Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 9

Ishra abhagya and naagin love story season 4 part 9 

HI I haven’t posted the next part in over a year because of studies now I have decided I need to finish this season 4 so here we begin 

Riya walks away and goes to a hotel in the mirror looks at her self and says 

“What can I say? I hate ankit even ugh hate him so much he needs to leave I am using everything to my benefit and everyone. 

Riya laughs 

Someone speaks: even me 

Riya: no baby anyone but you 

THe guy hugh Riya 

Riya: hows my jaano 

The guy eye is shown he looks in his mid 20’s 

Riya: What about your other girlfriend is she gone ms Jeevika 

Guy: soon 

Riya: what soon Viren 

Karan Tacker is shown as viren 

Viren: ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai 

Riya: what 

VIren: just kidding I have to go bye 

Viren leaving makes Riya frustrated 


At bhalla house 

Mrs. BHalla walks down the stairs and slips 

Everyone comes there 

Ishita Pragya and Shivanya smirk 

Mrs. BHalla: hayee 

Ishita: killing costs killing 

Raman: did you say anything? 

Ishita no I meant take her to doctor 


Shivanya becomes a naagin in the middle of the road and breaks it so no way to doctor 

Shivanya grabs Mrs. Bhalla by the tail and squeezes her 

Ritik: let go of my mom 

Ritik throws pure water on her 

SHivanya face was never seen it was a naagin avatar and she runs away 

Mrs. Bhalla faints 


Shivanya: she got saved old lady 

IShita: now we have to go extreme 

Pragya: yeah lets start this 


Shesha, Yamini and Shagun, Tanu are seen 

SHesha: now our biggest plan will happen 

Yamini shagun and tanu laugh 


Precap: A big move by villans 

Shesha tries to roman ritik 

Shagun hugs raman 

Tara kisses abhi on the cheek 

Ishita shivanya and pragya see and get angry 

Riya in khushi mask  shows her anger to arnav and shocking him 

Arnav: khushi

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  1. Jasminerahul

    are riya viren lovers n viren faking love with jeevika?Shivanya hurting Mrs bhalla in naagin avtar was …omg.wonder what the vamps are planning

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