Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 15

Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 15
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Yamini: Ritik and shivanya don’t know I have returned and that stupid shivanya is still a naagin I have to be careful from her she might try to protect her daughter one by one I will kill them and keep their daughter
Yamini laughs

A girl is walking towards balla house
Girl rings the doorbell
Ishita opens it
Ishita: yes who are you
Girl is stunned and is teary eyed
Girl: Ishi ma
Ishita: Ruhi
Ruhi: Ishi ma your back
Ishita: ruhi
Ishita hugs ruhi
Ruhi then hugs Raman and the family
Ruhi: come Ishi ma we have a lot to talk about
Raman: ruhi first come here for a second

Raman; don’t tell her about pihu how that all happened Shagun thing
Ruhi: don’t worry I won’t but pihu is

Raman: right time I will tell
Ruhi: you and Ishi ma should give us a baby now
Raman smiles

Ritik: shivanya why does shivangi need to be married your still a naagin
Shivanya: I know but I don’t want our daughter to experience this faith
Ritik: I agree with you
Shivanya hugs ritik
Tere sang pyar mein nahi Dolna plays

Abhi: fuggi give me a baby
Pragya blushes
Pragya: Abhi don’t be sarcastic
Abhi: what I want a baby I want our baby
Pragya smiles
Abhi: fuggi meri fuggi
Pragya: Abhi Mera abhi
Abhi hugs her
Kumkum bhagya plays

Arnav and khushi
Arnav: khushi let’s go
Khushi: where
Arnav: it’s time for our flight were going Paris today for honeymoon
Khushi: when did you plan this
Arnav: today I want a kid and I want you
Khushi smiles
They get ready
Arnav kisses khushi on the cheek
Iss pyar Ko kya Naan Doon plays

Shivangi recalls rocky and smiles
Shivanya: your in love right
Shivangi: no ma
Shivanya: the way your smiling you are who is it
Shivangi: yes ma I love rocky his badi ma wants to meet us should I call her
Shivanya: we will go there ok
Shivanya: yes first send your picture with us
Shivangi: yeah ma

Shivangi sends the pic

Rocky shows yamini
Rocky: this is the girl I wanna marry
Yamini sees it and is shocked
Yamini in mind shivanya
Rocky: this is her mom and dad
Yamini sees ritik and shivanya photo and is stunned
Yamini: beta call them go ahead

Yamini shows shesha and shesha is stunned
Shesha: if I don’t get rocky I will kill shivangi
Yamini: calm down kali naagin

Shesha leaves and reached somewhere
Shesha is in a place and breaks it
Avantika is shown
Avantika: shesha you
Shesha: yes me I am letting you put again
Avantika smiles

Precap: avantika shesha and yamini come together to get rid of ishra Abhagya Rivanya and arshi while couples get romantic

This story Will be way different than naagin 2 yhm iss pyar Ko kya naam Doon kumkum bhagya this story will give importance to all couples and villans

More Vilans are gonna come

  1. All couples planning for babies.romantic.what is pihu n shaguns secret?how did yamini become rocky’s badi maa?what is yamini’s new plan?who is avantika?

    1. AHT

      You don’t watch naagin do you

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