at her home and gets a phone. She calls Astha and wishes Astha picks her call. Abhay takes the phone from jyoti and sees who she was calling. jyoti is tensed seeing him. He scares her and stares at her angrily. He says you stayed there for so much time, so did you forget about this house, you have to take my permission even to breath. He says tell Astha that I m beating you and he hurts her saying I will not spare Astha. I will teach her a lesson that she will be shocked hearing my name. jyoti cries.

Astha is cooking in the kitchen thinking about Shlok. She says I did a mistake, and my family is into problems, I have to help my dad, I can’t be quiet like this. Shlok comes to Niranjan and says the food is ready, shall we. Niranjan says yes, but first come and sit with me. Shlok comes to him and sits near his feet. Niranjan praises him and says I m proud of you. Shlok says this happene dbecause of you, you are my idol. He says your dreams are my dreams. Niranjan says the way you took your marriage’s decision, I was shocked. Shlok says you are most important to me, Astha insulted you, I had to turn that insult into respect and I know Astha had to be on our side. Niranjan smiles.

Anjali puts the plates on the dining table. Kavya comes and asks for food. Anjali says you will get food after Niranjan eats. Kavya is upset. Astha goes to Kavya and feels bad for her. She takes Kavya with her to the kitchen and says are you hungry. Kavya says yes. Astha says have food whatever I give you. Astha gives her a roti roll and asks her to eat. Bharat sees them. Kavya says I always get hungry but Anjali stops me. Astha says eat this fast, I gave to go. Bharat smiles seeing Astha. Anjali tells Astha I asked you to make four dishes, where is the fourth one. Astha says its here. Anjali talks to her about food. Astha says i made the dishes according to everyone’s likes.

Anjali sees the dish and scolds Astha. Bharat hears all this. Astha says what happened. Anjali says how dare you break my rules. She says you have to use potato in every dish, else its incomplete.

Anjali asks Astha to have food in Shlok’s plate. Astha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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