Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Apsara telling Shanta that Chowksi has invited everyone except us. Shanta says even then we will go there and spoils his party. Astha gets ready. Apsara taunts her. Sachin starts his commentary. Astha smiles and scolds Apsara. Apsara gets angry. She twists Astha’s hand. Astha says leave my hand. Shanta says don’t leave. Astha twists her hand and says even I know to do this, be careful next time. She leaves. Sachin says its second time my mum lost, and the winner has gone out with high head. Apsara asks him to be silent. She says she will not leave Astha and take revenge. Shanta provokes her more. She says I will have to do something now.

Apsara says you said you will spoil Chowksi’s party, I will do it now by Astha’s name, then she will know who is Apsara. Chowksi welcomes Shlok and Astha in the party. Astha thanks him for inviting them and compliments the decorations. He calls his wife Rekha and son. Astha and Shlok smile seeing their love. Chowksi introduces them. Rekha says I heard a lot about you, and compliments Astha. She thanks them for coming in Pappu’s birthday. She talks in funny way and they laugh. Chowksi asks them to come inside.

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He asks the halwai to do the work soon. Apsara sees this and says now see what this Apsara does. Varad and Sojal bring Kavya to have icecream. They get kulfi. She says lets go to car, its very hot here. Anjali and the Vridh ashram people come there to have icecream. A man brings mirror in between and Varad does not see Anjali. Apsara gives the juice to the halwai and asks them to have it, as she is seeing them work. He asks do you stay here. She says yes, my name is Astha, I stay here in rented house. She gives all the them the juice and smiles, seeing them drink it. They start feeling stomach upset and run to loo. She smiles seeing them.

Chowksi sees the halwai (sweet maker) and asks him to work fast. The man says I don’t think I can make anything now, I m not well. He says that girl did this, she gave us juice and this happen. Chowski asks who. The man says she said her name is Astha and gave Jamaalgota in the juice. Shlok is shocked. Chowksi calls Astha and asks which juice he gave the man, and asks Bhabhi I was with her. Rekha says yes, she was with me in my room, the man will be lying. Chowksi says whoever has made him drink the juice, has spoiled our party, so many people will come, how will we get the food made, clients and guests are coming. Rekha says yes, even Pappu’s friends are coming and they will tease him in school.

Chowksi says he can’t arrange anyone else and can’t get food from restaurant. Apsara smiles. Anjali’s mum finds her upset. She says she does not want icecream. Sojal asks Varad shall we go out for our anniversary. He says yes. She says she will need to do some shopping then, and talks to him. Kavya goes to take more icecreams. Anjali talks to her mum and takes the kulfi. The man tells Kavya that her fav icecream is not available now. Kavya gets upset. Anjali sees her and wants to meet, but her mum stops her. Kavya sees her and runs to meet her. Anjali hugs her.

Kavya says she came to have icecream. Anjali gives her icecream. Kavya asks her to come with her. Anjali says I can’t come now, I will come later, what are you doing alone. Kavya shows them her parents. Anjali sees Varad and Sojal happy and smiles. Her mum says don’t meet them, if Niranjan knows it, it will be problem. Sojal and Varad look for Kavya. The man says she was just here.

Jyoti brings the gifts Varad gave her, and apologizes to Riya. She says sorry to Renuka, and Varad has also apologized as he could not come to meet on Diwali, do he has sent this. She shows the necklace Varad gave her on Bhai Dooj. Riya likes it and says if her marriage is fixed, then gift me this on my marriage. Jyoti says fine, take anything, its same you wear or me. Sid says no Riya, your brother will gift you. Riya says even if you get the year’s salary, such necklace can’t be bought. Renuka scolds Jyoti for showing it to Riya and making her fight with Sid, and show him down.

Jyoti says whats the difference if Varad gave or you, let Riya take it, I don’t need this. Sid says Riya is my sister, I will do as per as status. Anjali asks Kavya to go back and don’t tell anyone that she met her, this is their secret. Kavya says no, I will be with you. Anjali says I promise, I will come to meet you. Anjali leaves. Varad gets Kavya. Sojal asks who gave you this icecream, throw it. Kavya says Aaji gave me. The Vridh ashram ladies meet Kavya and says they have given it to her. They leave. Varad says lets go home now. Anjali hides and looks at them going. Sojal turns and does not see them. Varad asks what happened. Sojal says I felt Aai was also there. Varad says Aai is with Shlok and Astha, and we have seen them going in Mumbai bus, I know Shlok, he will not turn back, even I don’t want to turn back and see. They leave.

Chowksi sees the guests at home. He tells Shlok to see them and many more are coming, give me some idea, how will the party look without the food. He says Gujarati people make people have food by love, how can I send them empty stomach. Rekha starts crying, saying Chowksi’s respect will get ruined. Astha prays to help them.

Astha cooks food and asks Shlok to entertain people by singing and dancing. They see the guests leaving in anger.

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