Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 6

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story a fresh start part 6

Hi everyone thanks for the support and comments do check out zaalima raees new song please since I’ll be including it a lot

Ritik drops Shivanya home
Ritik: you left your phone my Shivanya
Shivanya turns and goes to him
Shivanya: I have my phone
Ritik: I know
Ritik holds Shivanya
Shivanya: what
Ritik kisses Shivanya on the lips
Shivanya left stunned
Ritik: remember me forever
Shivanya smiles
Shivanya; what would I do without you
Ritik leaves
Ritik shouts; you and I would be incomplete

Ishita is outside her house
Ishita: your awesome
Raman: no awesome you awesome
Ishita: Raman
Raman: what else okay bye
Ishita: yeah I should go before Shivanya notices
Raman kisses ishita on the cheek and goes

Pragya is seen with abhi outside the house
Pragya: okay I’m going then thanks for the concert bye
Abhi: wait
Abhi hugs her
Abhi: your the best
Abhi: you and your tactics now go
Pragya runs in
Abhi smiles

Khushi is outside her house are
Khushi: okay I should go now
Arnav/ why should we you
Khushi : what
Arnav: nothing
Arnav hugs Khushi

Zaalima from raees plays

Ishita recalls Raman
Ishita: what’s gotten into yoj ishita
Ishita: do I love Raman
Ishita: I love Raman

Raman realizes her feelings
All couples feel for each other

Precap: all couples want to confess
Rivanya engagement is about to be fianaliZed
A stormy entry

Precap: a boy is seen
Boy: I won’t let u forget me ishita
Another person is shown
I won’t let you forget me Khushi
Another boy is shown
Your mine Shivanya and will be
And finally another person is shown
Your mine pragya you will be
Who are these people? Stay tuned new entries coming after these boys they’re will be another entries

  1. Jasminerahul

    Rivanya kiss was damn romantic.Ishra kiss was very sweet.Ishra realized their feelings 4 each men r entering as villains unlike the other ff where vamps r the main obstacles.always vamps everywhere,so having villains instead of vamps brings freshness

  2. so nice episode twist with boys aa

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