ISHRA is the best (chapter 2)

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scene1:the iyers cme there and c adi’s state
amma:aiyoo…adi!Kya hua!?
shagun:amma!nothing…adi fell into a hole!
shitija:haan amma!
appa:but how was there a hole in our garden?
raman:dont know!v r waiting for sme suspects to show up!
adi,ruhi,shravu,shitija:rishi,rohan and rohit!
ishita comes there pulling her sons’ ears.
amma:ishu!what r u doing?
ishita:this 3 of them r the reason for adi’s injury!
they all look at the 3 boys.

scene2:abhishek is n the police station and mihika cmes to meet him.
mihika:wow!my handsome pati is busy working here!
abhishek:hey mihika!Wen did u cme back from Chennai?
mihika:just now!came straight from the airport to meet u!
abhishek hugs mihika.
abhishek:missed u so much!
mihiika:me too…!
abhishek:i don’t think so
abhshek:u ddnt even call me.i was the 1 who was trying for u!
they smile and a constable come there.
constable:sir…there is a letter for u!
he gives the letter to abhishek and leaves
abhishek:whoo… think its frm my new girlfriend!

abhishek:just kidding!
mihika:i don’t believe u!show it 2 me!
abhishek:mihiku…its official!u cant c this!
abhishek read this and gets shocked.
mihika:what happened abhi?
abhishek:nothng!i need to go for sme important work.u go home 1st.
mihika:but I want to spend sme time with u!
abhishek:mihika understand. go 1st.
mihika goes and abhishek looks at the letter.
abhishek:how is this possible?

scene3:raman qns the boys.
raman:how did u do this?
rohan:v didn’t do anything.
ramaan:dont tell lie…
rohit:taauuji…v didn’t do anything.
raman galres at him.
rohit:okok!rishi asked me to do so!
rishi:no it was rohan.
rohan steps his feet and says:bala periyappa asked us to do so!
ad:pappa!these 3 saitans must have done this!just becos I didn’t agree to brng them to movie!
the three of them look at adi..
ishta:y r u looking at him?
mrs bhalla:ishita,raman!just leave it!its ok!
ishu:mummyji!how can v leaves this!look at adi!
shravu:do 20 push-ups!
shiitija:no 10 push-ups…
the 3 of them smile.
adi shravu and shitija grin.
ruhi:no need to do push-ups!its ok they r small kids!
adi:ruhi!keep quiet!
they start doing push ups when mihika enters!
mihika:what is happening?
ishu:hey mihiku!
they hug and mihika learns what happened.she seeks the elders blessing and goes to the boys
mihika:y did u do this?
they look at her and she kisses them.

scene4:abhishek is talking to Pathak.
abhishek:the judgement was granred for 15 yrs!together with all his misdeed!nut how cme he came out in 10yrs.
Pathak:what to do know?
abhishek:i have to inform raman that ashok is out!
Pathak:yes but don’t tell ishita bhabhi or shagun!
Pathak:u know what they did 10yrs ago just for raman Bhai!now if they get to know this they will get scared!
abhishek:yes!v have to deal with this silently!v will inform raman and ask him to b safe!
Pathak:ok I will cme with u!
abhishek:no no! I stay there and no 1 will doubt! If u come they there will b sme problem! especially ishitaji will doubt!
Pathak agrees and abhi leaves!

scene5:rishi,rohan and rohit r in the kitchen.
rohit:add it faster!
rohan:job done!
rishi:now shravu anna,adi bhaiya and shitija will b closed!
rohit and rohan:what!?
rishi:erm…I mean their taste buds will b dead for a few days!
rohan:but the rest will eat as well right?
rishi:dont care!i ust want them to suffer…
the 3 of the laugh…
its night and every 1 cme to eat…the 3 boys sit together and look at their targets.
mrs bhalla:y did u do halwa shagun?
shagun:mihika came back so me and ishita did this…
shravu:wow!shita chithi made this?its shuld b tasty!
the 3rs laugh silently.ruhi looks at them and thinks whats wrng.
adi takes a spoon full and he doesn’t move n stays still wit his spoon in his mouth…
shitija tastes a bit and shouts:OMG!!!!
shravu eats the halwa and spits and adi makng him cme back to reality…
the 3r culdnt control their laughter but maintains their so-called innocent faces.
ishita:wht happem!??

shravu,shitija and adi cough…ruhi tastes the halwa a bit and squints her face.
ruhi:ishimaa…these fellows mixed salt into the halwa!
they all look at the 3rs but they run to their room.ishita and shagun chase after them…just then abhishek comes.he calls oout fr raman.
abhi:what happen raman?
raman:arrey abhishek those 3 kids! very naughty!
Abhi:look at ths raman.
he gives the letter to raman and raman gets shocked.
raman:ashok is released?
abhishek:yes but me and Pathak don’tknow how!
raman:what now!?
abhishek:dont tell ishita and shagun!they will get tensed!u just careful.
abhishek:now I will take care of those kidoos!
he leaves and raman thinks on.

precap:raman is think and very tensed in his room.ishita comes there and asks him what happened.Raman hugs her and says that he will always b there with her and will nvr leave her.ishita gets shocked upon hearing his words.

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