Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Advay’s surprise for Chandni

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Advay tells Chandni that she must have lied some time. She says those who hide lie. She never hides anything. She accepts if she makes any mistake. He asks and what about crime? He calls her a liar. She says she needs to go. He says go, he won’t stop. Suddenly lights go off. She says where are lights. He asks why she needs lights? Moon comes in dark and Chandni *moonlight* too. She comes to her room and is upset/mad as Advay called her a liar. Her sisters ask her what happened. In that her sisters start fighting. Chandni glares at them and they get quiet. Chandni says she is not upset/mad, Ajeeb Singh Raizada was mad when she threw that coin on his face. Her sisters tease her asking why she thinks about him always. She should instead think about PP. It seems he’s in love with her. They ask whether she’s happy with that rishta. Chandni says Maa is happy and if Maa is happy, she is too. Both sisters get emotional. Chandni gives them noodles. Chandni then asks Shikha whether her friend’s issues got resolved.. the one who got pranked. Shikha says she has already taken care of person who did prank to her and now police will beat him up so much in lockup that he will forget doing pranks.

Later, they are sleeping. Chandini is talking why system is such that girls have to leave their house. It should be like 1 year girl lives in guy’s house and 1 year guy in girl’s. She sees her sisters are sleeping already. She sees Advay and gets up in shock. She asks what he’s doing there. He asks why? Only she can enter in other’s rooms. She says her sisters will wake up. He says, then wake them up. Chandni tries to wake them both, but no one wakes up. Advays gets on the bed. Chandni gets scared and also stands up. Advay says seems there was too much nasha in noodles, now they will wake up tomorrow only. It’s shown Advay had mixed something in noodles. Advay asks her to come, he wants to show her something. She refuses. Advays walks towards her. She moves back and is stuck to the wall. Advay touches his hand to hers.. Rabba Ve plays… He comes closer to her and asks whether he should lift her. She nods okay. He lifts her and takes her away. He tells her not to complain.. he took permission to lift her.

He is taking her somewhere and she starts complaining that she is not 100 rs that he picked up from the street. He says 100 rs note is very heavy. She asks him to leave her else she will scream and wake everyone up. He says scream, everyone will be happy seeing her like that. In fact, he says he will scream. He starts screaming. Chandini covers his mouth and says please don’t scream. Both have eye lock. Rabba ve plays. He continues walking and brings her to his room. She asks why he brought her there? He asks she wanted to know what he was doing, right? She says yes.. she saw that light.. He asks forget about that and shows her lights like stars and a bright lightbulb like a moon. She says all this.. He says for you and says following:
Nind chand ko aaye agar to, taaro ki ye sej boht hai
sambhal ke rakhna haath chandni, raat ka manga tez boht hai.

People just say they will get moon and stars, but see he’s done it for her. Chandni seems happy. A dupatta falls on her head. He tells her she can do rishta with anyone, but will wear dupatta of his name only. He then says she looks pretty. She’s glaring at him. He says truth is truth. She asks what he’s doing. He flips coin and gives it to her. He says only one rasam (ritual) is done.. many are still to go before marriage. She says he’s crazy. She removes dupatta and gives it back to him. She leaves. He says, people get crazy in love. He is crazy for revenge. This was nothing. Chandni has no clue what’s going to happen with her tomorrow.

Next day, Meghna is complaining to her sisters that she kept fast and Chandni found the guy, and that too two. Sikha says two? Meghna says PP and ASR, the professor. Chandini says, he’s a gunde (bully). Rowdy professor. Meghna teases nickname and all. She remembers ASR for one reason or another. There is some connection between them for sure. Chandini recalls Advay’s words that she will marry him only in end. She asks Meghna to stop with her rubbish and gets back to cooking. Chandni’s mum comes there and says with God’s wish, today her Roka will be done. This rishta will give her respect and luck back. Chandni says her mum means everything to her. If her mum is happy, then she is happy too. Chandni asks her to taste kheer. Her mum says very good. Chandni says so what if they can’t afford caterers. The world’s best chef is here. Her mum asks her to get ready now, rest will be done. Chandni says how she can leave everything to her sisters. Her mum says none of them will handle kitchen now. Chandni asks who will then? Servants bring bunch of sweets inside. Chandni asks what’s all this? who brought all this? Her mum says Advay.. he arranged everything. Chandni remembers Advay mixing something in noodles and thinks there must be something wrong if Rowdy professor has brought this. She asks where Advay is. Her mum says he went to get PP. Chandni fears what he must be doing.

Precap: PP and his mum are at Chandni’s place. Chandni’s mum tells them that they should do Roka today only. Chandni brings tea for them. Advay does something with remote so Chandni’s feet gets stuck on carpet. He then again does something and as Chandni was forcing to walk, she loses her balance and tea goes on PP and his mum.

Update Credit to: Jenny

  1. SanamMel

    Hello everyone?.
    Hope u all are doing well ?.
    I loved Chandni and Advay scene?.
    But precap is a lil strange . Chandni’s feet stuck on the carpet !! That’s probably cse I missed watching the serial today ? .But anyways the storyline is really good and I love it❤❤❤ .
    Tc ppl ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Sanam… How can you expect us to be fine after this white ASR and his lovely scenes??? Heart is not fine. yaar. Some dhak dhak acidity is going inside.
      Good night. Have an Advay dream.

    2. SanamMel

      Haye haye? . So true .
      Kash sapne me charming prince aajaaye ?

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Astha and sanam…
      Aap dunno k muh pe ice cream….
      I don’t like ghee and sugar.. that’s why…
      Have AdvaY dream s…..

    4. SanamMel

      Hi Sunanada. How are u doing ?
      Well tumare liye ferrero rocher ?.

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Thank you.. i am fine and . I am loving it..

  2. Antara

    u r liar , moonlight come in dark & u too chandini
    WHEN ADVAY ASKED HER CAN I LIFT U? HER NODING 2 GOOD & i asked ur permission so don’t shout hiliarious
    Pagal hai aap naafrat mein pagal
    precap is so funny PB baba ka aisi ki taisi
    will the marriage cancel? lets see advay’s planning mission chandini game on

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Antara…Hi. I don’t think that chipku Mr. 50000 kachcha will cancel marriage by this small incident. That is why Advay is trying to act all good good boy to Indrani and then went to pick PP Baba and his mother to enter in their good book. To clean his character from the near future mishaps and make Chandni at fault from others view.
      Chipku will not cancel marriage by such chep ladies like plan of Advay…Still Advay have to plan something new for cancelling marriage or replace PP baba from Mandap at the last minute by hook or crook. This plan is not going to work.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Antara.. i also think , AdvaY’s this childish trick will not work.. max to max Indrani will scold chandni​…

      But that chomu pp baba is not that easy to get rid of. Advay have to think big..

      And the way pp baba was eyeing CHANDNI in that Friday episode… I think he will try to get cosy with chandni and AdvaY will beat him and blue..

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      And maybe this way Indrani will agree for AdvaY- chandni’s marriage..

  3. Yazhu

    Hi everyone….
    Finally it’s Monday 8:00pm and ASR is back ???????????Totally loved today’s epi ????

    Advay rockzzz and Chandni shockzzz (as usual ???) I nearly had a heart attack when ASR jumps on the bed ??????????????(it’s ASR attack to be specific ?????) completely loved the whole sequence… This guy really had so much guts to do whatever he wish to do ???just like he did today… Carrying Chandni to his room ??????And his surprise ??????????????

    Still the cvs should have made the light quite realistic…the surprise was beautiful ???still the lights looked so unrealistic… Loved it though…

    And the quotes by ASR ?????????????????????????????????????

    And yeah Chandni was right at her point… Why should girls have to move to her husband’s home permanently? Why not they should live at both place alternatively for one and one year ????nice thought Chandni ?????

    Again no Mikku in today’s epi ??????????????????????????Really NOT FAIR ????Missing Mikku and his pranks ???

    The girls sooöoooooooo good without any weird accessories in the bedroom… ??That lasts until the kitchen scene???? Why they’re wearing so different accessories.. Specially Shikha’s head chain ????

    Precap: As always… Another great precap ????????????

    Love ASR ????????????
    Love NiVay ????????

    1. Yazhu

      The girls *looked sooöoooooooo good

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yazhu… Really .. same pinch on heart attack..
      Tomorrow i am going to buy another pair of heart…
      If this heart attack comes daily .. how will I live??
      I have to live for rest of the story … Nah!!!

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Yazhu… same pinch on heart attack. Heart hi paas nahi hai toh attack kaisa!!

    4. Missed Mikku too!!! But Nivay was awesome!!! And yeah the girls look great without being drowned in accessories!!!

  4. Aastha_Reddy

    ASR….picked her up in his strong and loving arm!!! His love foe her is not allowing him to make her walk inside the house also.
    Again”Excuse me!!! listen all…” that followed a mouth closing(I know we have better option of closing him mouth by ours) still it was so….romantic.
    The scene followed his entry …grand entry inside Chandni’s room, heroic performance of stepping on her bed, the flash back story of maggi mystery, hand romance tease and then arm direct to him room through a path of white curtains up to showing her lighting flickering- shimmering dream then red dupatta and finally the coin back to Chandni… all this was magical to bloom a smile deep in heart of love. Up to this scene it was truth, truth has many faces and truth is one and the hearty truth about Advay is his love for Chandni.
    Then followed the real part of his return to Allahabad…”people gets mad in love…I got mad for revenge”— this is a lie and Dev lied to Advay then Advay accused Chandni of lying.
    Meghna and Shikha are such a tease….opposite poles joined together and has a common magnification point of love for their elder sister..Chandni.
    Precap… I think the pink shirt was the same one worn by Shivaay Bhaiyya once..the pink one!!! Oh no ASR!!! this shirt and coat was used by Shivaay Singh Oberoi when he went to orphanage to gather past news of Annika bhabhi.
    But the precap scene seems very interesting as usual. Feminine Mother in law type role of ASR!!!
    Stupid brainless Vashist family…Advay is throwing you all out from his kitchen..the place where his mother cooked once for his family. He said once..this house is his temple then evaluate the value of kitchen from his point of view then….
    PP baba ki mom in precap!!! full bath in tea or coffee..
    The question-” Iss pyaar(war) ko kya naam doon???”- continues…

    1. SanamMel

      I hope in ur dreams he will lift u the same way ??
      How was ur exam?

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Sanam…dreams so(not hope so). One day he will lift me in his arm, gazing at my eyes with admiration, then getting lost in my eyes and then we will head to his room….this is enough. I am too traditional in the rest matter…so don’t imagine any naughty things. He will just kiss me a good night on forehead and hopped on other side of bed. Pull me in his protective arm and then we will sleep like good humans..
      I am sure I will kick him down the bed to floor. But alas…before completing this long dream..Mumma will throw water bucket at my face or shout in my ear… or my brother will laugh at me for sleeping till late.
      Once in childhood I slept till 8 AM and mom just throw a bucket of vegetable washed water at my bed..that too during December!!! Once Mom threw hot rice boiled water at me but this was by mistake and I had to visit doctor then.

    3. Radhika.k

      Dii wonderful analysis!!!Yaa dii PP baba ki mom full bath in tea…….I am not sure about the pink shirt!!!!If it is shivay’s…….i am happy that my two favourite hotties r sharing!!!If not…..then also i am happy!!!bcoz advay was looking very handsome asusua!!

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Radhika…I thought its the same pink shirt!!! Shivani Shirali must have given it to ASR after SSO. Don’t know if it is the same one. I feel like that only looking ASR in pink..pehle kabhi dekha nahi tha na ASR ko pink mein. First time ASR in pink.
      @ASR ever green #Love NIVAY…LOVE ASR.
      Take care of your heart.

    5. SanamMel

      Awwww???. I didn’t imagine all that cse i am descent u kno ?.
      Ur mom did that to u just cse u woke up at 8 am!! ??I never wake up b4 8 am?

  5. aww awww awwww barun and shivani’s chemistry is better than any others?? barun was looking very very handsome in that white dress ??
    And shivaani was very gorgeous ??
    “Rabbave ” what an touching song……
    Vashishth sister’s convo ??
    I loved today’s episode
    WAiting eagerly for Nxt episode

    …Nivaay rocked ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jasz…. yeah ASR is more hot this week initial episode. Four more to come our way this week to handle his hotness.
      #Love NIVAY.

  6. Hey guys…episode was ???finally Asr ko dekh liya ??..yaar aaj bhi white shirt mein hame marwa diya..he is looking dashing…lights bhi kya time pe jate hai..luvd d dialogue:chand bhi andere mein ata hai aur chandini bhi.uff..advay u killed it man..sisters part was nice..aaj bhi mikku missing..y..ASR bed pe bhi chad gaya..woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai…advay bahut dhur ki sochta hai..tum ne permission no shikayat..koi bhi ladki ha boldegi asr ???…yayy..chandini ko uta liya..dat scene was wow moment for me..and dat stars wala bhi..actually dat reminded me kaisi yeh yaariyan..

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa white shirt was just perfect on him!!!as usual he was dashing man!!!!!!!!!!<3<3
      True missing mikku……….ya chandini-advay convo in her room n the whole scene was superb!!It was a treat to watch!!!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…. bed par khada hogaya toh meri Aadhi hosh udchuka tha… bahon mein uthaya toh mein khud ko bhool gayi…tab se break tak I felt like It is a dream. Itni jaldi bahon mein leliya!!!! It was a surprise for us…. intezaar ka phal- meetha from Friday to Monday just for ASR and Nivay.
      Have an Advay dream.

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Me too astha… Kya scene tha…. Hum to faintiya gaye…

  7. Hello everyone!!! What an amazing episode!!! ??? ASR tho ???par me ban gayi ???
    Always end up feeling they should pack about ten episodes together! Never seem to have enough of Nivay!!! Loved that dazed expression of Chandni when Advay asks “shall I carry you!” I think all girls will look like prized idiots if someone like him asks!!! ?
    Only one thing I was not happy about. His wearing slippers on the bed! I am paranoid and as bad as Chandni when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness! But maybe if I saw his eyes instead of feet I would react the same way as Chandni! Totally dumbstruck!!! Okay waiting to read my favorite reviews from the IPKKND 3 gang!!! ?

    1. Radhika.k

      Hi!!!!HEHE…..even i am very particular abt cleanliness…….but seeing barun like this does not matter me……i love him alott!!!Yaa the entire scene in their room was amazing!!!!
      Yaa mann kartha hai that i keep on seeing nivay!!!!they r [email protected]

    2. Kya entry tha naa?! THE attitude!!! That look! Now how many times this episode is going to be seen by us?!!!!! Stop,pause,rewind mode on…….?

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Sangita Di.. aap hain yaa uthgaye bahon mein Advay ki( wink wink) . I too am adjusting with his dirty practices because he is Advay… koi aur hota toh usse poora ghar jhadu lagwati aur wash room bhi saaf karwati..but its ASR!!!

    4. Astha dear!!! However much I love ASR, I won’t risk being carried, you know! The poor chap with all his muscles,may just collapse under the weight of this middle aged mother of college going boys!!! I am happy just to see him romance Chandni! And am sure he is going to have to change habits when they get married!!! Nok jhok assured! ?

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Right di… Bed pe chappals…???
      Sach me koi aur hota to chappals utha ke marti… I love neat and clean bed..

      I was thinking that seeing AdvaY wearing chappals on bed, chandni will definitely make faces and scold him…

      But she is we are…
      Advay jaisa koi ho to what to do.. sob kuch pyari lagti hai….

    6. Radhika.k

      Yaa sangita dii!!!chahe kitne baar bhi hum dekhle……..our eyes won’t move frm him!!!!He is that attractive …..after all ASR hai!!!!will watch again for sure……..i won’t get bored at all!!!
      LOVE NIVAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Sangita di…then he have to lift me once in his strong protective arm… pkj ASR fainted when Ipkknd ASR lifted her…
      May his bone remain strong always lol..ha ha….

    8. Done! Bless you to have ASR lift you at least in the dreams!!! ????

    9. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Dreams ka hi sahara hai… ???

  8. Today’s episode was just awesome.
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aqsa..I too am waiting for tomorrow.

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Absolutely aqsa…

  9. BTW how did your exam go, Sunanda? Had a good day?

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Yes … Sangita di.. now it became an Wonderful​ day with our charismatic charming ADVAY…

  10. Precap: advay singh raizada technology kuch zyada hi use kar raha hai…hey is ur feet..hi sunanada..hw was ur exam

    1. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Exam was fine…Manu .
      Mr tech singh raizada hai na… Technology to use honge….

      I m wondering AdvaY, chandni se pyaar vi technology laga ke karega kya????

      I love u CHANDNI .. Program decoded..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…lol…”I LOVE YOU” program decoded.. kiss kaisa hoga..then aage ka kya!!! NO….(screaming Astha)!!! His technology will run away shying.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Manu…ASR ko dekhkar dard kahan yaad rehta hai…
      Yeah my feet is still swollen but that is not going to keep me away from ipkknd and ishqbaaz.
      Hey its my problem since childhood yaar…it will remain life long but I can just control it during cold means both winter and rainy season by proper rest of feet…taking too much of care. Nothing to worry, I am used to this problem.

    4. @Astha! Why don’t you put your feet in bearable hot water with rock salt in it? It will remove toxins and relieve pain.

    5. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Kiss ?? .Command entered….

      Aage Mr tech singh raizada ka laptop hang ho jayega…
      Den he have to do that in person…
      Ha ha…

    6. KartikK

      Even I have the same problem of inner swolling at first it hurted so much I couldn’t walk but now I have perfected this by jogging,playing cricket now it pains smwth I hope u get f9 and me too going with same oroblem

  11. Hi riana,yazhu,pinku,nazneen,sangita di..riana hw was ur paper..wt do u guys think abt today’s episode..pinku did u watch today on tv..r still w8ng to watch..story is still stuck I mean kuch unfold nahi present d track goes with shaadi I guess…

    1. Riana

      Hi Manu…Lol i dont gave any exam…i am just having fever…

  12. Radhika.k

    I think today’s epic was a tsunami episode!!!!Lovely…[email protected]
    Mein jhoot nahi chupathi- chandini’s dialogue!!Her eyes were saying that she was a very sachi girl!!!Andhere mein hi chandini dikthi hai………again *moonlight*…..i am loving this word bahut!!!!
    Ajeeb Singh Raizada v/s PP Baba??????????????
    Chandini ki khushi uski maa ki khushi mein hai par………………….guyzzz………………………..she has started thinking abt him…………….she is falling in his love trap………………………….i donno what to say……………………………bcoz its only a revenge for advay ,but i hope soon he realizes that he can’t take revenge frm his loved ones!!!!
    1.Chandini’s pov:1 year girl lives in guy’s home n 1 year boy lives in gal’s home……….vaise idea acha hi hai……..itna boora bhi nahi hai!!!
    2.Advay’s shocking(mass) entry……chandini getting tensed……trying to wake up her sissies…..was funny!!!
    3.Advay uske taraf jaana………chandini keep on moving back………then stuck to the wall………………….omg!!!LOVED THAT SCENE!!advay u look so loving n that smile kills everyone man!!!!!
    4.I din’t expect she will say ok for lifting…but even she din’t expect that he will lift!!!!!!advay saying dantna nahi coz permission liya tha……………hehehe!!!!
    5.Chandini covering advay’s mouth!!!!wowwwww………..they showed awesome nivaay scenes today n made the show damn interesting n worthful to watch it fully!!!!!!!
    6.Awwwww………….that sparkling,’glittering’ stars………………………..that was a very natural gift yaar!!!n his shayaari superb!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7.Chandini was really lokking cutee…in that red duppatta!!!!sirf aur sirf uske naam ka dupatta pehan sakthi hai!!!advay’s so much hakh on chandu……
    8.Meghna is doing good job yaar………….trying to unite chandu n advay…….even she wants to use the couple name nivay!!!!
    i forget this to say “RABBA VE”…….WAS PERFECT IN THE BG!!
    9.Rowdy professor ki yaad abhi se har bhaar aati rehegi chandini!!!!
    10.PRECAP:Excited to watch!!!its time for advay’s action!!!!advay rock n chandini shock<3<3
    Keep loving NIVAY!!
    "Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon"?????????
    Good night NIVAY LOVERS!!!

    1. Good review ??????

    2. Radhika.k

      Thanks dii!!I think u r my dii!!

    3. Radhika, am glad to be your di!! Have older sisters but no younger ones! So nice to have a whole bunch here!!! ?

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Superb review…????

      Nasha Noddles pe nehi
      .. Nasha AdvaY pe tha… Hai na… Radhika..

    5. Nasha hum sab par he!!! Totally mental ???????? for our Advay! High on ASR! ???

    6. Radhika.k

      Thnaks dear n yaa…..Ofcourse sunanda!!!!issme poochne wali bath hi nahi hai!!!I was keep on seeing only him!!!I am going to watch it again for sure…….bcoz…………..i am free!!!
      Advay pe hi tha nasha…..hehe…GK is showing such good scenes yaar…..kabhi kabhi sochthi hui that if they show barun like this…..then i will miss what others say….coz my eyes r only on him!!!And whenever advay says some shayaari na i remember OSO!!!Vaise he was looking cute na uss white kurta mein!!

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      This hangover will not be over by medicine or lemon juice. We want this hangover life long…
      @Love NIVAY.

    8. Radhika.k

      Yaa i agree dii…….hangover needed forever!!!!!!
      #love advay
      #LOVE NIVAY!

    9. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Nasha hai ASR KA nasha hai..
      yeh meree bat yaaron maano
      Nashe me yaar dub jao,
      raho na hosh me deewaano…
      Dedicated to all the Nivay’s fan..

  13. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Hello friends..!!!!!
    Are you guys ok??? After the ASR Tsunami…??????????… My ? comes out of my socket.. i went to doctor to fix it…

    What an episode …. Love u ASR.. I MEAN
    that white dreamy dress. And ASR… DEADLY combo..
    90% of the episode is full of AdvaY and CHANDNI.. Goshhh….what an amazing jodi… I loved every bit of it.

    1. I have seen all Barun’s serials/movie from the beginning and I can only say this guy is like old wine! Getting better with age! Hotter and much more dashing than he ever was! In Baat hamaari pakki hai he looked like a kiddo! In this he is simply killing with his looks ? ? ? ? Have to keep telling myself, He is Chotte! He is Chotte! But am thoroughly enjoying Nivay scenes! Gimme more, I say!

    2. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Sangita di .. i love that kiddo shravan very much.. in baat humhari pakki hai….. He is such a cutie…
      His funny romantic childlike boy next door wali….expressions.. just out of this world.. ..old r right…

      Getting hotter dashing handsome s*xy brilliant than adjectives are enough for this guy

  14. Abdul mean slave of god

    Anyway Shivan better actress than Sanaya.
    .Sanaya iraani is boring and over acting in ipkknd1
    Season 1 it’s hit only becoz barun

    1. Riana

      You r the first to say my opinion both actresses r good in acting

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Abdul….I like(only like not love) Sanaya Irani too but look I am “straight” and for me BARUN SOBTI will be more charming attractive as compared to heroines.
      season-1 was hit only because of “BARUN SOBTI” nehi keh sakte. Its the result of all their hard work. entire team worked hard for that project like they are working hard for season-3.
      #LOVED Arshi but Loves NIVAY now.
      #Supporting “MOVE ON” – Barun Sobti.
      I like your profile name….

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Sanaya was the best KHUSHI..

      Shivani is the best cahndi.. please don’t compare them.. both are talented actress

      We love ARSHI
      AND we are madly in love with NIVAY.

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Sorry… It’s chandni..

  15. SanamMel

    Haye haye? . So true .
    Kash sapne mein prince charming aajaaye ?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Its true Sanam..prince charming comes in dream only. Not in reality. Sleep my friend to see him interrupted.

  16. Fenil

    Hello Everybody !!

    Good episode.

    Dear Manu and others ,Sorry for not replying u all i was busy and not visiting this page again n again.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu Bhaiyyo…suna tha shaadi ke baad ladki paraye hojati hai…par humare bhaiyya paraya dhan ho gaye humse.. Only Manu and then “OTHERS”!!! Oh bhaiyyu I never noticed I have become some “Others” for you.. So disappointed by this gesture bhaiyyu…very sad for us(crying face). Any way….good morning.

    2. Radhika.k

      Diii bhaiyyo badal gaye hai!!!!vaise good morning to u dii!!have a nice day!

    3. Fenil

      Astha pls don’t say like this. Galti se aapki feelings ko hurt kiya sorry sista.Kya aap bhi Rudy ki tarah bolte ho aankho mein nami aa gayi.Love you a lot.

      Aapka Sanam wale reply read kiya hasi aa gayi…aap aur naughty nahi…ji yeh aapki galatfehmi hain…aap sabse jyada naughty ho ..aapki comment mein hi dekh lo aur bhi raste hain Advay ka mouth shut karne ke:D:D:D:D:P.

      @Radhikaji,, aapko bhi lagta hain hum badal gaye.

    4. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Bhaiyyu..its nothing but my “Dimag ki Dahi” according to Lax for pulling your legs. You are correct..”Mujhse bada crack and zyada naughty koi kaise hosakta hai..”.I am naughty and I know that from your comment now.
      Waise bhi be careful I am expert in teasing and pulling legs..more to come on your ways from me.
      “Radhikaji”…Oh no..its just Radhika..Only Radhika..”Ji” sounds too older for a nanha sa pyaara sa bachchi like her…

  17. Sunanda_Guchhait

    Today’s the episode…

    We can see a much confident bold CHANDNI who never afraid from saying the truth.. that truth is evident in her face ,in her every expressions. She never lied intentionally..
    She can’t do anything wrong with you.. becoz she loves you …deep down in her ?..
    Advay, you have to find the fine line between truth and false. That fine line is the cause of your misery..
    If you lost your path in dark… your personal Moonlight will light up your way and you will find it coz you are the most intelligent Rowdy maths professor.. right??

    “” Chaand sirf raat ko nikal ti hai..
    Aur CHANDNI VI””.. but this chandni is Moonlight as well as sunshine of your life..

    Amazingue​ dialogue delivery by Barun..❤❤❤?????????????

    Chandni comes up with the most logical question. For our society…””why system is such that girls have to leave their house after marriage””…. I also want to ask this..

    When AdvaY came in her bedroom..
    That scenes were just out of this world..
    That attitude.. that king like entry. Like he owns her….. aahh i can die for this man..

    “Tum? Aap yehan kya kar rehe hain??
    Kyun??? What do you think??Sirf tum dusro ki kamre mai ghuss sakti ho???””

    Oh ho hoo.. Someone holds me .plz
    When AdvaY gets on the bed… What a scene.. i never expect that..❤❤ n got an heart attack..
    Nasha was not in Noddle AdvaY.. nasha is in you…
    Chandni was begging AdvaY to go but i feel like l she is begging AdvaY to stay. Mixture of both the feeling… brilliant acting ..shivani..
    The way chandni feels her AdvaY and his feather like touch.. she was mesmerized and hypnotized… Not only CHANDNI but also we guys.. ?????
    Raate main stars ki jagaha SUN dikh rehi thi mujhe….
    And when AdvaY said can i lift you ” bhagyaban”.. the way chandni nodded… And the after Smile on AdvaY’s face…so innocent….
    “”Don’t complain..I lifted you after taking your permission””… Awwww soo sweet …

    I literally skip a million numbers of heart beats… It was so beautiful .. brilliant mind blowing acting by NIVAY.. Awesome chemistry ….

    And that nok jhok… 100 rupees note is very heavy… Really AdvaY??.. when AdvaY is about to… “”Excuse me eveyone..””. And chandni did the most sweetest this putting her hand on AdvaY’s mouth… And hav an mesmerising eyelock….. Ravva ve… Kya karen… …????…iss pyaar ko kya naam dein..??
    Loved their fire flies stars wali scene.. chandni was lost in his gesture..and advay was lost in chandni..

    “Nind chand ko aaye agar to, taaro ki ye sej boht hai
    sambhal ke rakhna haath chandni, raat ka manga tez boht hai.”..
    His concern is evident.. he is warning her..
    And dupatta rasam was done beautifully​…
    Well done ADVAY..

    I have a question like shikha …
    Why is pp baba so desperate to marry chandni?? Is it only love at first sight??? Or something big is being planned by Indrani??
    Skikha ne mikku k sath kya kiya pata nehi chala…
    Missed mikku’s prank..
    Precap is very interesting…kal kya big karne wala hai AdvaY???..

    Iss suspense wali precao ko kya naam doon…..

    Love #ipkknd3❤❤❤
    Amazing chemistry # loved NIVAY..
    AWESOME Acting
    @barun sobti..

    1. That attitude.. that king like entry. Like he owns her….. aahh i can die for this man??

      Loved every bit of the review!!! Mar gaya! Daytime do work in rote and at 8 pm lose senses???

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…”iss precap ko planning twist ka naam doon” yaar. Advay is planning like old Mother in law buy with excess use of modern technologies. This is not gonna work. He have to plan big…real BIG to stop the marriage or change the groom.
      #Love NIVAY…LOVE ASR….

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      It’s just a trailer i guess…
      Mr Ajeeb Singh Raizada , kuch na kuch to ajeeb karenge…
      Advay is trying to be in Indrani’s good book..

      Kuch to big karenge convince that Indrani… Chandni to pehle se hi stamped out ho chuki hai..

    4. Radhika.k

      Yaa sunanda……hamare ROWDY MATHS PROFESSOR bahut intelligent hai!!And ya jab advay room mein aaya i was very sure that kuch toh hone wala hai…….but achanak se he jumped on the bed…….that was really a heart attack coz not at all expected!!!I was still not believing that he really chadofied……..aur voh bhi chappals ke saath…..hamara chodo…think abt chandu!!!even she would have missed millions of heartbeat on that very instant action!!!
      100rs wala note convo…..funny tha!!their eyelock was absolutely much mesmerizing…..
      PP Baba is desparate to maary his moonlight…….i think first sight wala love hi hai…..bcoz they showed in friday’s episode…jab chandini was drinking water n that fell on her clothes….he was keenly looking at her…..jis tarike se dikha rahe the…i think vahi hai!!But i donno whats going on indrani’s mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Iss suspense wali precap ko kya naam doon…….have to wait today till 8!!
      Love NIVAY!!

  18. Heylo all astha u all fine noe asr ko dekh ke gir vir tho nahi gayi… hehehe.. he was so good…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku…Yeah I didn’t fell down from couch because I have already fallen in love with him years back. So no more chance of falling down(wink wink)!!!

  19. For all you youngsters that adore this show, you really need to go back to Season 1 and watch the amazing chemistry between Khushi and Arnav. It was totally natural and not forced. Watch their eyes. Unfortunately, Barun does not have it in Season 3. You may not be able to understand it…so sorry for you to not see it or experience a great story.

    1. FYI I’m not a youngster! I am a decade older than Barun. And I have watched season 1 a million times. In the beginning of that show too there was not any particular connect. And Barun has this romantic expression for anyone be it Kushi, Meera(Tanhaiyaan), Aliya(main aur Mr.Right) or even that girl in Dry Dreams! He is a consummate actor and lives the role whichever he does! If you can’t see it, it is your problem! Let those who watch this enjoy! There is no need for recommending season 1 to us! If Sanaya can do other shows after IPKKND 1, why don’t you accept the same for Barun. We are the “Move on” category! Take your thoughts with you! Thank you very much.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      NoyB…to be honest..I don’t like Sanaya’s eyes. Her eyes are so deep inside and looks shrunken. Her eyes are not so talkative as compared to Barun. Any ways we have watched ipkknd-1 and are not going to miss ipkknd-3 just because Sanaya is not a part of it. Loved ARSHI then but love NIVAY now.
      Waise bhi tumne sahi kaha hai…hum nahi samajhte why people are still living in 5 years back and not in present!!!! Perhaps this thing you will not understand. Balance equation…skeleton equation.
      May be ipkknd-1 was a GREAT story but its due to the hard work of producer,director, script writer, camera men, designer, spot boys, assistants then actors…and we all know truth that Sanaya was not the only actor.
      We don’t want to ponder over it presently…We want ipkknd-3 to be a normal not so GREAT story with Amazing Singh Raizada in it. and you don’t have to feel sad about us in case any one missed ipkknd-1, hot star is there.
      Hey listen one more thing…let me tell you..if you want more of ipkknd-1 then you can watch “BOJHENA SE BOJHENA” its amazing ASR story with more of Arshi….memory loss..madness in it. Khushi marrying Shyam too and ASR tolerating all that till a last minute cancelation of marriage. Amazing hai dekh lena for sure.
      Thank you.

    3. Riana

      Astha did u saw “BOJHENA SE BOJHENA”…?????…It was dammm superb….naa ??

    4. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Go back???? How…
      Past is past..
      It’s 2017…
      No place for Arnav and khushi…

      It’s time for AdvaY and CHANDNI.. our adorable couple.. NIVAY ❤❤❤❤…

      MAYBE we r youngster s, may be we r aunties, maybe we r middle aged women..
      But one thing is common ..

      We r not blind.
      We r not egoistic and adamant like SOME SET of people.
      We have open mind..and treat everyone as human beings.. not personal property..
      We are not living in past..

      You won’t understand.. that needs a clear heart.. and brain

      We watched ipkknd season 1.. Arnav and khushi’s chemistry wasn’t not built in a day or a month…
      Ipkknd season 3 is not even a Month old.. and you guys start giving judgement???

      Wow.. !!! BTW who is interested in your judgement.??

      … Go and see a good eye specialist..
      It’s 2017 not 2011.. your eyesight got bad i guess.

    5. Sunanda! Full blast ?? ??????

    6. Riana

      I think Shivani is more natural than Sanaya…Shivani’s dialogue reproduction is straight forward…Whereas sanaya’s one is just okay…And u r saying all this as bcoz u r from that club #NoSarunNoIpkknd but let me tell you that Ipkknd 3 n ipkknd its have no comparism…Barun is asr in both season…but one was arnab n two is advay !…And i like Advay more now…???

    7. ??????Rianna

  20. Only when they show closeup shot of Barun, it is very clear that he is turning old and not looking like in IPKKND1. He seems like either slept for long time or had drink last night. Also i think shivani must be very young to Barun, that it looks that way.
    This serial has just started so chemistry is not yet felt.
    IPKKND1 made me to sit and stare at the jodi. Here i close my eyes or feel like avoid intimate scenes.

    1. IPKKND FAN 2017

      IPKKNDFAN93….Thank God at last you accept that Barun has move on 5 years with his look and acting skill. People changes with time and we are glad the same happened with Barun who moved on and his elder mature look is screaming it aloud.
      Barun has not slept well from long time due to busy shooting schedule and I know he drinks daily-” Water, juice, tea, coffee” . So he drinks daily like I drink and I know every one should drink daily. I think you are too ancient to look intimate scenes so you must not watch such intimate romance scenes..
      Have a nice day…May God bless you with good positive energy. Kaas main keh paati tumse-” Nice meeting you” but I don’t wish to..

    2. ???????

    3. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Bravo.. kuddos to u…????????????

    4. Nivika

      Wah wahh ..kya muh tod jawab diya hai ??????????

    5. Riana


    6. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Its you astha.. I didn’t Know YAAR

    7. Sunanda_Guchhait

      Please consider the year.. it’s 2017… Not 2011.
      He will grow old naturally.. right??..

      But if growing old means today’s ADVAY SINGH RAIJADA…
      I would love to see much more older BARUN sobti… The graceful drop death gorgeous ….sobti…

      Love u @Barun sobti aka ASR

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey girls…its me yaar. The “IPKKND FAN 2017” is me. who else did you thought will bash some bashers with sarcasm!!!

    9. Riana

      Are u from past or what ??…Its been 8 years since ipkknd …And barun is much much better than 2011’s barun…And i know that this tantrums from u guys to close the show…BUT IT WILL NOT STOP !

  21. Hey’s ok..comment whenever you are free..Hey singh raizada..we got another name 4 ASR…ha sunanda..shayad..pyaar bhi technology laga ke hi karega ???

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa…….Mr.TECH SINGH RAIZADA!!!!its very hifi type na……vaise hamare ASR ke liye it suits……His works are PyaarTech(pyaar+technology)…….or Love tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Riana

    Hey guys (Astha…Fenil…Radhika K…Manu…Antara…Sunan…Pinku…Yazhu…) how are u all ??…And how was the episode??…Actually i didnt saw the episode due to fever…?☺️

    1. Radhika.k

      None is fine here yaar!!!sabko heart fever aa chuka hai……KAL KE EPISODE KO DEKH KE……..Nivay rocked the show….OMG!!!
      U didn’t watch the episode…kya bol rahi hai????IT was amazing yaar…..i hope u see it soon!!u will enjoy every bit of the show… was that damn interesting n amazing!!!!!
      U have fever…….:sad: Take care dear and hope u get well soon!!!!Love ya..

    2. Take care dear!

    3. Riana


    4. Aastha_Reddy

      You must watch it soon Riana..Its heart attacking.

    5. Riana

      I want that attack…??

    6. Yazhu

      Hi Riana…how’s your health now… Hope you’re recovering…. Get well soon dr ?????
      about the epi… If you watched it… I’m sure you would’ve got a heart attack…. ASR attack ?????

      Take care dr… ??

    7. Riana

      Hey yazhu…all of ur prayers r working…i am a bit fine now…thanx to these hilarious pain reliefing comments…???…

      Yah i watched it later onnn… was just ????????

  23. @NoyB ..we all did watch season 1..hame phir se dekh ne ki zaroorat nahi hai..we really luvd season 1 and sarun jodi too..we were mad for season too..why u people r stuck over der..move on…accept season 3…dis is entirely diff plot..try to see their hard work…and ya barun is d same as he is in season 1..agar woh sanaya se jodi nahi hai ab aap logon ko uski acting bhi achi nahi lag rahi..he is a brilliant actor..

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa absolutely agee wid u!!!!love nivay!!

    2. Nivika

      Ryt said manu..he is a brilliant actor…#Nivay r doing great job?????

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Snehal… my niece in your dp is so cute.
      #Love NIVAY…

  24. Riana

    By seeing the written updt….I think the epi went fabulous..??

    Ohh godd…from Advay’s gets all these…he is only a maths proffesor or a billionaire like our SSO !…

    I saw the yesterday only the last part and precap…but the presentation of showing graphics has changed…and it turned like Ishqbaaz…like that scene were advay’s was at middle…chandni was at behind n all…


    #Love NiVay ❤️

    1. Radhika.k

      Afterall its GK’s show na…… we r seeing similarities here n there!!!
      Hope u watch the show soon it was not fabulous!!!It was fantafabulos<3<3
      Love barun forever!!!!!!!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Riana…the story, title and actor are different but after that ipkknd is also a product of four lion production house with the same team of technicians like Ishqbaaz is. It had to happen. We have to accept it.
      ASR is a billionaire or not is not important, important is he is a self made man. Of course he have more money then PP Baba for sure and more brain power too.

    3. Riana

      Mmm…tru said !

  25. Nivika

    Hello guyzz…how r u all….this show is really great..loving this show sooo much..its amazing…..?????
    Show is superbbbbb asr and chandni’s acting is superbb????
    The chemistry bet MSC(meghna shikha and chandni) is soo amazing..they look really great….
    I have one que…there r sooo many fans of ipkknd 3..then also show is not gaining excepted trp…why?why???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh Snehal…I thought MSC to be us you know-” Mathematics Students Club” but its alright for Meghna-Shikha-Chandni.
      The low trp is ego problem of fandom. Nothing to worry. new people will surely join fandom foe sure to support this new pair.

  26. hello everyone,
    feeling a bit sick, so not going to say a lot
    the episode was truly romantic
    advay’s actions were very intimidating but also cute
    chandni look really confused to me, she wants to get married to PP just for her family
    shikha needs to change her language, it doesn’t suit her
    the other sister, she likes every single guy
    anyway overall a slow but effective episode

    waiting for tonight’s episode
    hope u r all doing well

    1. Radhika.k

      Dii…..feeling sick????take care dii!!hope u will get well soon!!
      Vaise even i am sick after seeing yesterday’s episode but i don’t wanna get well<3<3
      Its true chandini's feeling r mixed one!!!Hope that She will soon figure it out!!
      #LOVE BARUN!!!!!

    2. thank u radhika, yes i will
      yeah she needs to get herself straight

    3. Take care!!!

    4. i will, thank u

    5. Aastha_Reddy

      Take care of your health Sophie dear.

    6. i will, thank u astha

  27. Hey gd..get well soon dear..take care..yesterday’s episode was ??u should definitely watch it..

    1. Riana

      ??…i will defintely watch it soon !

  28. Haha..astha..fenu bhaiyya aap ko kaise bhool jate..nahi..tum toh is page ki jaan hi sad ya at still they r comparing with season 1..minus samaj nahi ara..why dey r not getting over it..gul mam and barun,shivani are working vry hard..gul mam kaunsi bhi serial kare barun ke sath vus mein sanay ko hi lena hoga kya..acc to d storyline she will select d cast..anyways w8ng for marriage wil b interesting how advay wil get rid of dat pp will he marry chandini..yesterday full of nivay scenes..luvd it..mikku is not seen since so many days..missing his character..his pranks and w8ng for brothers bonding

    1. Radhika.k

      Yaa i agree wid ur point!!!But still ppl not agreeing with this!!!I feel really sad that they r unable to see the good n interesting part of the show!!!!Everytime they can’t act like the same!!
      N manu even i am missing mikku yaar……i love him also alot!!
      #love nivay.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Its hurtful truth yaar…Rudra was right… “Bhaiyya shaadi ke baad paraya dhan” hojaate hain. Mujhe bhool chuke hain fenu bhaiyyu and its truth now..Chodo main kaun hoti hoon.
      Ha ha ha…I started my drama queen role after so many days. We used do lot of this emotional attyachar type drama on pkj with Amayaa. It was such fun.
      They are going back with time story machine of Suriya.
      Let bashers rot in hell if they know anything good other then attacking Gul Khan and Barun Sobti. Hume unn logon se koi fark nahi padta. #supporting “MOVE ON” – Barun Sobti…

  29. Hey astha manu sunanda riana nazneen hru all… haan raina n manu am doing good…. just so sleepless with my baby…. arey asr rocks men

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Pinku… so Mrs. Reddy is sleepless. #feeling sharing with Rudra bhayya.. Aww..
      so sweet mummy. Hota hai…hota hai…

  30. Hi snehal..welcome to d ipkknd family..njy d show and keep commenting..I guess they r not watching d show on prime time 8′ o clock..isi liye trp vaisi..hi pinku..hw is ur baby..hey guys watched new promo..its about shaadi baraat..I haven’t seen it properly..break pe aya tha promo..last mein dekha..u guys check out

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Manu…you too saw it during second break of ishqbaaz @11:48 AM before some minutes right!!! I too saw toh bajega jaroor. matlab he has planned some thing big this time. Yahoo….dancing time yaar.

    2. Nivika

      Thanx manu… r u

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