Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 2 Part 13

Ishra, Abhagya and naagin love story part 13
HI everyone thank you for your comments and support and your confusion will be cleared since I have planned it out in this part it should be cleared and don’t worry the pairs will stay and will have twists so let’s see what happens

Shivanya: Ritik tell me the truth what happened
Ishita: yeah Raman tell us
Pragya: Abhi darling please
Khushi: yeah arnav

Raman: fine
Flashback is shown
Ishita shivanya Pragya and khushi are seen on the streets
Ishita: why did I leave
Ishita shivanya Pragya and khushi come under the car who ran over them and left
Raman Arnav ritik and abhi found them and bought them
Doctor: it can be many years till they wake up about 25 years
Raman Arnav ritik and abhi are shocked and cry

Shivanya moves
Ritik: shivanya
Shivanya: I have to save naagmani
Ritik takes her to the guru
Guru: a naagin might go in comma but they still move she has that much power that she is able to sense everything and she will defend naagmani

Raman cries near Ishita
Raman: come back Ishita
Abhi is near Pragya
Abhi: fuggi my love return please
Arnav: khushi

Guru: she will kill yamini your true mom
Ritik: what
Guru: yes she will do stapana your mom yamini got all of them in comma
Shivanya turns into a snake and goes to yamini and all of a sudden turns big and kills yamini and puts shesha behind the wall while tanu and sitara run away

Guru: shivanya will give birth since she is still running around if her son or daughter is a snake that only shiv ji will tell

Flashback ends

All are shocked
Amma comes and sees her daughter and hugs them
Amma: I missed you all
Amma: shivanya
Shivanya: Amma tell me was I meant to be a naagin
Amma: yes but you don’t have that power now
Shivanya: shivangi wedding must happen in 2 days

Abhi: we haven’t gotten a honeymoon yet and you want your daughter married what but we will have a kid right Pragya
Pragya blushes abhi hugs her
Raman: yes we will
Ishita: Raman
She blushes
Arnav: yes we must
Khushi smiles

Shivanya: to save her I must

On the other hand
Shivangi: can’t you see where you go
Boy: o mam of I hadn’t caught you you would have fell
Boy: I’m rocky
Rocky is shown
Shivangi: I am shivangi

Precap: Rocky feels a strong connection with shivangi the couples dance while a woman is shown saying she will get naagmani and then a snake is shown

Romance of the pairs will increase new twists of shivangi and woman and snake and pairs will have difficulty

  1. Jasminerahul

    since shivanya was a snake even in come stage she was powerful,thats how she killed yamini n delivered shivangi.gud that shesha is caught.hope other vamps too will b caught.abhigya was rocky is shivangi’s guy.whom r they finding 4 shivanya 2 get married to

  2. Siddhi

    Nice and please add romance of all couples soon

  3. Very nice

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