Island Amorgos : The Mysterious Island

Hi!This is my first attempt to write an story on adventure.So please pardon me for any kind of mistake.


“C’mon guys,walk fast.We have to explore a lot,” I said to my mates as they were getting slow with each passing seconds,we had been walking for hours through this island hoping to see at least one of the mysterious  creatures of this island.By this island I mean by Island Amorgos.We came here for…umm…for kind of a adventurous trip but these wasn’t like any of our fun adventurous trip.This one was kind of a serious & dangerous trip.We all knew this island have some dangerous mysterious creatures because of which no one till now went back from this island.Even after knowing all these we decided this trip,why?Because we wanted to those creatures.We all had an thirst to know more about these creatures,especially I.So,we planned this trip and fortunately we knew some people who were trying to know about the creatures of this island.And when we told them that we would like to get them the information although they at first weren’t ready to help but then agreed to help us by providing us necessary arms and technologies.And finally after getting prepared for a week we started for this journey.  “What are you thinking Emma?” asked Cassie“Nothing important.It’s just this island is more bigger than I thought,”  I replied.I had the idea that the island was really big.We were told about it but i never imagined it to be this big. “Well, and also I guess much more dangerous than you thought,”said my bestie Jane finally increasing her speed.She was right .This island was filled with mysterious creatures about which we knew nothing .We didn’t even know if we were going to get out of these island alive.We all can be dead before even exploring the island properly .We know it we’ve been warned a lot of time before starting for this dangerous adventure.But still we chose this adventure.Why?Because it is us and we love doing things that other people don’t like.Don’t think that we aren’t scared or afraid.We are more afraid than you can think and we were this much scared and afraid from the time we decided this adventure but we wanted to enjoy it too and to say the truth we were enjoying it. “But we still haven’t seen anything dangerous.We didn’t see a single living thing here,” I heard Clara saying ,“Well except us and these plants.”I was thinking that too and the matter that we haven’t seen anything dangerous was giving us the hope that we won’t see anything dangerous.But I didn’t have the right to give them this hope as I know…we all know that those dangerous &harmful creatures were waiting for us somewhere out there and so I couldn’t give them the hope.  “Consider this as the silence before the storm girls,”I said and increased my speed a little bit more.“Hey, slow down a bit bestie,” said Sophie, my another best friend,”We are tired lets take rest for some time.”She was right,we all were tired but we couldn’t dare to take some break now.We’ve have to reach some safe place where we can pass the night.We can’t just keep roaming around the forest at night.”This forest is more dangerous at night” I remembered   Brett saying to me.So I couldn’t just let them roam around in the night.We needed to find a safe place to stay before it starts getting dark.And the conclusion of all these was that we weren’t going to take rest now. “We’ll take rest for sure but not now,”I said to them.“Then when?”asked one of our mates,Cassie.“We’ll take rest once we find a suitable,safe place to pass the night,”I declared.“No,” they all groaned at me together.I turned to them and I literally wanted to laugh seeing their faces,they should have seen it too.The horror in their faces made me think that they saw a ghost.I was trying heard to supress my laughter that’s when I heard Jane saying dramatically.”Please tell me these isn’t going to  happen,” I heard  Jane saying dramatically.I approached to her in the same way “I’m afraid my lady but this is going to happen.” And then we all burst out into laughter.Well you may think how can one laugh knowing that they were in a dangerous island full of unknown dangerous creatures.That’s the power of friendship.Friends can make u feel good even in the worst situations and here the situation wasn’t even that bad yet.

End of the 1st chapter.Hope you liked it if you did so please press the like button and let me know if you want me to write more.

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