Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Paragi Becomes IAS Officer

Iss Mod Se Jaate Hain 18th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Paragi and Sanjay complete pooja and take elder’s blessings. Pramod and Baby frown. Sanjay thanks Bholenathji for helping him perform pooja with his wife. Sushma prays Bholenathji to give some good conscience to her son and let him realize his responsibility and move on in life like Paragi is moving ahead in life. Paragi says maa is right, he should concentrate on his work. Pramod comments she is to intelligent to hold Sanjay and acting as forcing him to go with family. Sanjay asks family to reach the airport, he will drop Paragi to academy and reach airport later. Pramod asks what if he misses flight. Paragi asks Sanjay to go with family as she can go by herself. Vinod asks Sanjay to drop Paragi and then reach airport. Sanjay thanks Paragi for reaching temple on time and saving his dignity in front of his mother. They pray together. Sanjay says he will drop her outside temple and then separate. She says they will reunite again after a few day and walks out holding his hand.

Chandana is busy reading holy scripture keeping cupboard keys aside when Shiva steals keys using a magnet. Paragi wallks towards camp thinking everyone must have reached the airport by now. Sanjay walks to her. He asks why didn’t he go as everyone must be waiting for him at airport. He says her love didn’t let him go. He lifts and romances her with Haan Mere Paas Tum Raho, Jaane Ki Baat Na Karo.. song. She then realizes it was her imagination and smiles.

Shiva and Anshul steal Chandna’s file. Paragi returns to her camp. Batra stops his car and says she has 2 good news for her, good news is he is leaving as his guest lecturer tenure is over and bad news is they will meet soon in real world to complete many tasks together. Paragi thinks she is preparing herself to face real challenges and hopes she never sees his face again. After 3 months, Paragi completes her training and gets an award of best student. Everyone clap for her. She takes oath to submit herself to serve the country selflessly and chants Jai Hind. She with teary eyes that she was just Paragi Pathak 3 months ago and now she is IAS Paragi Pathak who will return to her family.

Sanjay rejoices hearing the news and kissing Paragi’s pic welcomes her bag. He gets ready hurriedly to meet her. Deewana Dil Deewana.. song plays in the background. Paragi also imagines Rumi as Sanjay and hugs her. Sanjay dances around house in excitement leaving Sushma and Pramod frowning. Paragi traveling in cab towards home imagines Sanjay in bike and thinks when will she reach home. Baby and Pramod vent out their frustration badmouthing about Paragi as usual. Paragi reaches home and shows her trophy to Sanjay and says its his win. He hugs her emotionally. She says she missed him a lot, he was her support and this trophy belongs to him. Sanjay kisses her forehead and salutes her.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: MA

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