Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Advay tries to stop Chandni’s mu dikhai

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 31st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandni and Advay argue. He says your mu dikhai won’t happen today. She says it will happen on time. He says we will see. What will Advay do in Chandni’s mu dikhai?

The Episode starts with Nani asking Advay does he think she will think bad for him. He says no, you are very innocent and doesn’t know Chandni’s truth. She says I don’t have eyes but I have seen the world, you will also see the truth one day, the people are unfortunate who think of medicine as pain, promise me you won’t make her leave from the house. Chandni sees Adi and plays. Adi greets her and gifts her heels, saying your height is very shorter than Mama, I will marry tall girl, my hand doesn’t reach switch and have to call mumma to switch off lights, problems will end after marriage. She says very smart. He says I m cute too. He introduces himself. She says your cap is good, but its torn. He says it fell in thorns when we went on picnic, CM got my cap by going in thorns knowing I would cry without the cap. Chandni asks who is CM. He says Chiku Mama. Chandi thinks Advay went in thorns so that Adi doesn’t cry. Pooja comes and says Adi talks much, sorry. She sends Adi. Chandni says Adi is very cute.

Pooja says I m sorry. Chandni asks why. Pooja says I understand its your first day in this house, how tough it is to leave everything, we girls leave all relations for one relation and come in a new house, when that one relation becomes strange, it hurts a lot. She tells a joke and laughs. Pooja says its your mu dikhai rasam today, I will get your clothes. Chandni asks can I use your phone. Murli talks on call. Shilpa argues with him. He says you are jealous. She says my days are not so bad that I get jealous of you, you are jealous, Advay gave me promotion. He jokes.

Chandni calls Indrani. Indrani says its a call from Mumbai and answers. She hears Chandni. Chandni says I know your head bowed down by shame because of you, I will make everything like before, I won’t let your head bow down again, everything will be fine. Advay thinks no Chandni, I won’t let anything fine happen, I will keep promise given to Nani, but I will make you leave this house on own. Chandni gets sad and thinks of Advay’s words. Pooja tells her a joke. She says you know why I say jokes, life gives a reason to cry, but we have to find reason to smile, one who curses fate, fate curses them, you are very strong. Chandni wipes her tears and smiles. Chandni likes the room. Pooja says Advay decorated this, he looks rude, but he is soft hearted, when you know him, you will know he is best.

Advay comes and asks Pooja to go and make Adi ready. I will adorn my bride myself. Pooja asks what, did I hear right. She tells the songs he reminded. He asks her to go. Pooja leaves. Advay shuts door. Chandni tries to hurry and get ready herself. Advay makes her wear jewelry and says you are very clever player, you have no place in my life you thought you will blackmail me by using Nani, and I will accept you, you left your child and came here. He pulls the necklace and hurts her neck. He taunts her and gets leaving. She says I don’t want to have mu dikhai or become your wife, I came here for Nani, for your and my family respect.

She throws the cookies plate. He catches the plate and throws plate at her. He taunts her that she doesn’t look good talking of respect. She asks him to see himself once. She says I don’t know your enmity, I just know you are a cheap enemy, you think you can control everything, no none can control fate, you married me forcibly and wrote your name on my fate, but by coming here, I m writing my name on your fate. She throws the plate at him. He moves away. The plate breaks. He says whatever happens your mu dikhai won’t happen today. She says mu dikhai will happen on right time. He says time was mine and its still mine. She says but a moment will be mine too. He says we will see and goes walking over the broken plate. Nani asks Pooja is Chandni ready. Pooja says Advay is making her ready. Nani thinks it means something is going to happen.

Maasi asks are you sure Advay. Advay says Chandni won’t come downstairs. Chandni comes. He gets shocked and says mu dikhai didn’t happen yet, don’t worry. Nani asks Advay to see Chandni and say how she looks. He says she is looking good. Nani says I know you didn’t look at her, see her and say, she is looking very beautiful right. Advay sees Chandni and says yes. Nani asks Maasi to see Chandni and say. Maasi says Maa, don’t push your luck. Nani calls her hitler. She asks them to come for mu dikhai and makes Chandni sit.

She says mu dikhai is imp, once it happens, everyone will know you are Advay’s wife, even if my daughter refuses to accept you, she has to agree in front of everyone. Advay says none should come home Murli. Murli says fine, I will tell everyone that function is cancelled.

Advay says newly wed bride is sitting and none came for mu dikhai, its so humiliating. Chandni talks to Indrani and lies that everyone is blessing her in mu dikhai. Advay takes phone from her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sunanda_Guchhait

    AD! You r right.Nani is sweet, innocent and intelligent also, at least more than you.

    Look look. Someone is watching chandni.
    Out!! Chandni cricket khelne ke mood mein ho kya??
    Two most cute character are together. Can’t praise these scenes​ enough. It’s too good.
    Adi brought heels wale shoes for chandni to his chikku mama’s height. He is so concerned​ about his Mami’s height.
    I haven’t seen a story teller like Adi. God promise. He is awesome. Chandu 1st time witness a soft side of her AdvaY and she is surprised. Oh ! Adi I want that flying kiss yaar.
    I love puja di’s character, her jokes are really sweet like her,but something is wrong in her life, maybe her husband left her. Don’t know.

    Finally get to see some awesome scenes btw murli and shilpa. Their nokh johk is just fantastic. Both are jealous.
    ” Jiski promotion god ne 2 feet pe rok diya, bhaiya usse promotion de rehw hain??”??????????
    There is a ignorant sauteli mother, indifferent, insensible from chandni’s pain,
    And other side AdvaY has put all his senses to make her life hell. Chandu is pissing btw them.
    “Ghar se to nikal sakte ho AD but dil se kaise nikalo ge. Itna gehra nafrat ka rishta jo jod liya hain aap ne..”
    AdvaY and Leela maasi’s accusations are echoed in her mind, but seeing upset chandni, puja di tried to crack a joke, so sweet of you. Di is so right chandni.
    ” Khush hone ka wajah humhe khud hi dhundni padti hai”.
    Puja di supports chandni over her brother, is so touching.
    Again chandni witnessed AdvaY’s artistic side. multi talented hain Achchu ke papa.
    Chandni is confused, can’t digest these new facts that he can be so caring, so sensible, soft. So AdvaY makes his grand entry.
    ” apni Dulhaan ko mein khud sajayun ga”.
    Excuse me!! Come again. What did you just say? But I must say puja di is really funny.
    Closed the door, and sit near her and the air becomes so hot handle. Sensing that Chandni quickly​ starts wearing her jewelries. But AdvaY who is looking at her face, stops her and comes really close, and makes her wear those jewelries. This move makes her so uncomfortable, his touch always does this magic on her. But suddenly he holds her neck, reminding her about baby is so painful. He vows to stop the rasam ” Muh dikhai”.
    But this time chandni holds her strong against AdvaY. She makes it clear that she has no interest in rasam and doesn’t want to be his wife, which makes him surprised a bit I guess. He isn’t expecting​ this strong chandni who can throw plate on his face or can slap him. Takkar ki jodi hai. Wait and watch AD.
    Loved their plate- fight, hope we will get to see some jharu fight also.
    ( but hate that chandni wastes food, I don’t like wasting food, that too Oreo biscuits).
    I love this new Strong CHANDNI, she isn’t less AD , she equals​ the score by writing her name in your Kismat.
    Learn to deal with it.
    Again Leela masi and AdvaY are planning against her, but smart Nani senses it. She brings chandni. Nani asked AdvaY how Chandni was looking​, but when AdvaY saw her , he was lost in a moment, she is looking beautiful. AdvaY’s expression is priceless. Lovely.
    Hitler leela!! Oh Nani, you are too good. AdvaY lagta hai apni masi pe gaya hai.
    Poor murli!! Stuck btw AdvaY and Nani.

    Precap:Again humiliation AdvaY. Please stop it. Aap ki hotness handle nehi ho rehi aur aap ki car humiliation pe attki hui hai. Uff..
    Itna vi niche maat giro k baad mein khud ko uthana vi mushkil ho.

    1. Pinku

      Super analysed after long time we saw chandini smiling noe…. acha ek doubt hai how come advay was so confident of chandini not coming downstairs… any clue… n yes wasting oreo biscuit was very bad…I also didn’t like tht

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Maybe he locked her in room. Don’t know

    3. Nice review bit to bit analysed. Really sometimes i envy u and astha. Really girls have such a creative power. I am very bad at analysis and reviews. Overall a nice episode. But did not like advay not admiring chandinis beauty. Before marriage itself it was good he used to admire her and feel jealous of pp baba. But really missed that funny pp baba. Ofcourse the funny side

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha is in praising mode it seems Sunanda. Sun lete hain, hamesha kahan koi taarif karta hai.
      Even boys can do great analysis, don’t you remember Shekhar Bhaiyya from IB page Harsha, He is one of the best analyser.

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you so much. Harsha.
      But yaar astha’s writing is way better than me.
      I agree with you. ASR isn’t admiring chandni’s beauty these days. It’s really bad. Akkdu ASR.

    6. Riana

      Sunan thats for you ???????

    7. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank YOU riana

    8. P_lata

      Nice line by line review Sunanda!

    9. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you lata

    10. Super review as usual ????????

    11. Sunanda_Guchhait

      So true astha …
      Humhesa kahan koi taarif karta hai.

  2. Antara

    adi’s friendship 2 chandini was so cute pooja is also nice 2 her only problem is maasi & ad
    i liked murali’s tantantan 2 shilpa which makes her jealous nani so adorable
    precap is not good i like his dialogues the way he is saying fantastic ASR STYLE mein
    waiting 4 more tashan
    where is mikku ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Pinku

      Yea antara dono tashan me n i miss mikku too

  3. Manuu

    Hey everyone..
    Kya tha ..omg..I luvd it..fantabulous..awesome..mind blowing ..super se upar..kuch bhi kam hai..
    Adi..soooo cute..kitna acha convo tha chandini aur adi ke beech…
    Lol..? gift kiya..kyunki aap maamu se
    height kam ho..bahut dramebaaz hai
    adi..chatter box.. sweet..uski baaton se lagta hai she has a very bad past..very deep
    dialogues..zindagi rone ki wajah deti hap
    par khushi hame doond na chahiye..very
    true..very deep thoughts..pooja adi nani ab chandini ki supporting system hai..
    Murli and shilpa ..they were very

    funny..hilarious..shilpa..jealous..mere itne

    bhi bure dhin nahi aye..
    Enough of this maa drama..chandini

    … pe chandini roti jaa rahi

    hai..gidgida rahi hai..yeh bichrani maharani ki tarah jake bait gayi…can’t tolerate her..

    Finally chandini is back..luv d way she has come up..keep going….maasi ko samaj mein aya..itni jeldi tootegi nahi chandini..
    Precap: kuch samaj nahi aya..muh dikhayi hogi ya nahi..

    1. Pinku

      Hi manu… haan mastu undey episode evala…. dunno kal kya hoga… n it’s Friday manu ?

    2. Manuu

      Ha pinku super super unde episode ninna..phir se friday arrived so fast..

    3. Manu tum Mumbai ke nhi ho? Sorry yesterday msz I replied today but really no time. Tv b kharab h 2din se written update ke sahare jee rahe h. Aaj ka episode b acha he hoga I guess. Tum se ke comments b kabhi kabar read kar leti hu isse further story ka b pata chal jata h.

    4. Manuu

      Nahi not from mumbai..episode was fab..

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Mahak…Manu is from Hyderabad. wishing a Fast recovery for your tv set.

    6. Yes today i also felt chandini is over adoring indrani when she knows indrani don’t love her

  4. Aaj ki epi was very good,outstanding,fabulas nd fantansic cuite ho.
    baaji har ne ki liya taayre ho joo ADVAAY…

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    The hardest coconut contains the softest edible part pulp and sweetest water. Advay Singh Raizada may be a hard shelled but his heart is still soft to adore every relation of Love with care and enmity with harshness. CM brought a mere cap for his nephew when he can afford for a new one knowing its Adi loves the cap.
    The most fun loving persons are those who are hurt deeply, bairi priya and all the songs…pooja is more clear in her character and married life now.
    “I will make my bride ready…”-and that followed showing attitude showing conversation between Advay and Chandni was the freshness for new fights. I came for my family and mother(step-mother) and I am doing it for my nani and promise…When it will turn in to I am doing for it…they both will not realize it, a bet.
    Nani…-” Peoples thinks medicine as pain…”- We don’t know about people but Advay and Chandni are thinking like that only.
    The cutest conversation between Mrs. CM(Chandni Mami) and Adi Potter about Mr. CM was very funny factor to add humour in this episode..Height(I didn’t like them attacking girl’s height, come on boys we are more cute in short height too. I don’t like people attacking 5’3″ as I am one). Adi should marry Deepika Padukone or Shilpa Shetty for his switch board…the way Adi entered and exits was super funny with Chandni around.
    “If this is your hate, I am wondering about your Love intensity “- this is for Advay Singh Raizada for his super sensual making bride ready scene. That sensual touch on ears and his nearness was more torture as compared to chocking neck with necklace, Really. Advay control, have to make her leave home.
    Then came our tana tan boy Murli and his non-existing girl friends over phone and reaction..opps!! jealous reaction of his matar ka daana who never got promotion after 2 feet and getting promotion from ASR at the cost of demotion of Murli.
    Precap- Her insult is yours too…Nani said already , ASR have to remember always…In the muh dikhai of Raizada family, no guest came to bless the bride of great telecom company skytel MD Advay Singh Raizada, ASR should ask Shivaay about the trouble Mumbai press-media creates in such matters.
    Poor plate!! Broken in a hate war between two lovers.
    So he did something while making her ready, confidence failed badly so ASR have to make a plan-B!!
    Agar ek aur baar Maa Maa kiya na, Uski Maa ki kasam main maar dalungi iss Chandu ki bachchi ko. Advay-Dev- ASR karta toh kitna achchha lagta. Maa keliye!! May her Maa stay in hell…
    “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???”- a sinfully delicious question…

    1. Pinku

      Exactly astha i am with u I will also kill chandini now bas hogaya stop saying ma ma ma

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…but we can’t do anything to our hot ASR’s sweet love interest Chandni. Humse nahi hoga. Maa maa karti hai toh mujhe bahut gussa aata hai. Iss Maa Maa karne ki bajah se Dev chalagaya aur jab Advay lout ke aaya, wo bhi Antihero Singh Raizada bann kar naak fulake Chandni ko taad ta rehta hai. Aur wo stone lekar aayi hai ki nahi re Chandni!!?? Lekar aana chahiye tha uss stone ko.

    3. Open your door and have food. Now.

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      I am not mad to skip food for some silly matter.

    5. Did u mean asr must say to chandini like agar aur ek baar maa maa kiya na toh dekhna mein kya kar saktha hue. Then astha u take words from my mouth. I am expecting this from asr. Knowing or unknowingly asr must distance chandini from her mom.(step mom). Really it will relieve her pain to some extent. By keeping on bothering about never loving mom what is she going to get. And indrani dont deserve ut

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Harsha…no dear that was not a dialogue from ASR, It was my personal dialogue for all of us against chandni.
      ASR must not tell something like that kyun ki Advay jo bhi kahega Chandni uska ulta karegi, bass trick se usko door kardena chahiye uski Maa se. Tabhi she will have only one problem ie. her marriage and enmity with Advay Singh Raizada and no second problem like “Maa mujhse baat karo, Ek baar mera naam lo”- all the crap maa ko manana things…

    7. Riana

      @Astha….Yesterday’s episode was a Bliss for meeee Dabanggg Chandni is comeing backkkk ….I am missing Vsissos bond…????

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana…Vashist sister bond!!! I don’t even like a bit of Chandni’s sisters now. Look how Oberoi brothers handled the same baby problem with respect and attitude!!!
      can’t Shikha find that cheater lover of Meghna and punch him and her sister too. It was only Chandni who was holding in to every relation like an anchor warna Indrani ka kutumb toh titanic jaisa doob chuka hota.

      Waise I was thinking Agar Pooja ka husband aur Meghna ka lover ek nikla toh!!! Imagine karke mazaa aaraha hai uss drama ka.. Cvs meri idea ke baare mein thoda sochna haan(wink grin).

    9. P_lata

      Ya Astha, now its becoming irritating when Chandni begs to her step mother although knowing about the facts, not acceptable

    10. Aastha_Reddy

      lol Lata, I wonder if we are feeling like this, how Advay Singh Raizada must be feeling at his wife’s attention to her mother when he said he hate her and all she bothers is about her (step)mother?? He said he will be Raahu for her life but Chandni ke life mein toh pehle se Indrani Ketu bankar baith gayi hai. Its not fair with ASR , Cvs his wife’s all attention should be on him and only him in this hate phase also.

    11. P_lata

      Yes, ho sakta hai tab ASR ki hatred kam ho jaye jyada attention pa kar

    12. Mona146

      esp when 2crores matter is also revealed by pp himself and no one denied it. This character is too weak unlike other female characters in gul khan serials.

    13. As usual ? review tanatan! I had a few things in my mind to ask CVs! Muh dikhayi mein kyun no sindoor, the jewels worn on the head, why no typical lehenga types, why some ordinary outfit with that usual choker with dangling stuff(I somehow don’t seem to like those!) As it is there was no mehendi rasm in the wedding, so they could have done it now. I donno but my take is a new bride would be like that!!!

      Anyway I am not at all happy with just 20 minutes of them every night!!! ?It seems to get over so soon?

      Last night the connectivity was problematic and I couldn’t read all your reviews! Just enjoyed every word now!! ????

    14. Maryjose

      Me too! I did not like Chandini’s red dress or the puky green/yellow one for muh dikhayi either! Also, i wish she will stop wearing the knuckle breakers! they look so ugly on her dainty hands. Also, her gold or yellow eye shadow detracts rather than enhance the beauty of her eyes.

      Would be nice to see Chandini in a beautiful lehanga, salwar kameez or saree – worn normally. At least once! Pleasssseeeeee! Some simple elegant outfits and jewellry!

    15. Maryjose

      One thing I hope we wont see in IPKKND-3 is Chandini wearing weird confusing outfits like the ones worn by the lead female in Ishqbazz … I catch a glimpse every now and then .. but that TV serial is so bizarre, can’t stand it!

    16. Aastha_Reddy

      Di…Chalta hai yeh light outfit. Koi baat nahi except for that hand ornament. I love the tops Chandni is wearing as blouses. I had one top like that in teens for skirt though I never wore that. We all know Shivani Shirali is the new demonstrator in fashion world.
      Arre haan Di…Chandni ke haath mein toh Advay ka naam likha hi nahi problem when his name is written in her life, fate, and heart too.
      Raining too heavily now Di..all the hot sunny atmosphere caused unexpected rain.

    17. Send some of that rain to our water starved Chennai! We are badly in need of it!!!

      Actually dress too doesn’t matter! No sindoor and mehendi! At least for muh dikhayi?!!!?

    18. Yes Mary! I have seen normal snaps of Shivani and she looks so charming without that ghastly eyeshadow!!! And true that those knuckle breakers!? Reminds me of these thugs they show in movies wearing such stuff to attack!!! She could wear elegant rings instead!
      The designer is Gul Khan’s favorite! So we haven’t much choice, I guess!! And maybe I am an old fogey and can’t understand the new trends!! Elegance, simplicity, pleasing colors are more my forte! But must say, I like Advay’s outfits now! Nice dark shades and he looks ?in them! I also like Nani’s dressing! This family seems toned down in dressing, be it Leela Maasi or Pooja! Thank God for that!

    19. P_lata

      Yes Sangita, I also agree with u on the point of newly wedded girl having no sindoor and bangles, after all she is from mythological family (shayad isiliye koi nahi aya)

  6. Yesterday my net pack was no comnts here nd lil illness .
    How r u all.
    love u NIvaay.
    Nani too gd&pooja,Adi

  7. Sunanda aapu..ur reivew wow.congrts

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you. AB.
      Truly today’s episode was outstanding.
      Mind khush ho gaya

  8. Asthadi..Advaay nahi jante h ki Bambay ke press-media kaise h.well sadi ..Dii.lets him exprienec iss ki maaza

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haan yaar AB…Mumbai ke press-media ek torture hai, mere Shivaay bhaiyya ka jeena mushkil kardiya tha. Hope they will soon attack Advay @ junior artists lol.

  9. Pinku

    Trp kisi ne dekha kya what’s the trp

    1. KartikK

      Dear it has increased .1 now rating is 1.1

    2. P_lata

      Thanks Kartik for the good news

    3. Pinku


    4. Divya sabareesh


    5. Manuu

      Pinku….trp has increased..cngrtz dear..big hug to everyone..

    6. Aastha_Reddy

      Trp must have enlightened your mood Pinku, I hope. I was elated when it continued to have just 1 also. First hona important hai, but hamesha ke liye first position mein rehna is more important. I was happy Ipkknd had a constant trp not any downfall as wished by those large number of Bashers. As it has now began to increase a little bit, every one here deserve its credit, at least I think like that.
      You girls are doing it in slow steady steps.

    7. Sunanda_Guchhait

      I agree with you astha.
      Trp jo vi ho. I love my show.
      Bashers pagol ho gaye honge.. hotstar pe season 3 upar agaye to snap click karke fb pe post karke begging kar rehe hain. Plz season 1 dekho.. yaar kya hai yeh sab

    8. Riana

      Trp increased 1.1 so ????

    9. Nivika

      Wowww such a good news????????????

  10. Suganda aur astha aap dono koi competition karte ho kya ke whose comment would be better. Anyways sometimes it’s fun. Par Barun par crush mujhe tumse zada h isliyeh toh part 1 humare chalu h….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      ha ha ha…very funny guess. I and Sunanda don’t even know each other more then this page. Its good right, that both of us are doing this, its good for ipkknd. she is from WB and I am from AP.
      Yeah Sunanda too have some(more then more,not some lol) crush on Barun, It seems from her wall post. I have no such crush on actor Barun Sobti. I am just crazy for ASR, not Barun.
      Its not a competition for both of us. If its also, its too healthy-harmonious for our friendship and for ipkknd, I think so. But clearly Its not any competition between us.

    2. P_lata

      Dear Mahark, I also watch IPKKND 1 sometimes for the sweetness over there when hatred in the current one start overflowing

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Mahek.. I started it after reading astha’s writing. She is too good yaar. Competition nehi hai.
      Yeah you are right.
      I love Barun not as a crush but as a great person. I love his childlike nature, the way he loves his wife, friends. So humble , down to earth and genuine.

  11. Lizaa

    Nice epi…adi toh bahat cute h yaar…
    aab bas yar chandini ka maa maa ka raag kab khatam hoga…mama’s boy suna tha yeh mama ‘s girl mujhe handel nhi ho raha h….
    advay ka kya swag h yaar….apne hi bride ko main ready karunga

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Sach kaha lizaa. Adi’s cuteness is hard to handle. Cute and intelligent.

  12. KartikK

    today episode derserve a at least 2 times to watch plate scene and the background music it rocks my heart smile comes that is unstoppable precap advay moment finally coming keeping rocking asr

  13. Manuu…I thought this but u r write that.badly missed Mikku.
    pooja ki baat mein laga ki smthing fishy zindigi m
    gd nite

    1. Manuu

      Hi AB..missing mikku..pata nahi uska character ka kya hua..yah pooja has very bad past..regarding husband shayad..she is so sweet..nice character

  14. Riana

    Hi Rabbevians…..?????


    Starting with the episode ….It was Bangggggggg…??????

    Chandni’s confidence was totally lovely…?????…

    Her scene with Cupid Potter was amazingggggg ??????

    And then Nanad Bhabhi (Pooja and Chandni) they makes a very cute bond…?????????

    After that Pooja teasing Advay was full of fun ???

    And then plates throwing and breaking ????????….Ohhh goddd ….

    Finally Chandni dressed up for Muh Dikhai…???

    Precap: Looking forward..??

    #Love NiVay ?

    1. Pinku

      Hey riana true super episode tha na full transformed chandini hai na

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Hur hur dabaag dabaang..

  15. Maryjose

    ASR-Chandini together! Aww! Looks great …

    I like the pairing of nani with ASR as well as Chandini! It is v endearing and compelling to see that! For now, Nani is my most fav actor in IPKKND-3! She is flawless in her performance and brings the best vibes on screen!

    Guess Chandini will leave ASR’s house when she finds out about what Indrani and her gang did to ASR’s family!

    But for now, I guess she still is hanging on the hope that somehow Dev will return and rescue her from her forced marriage with ASR! There, she will get the sweetest surprise of her life! Destiny did keep her only with Dev, after all!

    Don’t think someone like Chandini is likely to throw a plate with cookies at anyone, even ASR. It seems so horribly like a spoilt child tantrum! It takes something v important away from a sweet girl like Chandini.

  16. P_lata

    Loved the plate fight scene between Nivay, Our Chandni came back with her strong attitude ( GK has heard our wishes very fast na). Sweet Conversation between lovely Adi and Chandni, Smile (after so many days) on the Chandni face brought a smile on my face also. Yes…… nok jhonk started again which is spice of the episode. It looks like we all viewers are Chandni and the ASR over there is passing his hatred rays to Chandni and we all are also getting affected. We smile along with Chandu, feel sad along with Chandu, feel romantic along with Chandu etc. etc. excluding wo uski maa wali feeling mein hum uske sath nahi , hai naa………………….

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Plate fight is really new. Hai na??

  17. Hi guys. Ok manu got it u from Hyderabad, thanks astha-Ap &suganda-wb. Nice to meet all of u. Abhi I m at working raat ho chat kiyeh.

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      Mahak why wont u get will be easy to contact each other…here cmnts take so much time…hope u will get register on tu soon??

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      Mahek… I am sunanda yaar..
      Suganda nehi hoon. Meri naam maat change karo.

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    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Sahi kaha AB dear

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    Han han manu astha riana ham han han me bhahut bhahut kush hun am dancing… time foe group hug sachi

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