Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 14

Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story season 2 Part 14

Hello everyone sorry for the late update I was admitted in the hospital I was very sick now I feel better so let’s have a rocking episode please keep on commenting

Shivangi leaves from there
Rocky is seen walking down and recalls shivangi
Shivangi is going down and thinking about rocky
Tere sang pyar mein nahi Dolna plays

Balla house Raman room
Raman: Ishita dear
Ishita: hmm someone is looking quite hot
Raman: you know I can’t stand that now I wanna get close
Ishita: then get close Raman baby who is stopping you
Raman gets close and dance with Ishita on bulleya from ae dil hai mushkil
Raman then gets intimate with Ishita

Abhi room
Abhi: fuggi I am so happy to get you love
Pragya: Abhi come here
Abhi: no first we have to dance
Abhi takes Pragya hand and they dance on tum hi ho and abhi falls on Pragya they get intimate

Arnav room
Arnav: khushi
Khushi: hmm
Arnav: you ever loved someone
Khushi: yes you
Arnav: khushi
Arnav picks khushi up
A Zara kareeb se plays
They get intimate

Ritik and shivanya room
Ritik: why do you want shivangi married
Shivanya: because ritik I don’t want her to be a naagin
Ritik: okay but tonight your mine
Ritik dances with shivanya on jag goomeya
Ritik and shivanya get intimate

A woman is seen walking towards a frame
Woman: naagmani will be mine I will kill Ishita Raman Pragya Abhi khushi Arnav ritik and shivanya I get the naagmani from someone else
Woman laughs
A black snake Is slithering and appears
The face is shown
Shesha face
Shesha: Rocky should be mine you understand yamini raheja
Yamini face is shown
Yamini: okay he’s yours you have to get rid of the goodies the wedding will happen but you won’t be in it
Shesha gets angry and goes

Precap: ruhi is shown and she  comes to balla house couples get romantic yamini plan shesha “now I will do something it’s been 25 years”

  1. Siddhi

    It’s nice

  2. Jasminerahul

    this update was full of romance.loved it a lot.If shivangi marries Rocky how come she will not be a snake?Shesha wants rocky now,not girl.Yamini was dead.How come she is alive now?plz reply

    plz update ur sns ff too

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