Ishqwala love (ishq ka rang safed and saddha haq) Epi-3

The episode starts with Dhaani and randhir share some intimate moments together. Viplav sees this and cries.. He brakes the vase.. Dhaani hears this and comes out and sees viplav hand bleeding.. She puts oinment.. Bgm plays.. Viplav tells I love u… Dhaani holds his head and tells me too. Viplav asks then why r u marrying randhir? Dhaani tells for taking revenge. Viplav gets shocked.. Sanyu comes there and tells his love towards randhir.. He tells me too.. But I want to take revenge against dhaani.. Viplav asks for why? Dhaani tells anuj killed my father.. He tells kamini killed my mother..

Kamini and anuj comes there and speaks to themself about their last meeting.. Viplav tells the one who killed anuj wife was.. She itself. Anuj asks what nonsense? Viplav tells yes.. He shows a video to him.. He gets shocked and asks where did u get it? Anuj wife comes there.. He gets shocked..she slaps anuj and tells I left u becoz I thought u will grow my child in right path? But u destroyed his life.. Randhir comes there and hugs her and cries..

Dhaani hugs kamini and tells then what about my mom? Viplav tells he is alive.. He comes inside and hugs kamini and tells sorry for leaving her till now.. Kamini slaps him and smiles.. Dhaani hugs them..

Viplav asks for dhaani hand.. Randhir asks for sanyu hand. They both smiles at each other and they all dances for song.. They all comes to mandap. They both get married. They all takes blessing from elders and smiles for a pic.. Dhaani and viplav have a kiss.. Randhir and sanyu share kiss.. The show ends with happy note..

Sorry guys I thought of writing this ff for 15epi. But this epi is worst I knew.. But sorry.. Sorry.. Sorry.. I will come back with another ff by tmr for both shows.. Bye.

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Thus was the last epi?????
    But as u have studies nd all I agree that studies come frst so no prob…
    Hmm so sandhir’s and vidhaani’s marriage… Hmm it was gud….

    Luvd ur ff…but am sad that it ended so fast…???

  2. It was very very fast well good ending

  3. Ranaji u ended it so fast?? But I understand u r writing so many ffs and also u have to study. So all the best for ur ffs and also for ur studies. Coming to the episode it was a happy ending. It was a good episode.

  4. oh so sad that u r ending it but with a happy note…. kalakitinge naren

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