Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 3 – Part 1 (new story)

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 3 part 1
Hi everyone so sorry I had some important work so I couldn’t post now let’s begin season 3 I’m excited keep on supporting me and commenting I personally thank you all for a beautiful season 1 and 2 now lets begin 3

A lady is seen wearing heavy jewelry
Lady: is the food made Ishita? Is the house clean Shivanya? Is the rooms cleaned pragya? Where are you three lousy ladies
Lady face is shown it’s amma
Amma: hurry up
Ishita is shown working like crazy
Ishita: amma will yell
Pragya also comes
Shivanya comes while cleaning with a broom
Pragya: ishita di why does mom treat us differently than her son
Shivanya: why ishita di
Ishita; I never knew why she is like this

Amma hears them
Amma comes in
Amma: you lazy fools you’ll get late for college get out and return early the house isn’t clean
Mr. Iyer: go and hurry I need you to do a lot of work today
The girls leaves in a teary eyes

Amma starts to cry
Mr. Iyer: stop crying I know it’s hard
Amma: I am teaching them how hard society can be it’s their future inlaws
Amma: I tried to fix rishta of them they declined because they have no manners and educated
Mr. Iyer also has tears
Mr. Iyer: it’s hard for us
Amma and mr. Iyer cry

Another household is shown
A lady is seen
Mrs. Bhalla: Khushi are you brother go do some work done don’t sit around you’ll become a lousy inauspicious
Khushi gets teary eye and goes
Mrs. Bhalla: I’m sorry Khushi beta but once you find why you will realize

Raman abhi and ritik are shown ready to go
Khushi: brothers
Raman: why are you about to cry
Abhi: did mom say something
Ritik: did she say something
Khushi: no mom didn’t say anything let’s get ready for college

Precap: college and couples meet and feel a connection
Spoiler: there is a twist

Thanks let me know how it and comment
This is part 1

  1. nice concept pls continue soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    i was shocked n felt sad when the girls got ill treated by mrs.iyer n mrs.bhalla.but amazing twist that they r doing this to make them strong n fit to live in the society.or do they have any other purpose behind it?

  3. Nice

  4. nice but short

  5. Siddhi

    Amazing pls continue pls pls pls

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