Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 30

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Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 2 part 30
Hi everyone I’m back sorry I was busy with exams now here we go again

Sitara: Arnav darling
Arnav: sitara
Sitara: I love you and I’m Sorry
ArnAv: I don’t love you anymore
Sitara: Arnav don’t go
Arnav leaves
Arnav: I love Khushi
Sitara gets frustrated and vows to get Arnav

Tanu: abhi baby
Abhi: tanu leave I don’t care about you
Tanu: how can I leave my baby
Abhi pushes her alway and leaves

Shesha: ritik I’m sorry
Ritik: shesha leave I don’t want you
Shesha: o ritik I love you
Ritik: leave
Shesha gets close
Ritik pushes her away
Ritik leaves

Ishita gets Raman message

Ishita goes into a flashback
A woman: they killed my sister
Ishita: what
Ishita comes out of the flashback

Shivanya recalls something
A man: naagmani will be mine you won’t protect it
Shivanya comes out and gets worried

Pragya sees something bad happening and Khushi sees someone death

All woman at once: has this happened before
Shivanya sees a tattoo on her neck then recalls something like a diamond shinning
Ishita sees someone hugging her and crying
Pragya sees a romantic place
Khushi also sees one beautiful place

Precap: all woman are confused why is that stay tuned to the story new story
The men start to get flashbacks as well
Guru is shown
Guru: it has started good vs evil

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  1. interesting and nice episode

  2. Jasminerahul

    Vamps are after the heroes.good that they pushed them away. Girls getting nightmares. Quite confusing.

    Can you please tell why you chose the name sitara instead of sheetal? Any reason?
    Can you please start your movie based ffs again? Please reply

    1. AHT

      I choose sitara for this fan fiction as well since when I did season 1 it was a villain a small girl who was turned evil for love sitara I thought of and chose sitara she has been main villain in season 1 and season 2 I didn’t want to change that

      1. Jasminerahul

        no no.what i meant is sitara is played by madhura.but her name was sheetal in ipk,not sitara.then why did u name her Sitara instead of Sheetal.bcz u did’nt change the names of other vamps .their names as same as same in their show.plz reply

        u did’nt reply about your movie based ffs.plz do reply

  3. AHT

    that’s a twist sitara name could be sheetal you don’t know wink wink
    Sitara will be holding a secret

    I don’t have time for movie based fan fiction I’ll try to from next week

      1. AHT

        Please comment on my fanfiction that I posted today I’m answering questions on it

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