Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 10th July 2017 Written Update: Chandni agrees to Advay’s condition

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indrani/Jiji conducting the pandits bhoj. Few men come to take money. Indrani signs Chandni. Chandni asks the men what happened. The men ask for extra money, else they will take everything back. Chandni tells her uncle Rajit that she has paid total amount and bought the items. Pandits asks what’s this noise. Indrani says I will go and see. Advay looks on.

Rajit asks the men to leave. The men ask him to call Indrani. Indrani comes and slaps the man. She scolds him for taking her name, standing at her door. The man says rates have got higher now, give us the right rates else we will take bhoj things from pandits, your respect will be ruined. Chandni thinks if they enter the house, family respect will be ruined. She gets Advay’s call. He says respectable people are scared of insult than death, I can stop this insult if you agree to me. She says tum to…. He says elders are referred by Aap. She says I will do what you say, give me some time.

The men ask Indrani to pay money, else they will enter the house. Indrani blocks their way and says I will see who enters this house in my presence. Advay calls the man and says your work is done. All the men sign each other and leave. Rajit says great Jiji, your name has shaken them up. Indrani says how did they go so easily. Chandni says leave all this, see bhoj, making maha pandits won’t be good. Advay comes. Chandni sees him at the door. She sees the bhoj going on and goes upstairs. Advay follows her. They meet at the terrace. She asks why did you call me here. He says you are great actor Chandni, I have seen many people lying but I have seen you living a lie, that you are an innocent girl, I would have got cheated if I did not know you. She says but you don’t even know me. He says I know you well. He recalls her words. She asks why are you doing this. He says I did not do anything yet and leans on her to say I have to play many games with you.

She says I don’t know why you are doing this, I did what you said, I came on terrace, now let me go. He says world is too bad, you should not go alone, I will drop you down. He holds her hand. She gets away. She says don’t touch me and runs downstairs. Advay gives a foot and makes her fall. He holds her in arms. Rabba ve…..plays…..

Pandits ask what’s happening here. Everyone gathers. Pandit says the girl whose shuddi karan is done, the girl who has to do maha aarti, is her character like this, did Indrani call us to show this. Kajal and Shakun comment. Chandni runs to Indrani. Rajit asks how did you come here. Advay says by terrace Mausa ji. Kajal and Shakun react on this. Rajit asks what do you mean, how did you come here. Advay says Chandni called me. They all get shocked. Rajit asks Chandni did she call him. Advay asks Chandni to answer Mausa ji, none can change truth, truth is truth. Chandni gets tensed. Advay says see you later Mausa ji and leaves….

Indrani says sometimes what’s seen is not true and what’s true is not seen, this was not true. Shakun asks Chandni why did she call Advay on terrace. Rajit says you are already defamed, why did you call him. Kajal says if you have so much fire in you, get married. Shikha asks her to stop it. Shakun says till she says who is this new guy, she won’t go. Kajal asks what was she doing with that guy with beard. Indrani says enough, none will ask anything to her, I trust my daughter, when you were listening to that guy, I heard my daughter’s silence, she is innocent, she won’t do anything that ruins this family respect. Chandni cries and says I did not do anything Maa. Indrani says no need to say anything, I understand everything without your saying. Chandni hugs her. She goes with her sisters. Kajal says big incident happened with Chandni and even today, Jiji always saves her, our respect will be ruined because of her.

Its night, Chandni and Advay stand at the window and see the moon. Advay does shayari. He says Chandni is a fraud, she is a riddle. He recalls her lies. She recalls his words and cries. Advay thinks you won’t be able to do maha aarti tomorrow. Chandni thinks I have to do maha aarti tomorrow, nothing wrong should happen.

Advay and Chandni’s posters shock everyone. Candni cries and runs. Advay comes in her way. He says I told you, this is just the start. Pandit ask Yash where is Chandni, if she does not come here, maha aarti can’t happen. Chandni runs on the road and falls down. Advay thinks Chandni can’t have courage to show her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Sunanda guchhait

    Today’s terrace scenes are awesome. Cvs are holding suspense for too long and they should bring more AdvaY- chandni scenes coz jiji and her sisters are little annoying for me. And also i feel like 30 min is not enough for this show. I mean pata hi nehi chalta kab khatam ho geyi. Now have to wait for Tuesday .. pata nehi kab ayegi..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sunanda…Tuesday kab aayegi!!! lol. Impatience for Ipkknd with love over loaded.

    2. Sunanda guchhait

      Very impatient.??. and why not yaar.. after all it’s Barun. ??????????

  2. Fenil

    Hello Everyone !!

    Aflatoon Episode.

    Advay play first great move of his revenge an raises doubt into Pandits minds.

    Mausaji kitna sweet laga sun ke.

    Thanks Dears for your good response on OS.

    Sorry for not commenting on last episode.

    1. Riana

      Really it was an aflatoon epi ?

    2. Fenil

      Hello Raina.

      Yes Episode was Aflatoon.

      How are u ?

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu bhaiyyu Hi… lol mausaji sounds sweet ha ha ha…
      Ma ma ma mausa for Rajit, the same lyrics male version of Ma ma ma mausi.

    4. Fenil

      Hii Ashtha.

      Yes i like that lyrics for both male and female.

      Have u read my OS ChanduDev.?If u have time then read i would really like if u read.

    5. Riana

      I m fine ☺☺

  3. Hey guyzzz……what to say abt todays epi….that rabba ve scene???oh my god….fallen in luv wid ASR again….rest of the epi was ok….
    Advay’s shayri was ???… that indrani shows herself sumthing else bt actually her luv is jst fr d sake of that khazana maybe……
    Anyways jst wait nd watch fr d strory to unfold……gud nytttt every1

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hello Aayushi dear…it was more then better episode.
      # Advayic dream like me.

  4. Hey guys..hw r u doing..finally it’s’s episode was interesting..i luvd when advay said” zamana bahut kharab hai chelo mai tume niche tak chodta hoon”..and today’s rabba ve part was better dan previous ones..thoda kam tha phone bhi I luvd it..den when rajit asks advay kaha se aye..tho..chath se vus time ASR ka expression was fab..finally d last part it was amazing..shayari part barun nailed it..he carried out dat emotion very well..coming to precap..I guess chandini wil return for maha aarti…gd ngt everyone

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Manu…Fine yaar after watching Advay.

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    Advay Singh Raizada…this time hate and revenge dominated love as expected. The wau he smirked all the while shows his winning happiness as all the incidents are going according to his wish and planning with the brain power to take revenge.
    The men barged inside Vashist family…such loyalty sold with Money to Advay with out knowing his identity!!! ASR can do anything with money power.
    First tricked Chandni to come and meet him on terrace and then trapped her in the game of shameless accusation. Advay is burning in the fire of rage and revenge on Chandni and other side he is burning in his love for her, he still trust her like he trusted her the most outside from his family, so only he is dropping hints after hints at her face about his identity. Chandni…the soothing moon light and the burning sensation in Advay’s life are one…his Chandni.
    Chandni…meeting one stranger suddenly and then getting blamed from her aunts and all the other peoples at meeting the same strange stranger on stair, well falling in his embrace all this cause problems in her life once again after one and a half year. Still like her name she decided to finish Maha aarthi for her family. She is not thinking of her right or not!!!
    Like she said….” truth is truthful and its only one”- the truth is its not her right to do Maha aarthi when the real person having that special right is all back with life.
    The most funny thing is “Maa ma ma mausi”…Completely suited the two owl lady.
    Costume cartoon of the day, Easy target of Shivani Shirali is Ketki Kadam in the black dress and tied hair at the role of Shikha.
    The last few minutes shows the poetic sense of Advay with his shayaries too well and emotionally weak yet strong.(I will teach those shayaries to Dad so that we can tease mom during our funny time).
    Precap is action scene of all the promises Advay made to himself for taking revenge in front of us against Chandni.
    During eye lock scene in stair case I was think about poor camera man…Raju Goli sir…such a top view is always wow!!!
    The question “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ???”continues…

    1. Fenil

      Hey Ashtha.

      What to say about your comment style like as always perfect analysis.don’t know how u mange to picking up facts.

      Seriously, i like the way u write comment in almost perfect order.

      Advay’s sayari was good (2nd Old Omkara ,,missing him.):P:P

      Ab Thanks mat bolna warna i will get >:)>:).

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Fenu Bhaiyyu…I will not use “that word” for you ha ha..

    3. Deepu

      U r really awesome astha.. as u said I tried to see ipkknd but I cant their costumes are sooo weird nd sorry to say iwatched kasam Shivani’s acting is not dat good may be she can act better after sometime.. nd also I cant see barun’s hating nature when mu finishes in between advay nd chandni then I will watch.. Ur comments are lovely dear..

  6. Niharikamalhotra

    Today’s attraction…
    1.dadhi wala ladka…so hilarious Mausi…
    2.Terrace scene… Ohoo..
    3.after second break.. That shayari Ohio…took my breathe away…nd what…”ChAndni ko jalna hoga”….u just nailed it,mannnnn…
    4.nd gul wala flower…nd whatever…Ohio..
    ,So much strictness nd boldness in his eyes…nd wow atlast …ASR in white…loved him..
    6.Love the graphics of sunrise nd sunset …scenes of Allahabad….?
    8.Like every mom…our devilmom also loves chandni…nd how perfectly she saved her from the taunts of all those MAHANTs…or pandits…
    9..nd yup…how innocently chandni was looking at moon…oh good…
    Well…y every producer tries to show women inferior to men in the eyes of the lead actor…well…’s my personal opinion… See…I don’t think that chandni had spoken a lie…nd leave this…anyhow..they r just trying to suppress chandni’s character by proving her characterless..anyways I understand this is the first step…nd after some will b only chandni nd dev…
    Nd yeah…everything was fab..
    Precap….ohoooo poasters…I was murmuring… “” BAS ITNA HI BADA MILA POASTER LAGANE KO…AUR THODA BADA KAR DETE” . LOL..
    Well truly a full power pack…paisa wasool episode.. Nd finger crossed 4 tomorrow….
    Nd now a good ni8 wish….



    GOOD NI8 ND blessings…
    for all die hard fan of IPKKND 3…
    Nd yeah…
    Plez don’t dare to throw tomatoes nd slippers on my lines..kyunki…
    Bhaiyo nd baheno. WO aapko hi wapas se lagenge…nd a huge sorry…with good ni8 wishes….bye all…
    Nd yeah finally bye…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Neha… Tomato is 120/ kg. so I will not throw rotten tomato at you also.
      Bye nahi… see you soon again bolte hai yaar.
      Sweet dreams.

    2. Niharikamalhotra

      @Astha Di..well yup 120/ .
      Anyways..yeah see u soon…but u can see that I was absent here…
      Nd don’t know when I ‘ll next episode on TV screen….
      Nd when I’ll cmt here…
      So till then…
      Nd yeah….I said bye not good bye
      So there r chances of my comeback..
      Anyways good morning Di…
      Nd yeah…tomatoes..
      Nd I liked that u read my lines…
      Thank u soo much..
      Nd yeah…hope 2 see u soon…
      Fine???isn’t it..??!!!

  7. Antara


  8. Riana

    Hi to all lovely ipkkndians ??…

    Advay’s killer expressions ??

    Mahants so called lecture…??

    Indrani slapping that guy…??

    Chandni fear not to touch herself ??

    Ma ma mausi…loool…??

    Advay calling “Mausa ji”….?????

    Precap: Same revengeful Advu…??…Chandni is on road ??

    Overall awsome episode…???

  9. I think shivani is better than sanaya in this series…she is awesome and perfect for this role…

    1. plzzz don’t compare them
      u may be a shivani fan but plzz it hurts our sentiments
      sanaya is sanaya no one can match her

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeah…. the truth is only one i.e. Sanaya is Khushi and Shivaani is Chandni. Both are good in their places. #love ipkknd.

    3. Sunanda guchhait

      I agree. It’s not good to compare sanaya and Shivani. I m neither sanaya’s fan nor shivani’s. Both are very good yaar. And we all are die hard fan of BARUN SOBTI- Automatic Smiling Reagent (ASR) for us.. so whoever comes with him, we will love them and support them. so enjoy the show.

  10. Hey astha raina suvarna…. super comments yaar…. but seriously too long they r dragging this suspense…. i didnt watch the episode tom i will watch n then comment….. bye all IPKKND fans…. n astha special bye n ASR dreams to u ….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinku… I will have one Advayic dream lol thanks yaar for the dream offer. # With LOVE

  11. tania-the fairy

    hi everyone.honestly I did not like that.I mean Advay has anger in his eyes along with he has put chandni into more problem.this shows his hatred is bigger than love.
    Now what will happen if she does not do aarti.

    I hope Advay will not be so cruel towards her that will end up taking her life.
    now everyone will hate her after maha arti if she don’t do that.jiji may tun negetive for this reason.
    The only thing sis’s will remain same.I hope they don’t turn negetive ever.they are soo cute. there moment is so enjoyable.I really like them.

  12. tania-the fairy

    I think in the end he will end up by marrying her.
    then a new love or story may start.

  13. Finally Monday came. I was waiting 4 2day. Da epi was soooooo good. Luved da terrace scene wid rabba ve.

    2day Advay was in both SSO nd Om look. Luved his revenge come luv nd luved his shayri.

  14. Ofcrse astha after watching advay hame teek hona hi padega…I agree sanaya is khushi and now shivani is chandini..cmplt 2 diff roles and storyline..we should not compare and mix up these two..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Yeah Manu fantastic feeling comes after watching the handsome face of Automatic Smile Reagent.

  15. An amazing episode. Yes Astha I think you are that Advay is giving hints about his identity but I think chandini should feel his presence of Dev when ever he meets Advay because he was her childhood friend and she still remembers him and that dialogue “bade ko aap keh kar bulate hain”I think after Maha Aarthi being done by him if it happens so she will have a doubt about him.
    Coming back to the episode it was just amazing except those jijis sisters I mean how can they blame chandini as being a family they should know about chandinis character and the support from her sisters was great .
    Maha thanks for your warm welcome!
    I will keep commenting

  16. Yeah astha u r right..comments r decreasing guys..

  17. Nice episodes

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