Ishra Abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 5

Ishra abhagya and Naagin love story season 4 part 5

Wedding day

Ishra abhagya arshi rivanya are seen in traditional wedding clothes

Appa is seen happy

Every boy is nervous

Raman is his head

Raman: this actor with me help for life but I love her

Raman smirks

Ishita in her head

Raman killing costs killing now you will pay the price

Ritik in his mind

I love you Shivanya and will keep you happy

Shivanya in her mind

Ritik you didn’t do right I’m a Naagin but I can’t consummate with you no

Abhi in his mind

My rockstar is with me

Pragya in her mind

Rockstar he is but doesn’t realize how deadly I can be

Arnav in his head

Khushi you are mine it’s a dream come true

Khushi in her mind

I love you a lot Arnav ji

The wedding vows happen

Ishra abhagya rivanya arshi

They’re is someone running in the jungle

The person is a boy but his face is covered

Man: help

Someone comes behind him

Man: help save me from this Naagin

A big snake is shown

Man face is shown it’s Ankit (Ankit Chaudhry)

Ankit: what did I do to deserve this

Snake turns into a women

Women: bye ankit

She throws him off a cliff

Her face is covered so she disappears

During the wedding the lighting thunder is heard

Everyone is anxious

Shivanya: killing

Ishita: costs

Pragya: killing

Shivanya: let’s start with Mrs. Bhalla

Ishita and Pragya nod

Ishita: soon Mrs. Bhalla it’s about to happen

Precap: suhaagraat will it happen

Shivanya rude to ritik

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    1. AHT

      Thank you

  1. Jasminerahul

    Who is ankit and which naagin threw him off cliff.why did she do this to him.

    1. AHT

      It’s a twist in the story will be revealed soon

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